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Sunday, October 4, 2015

The Beginning of a Change - Part 3

"Gee, Michelle!" Sophia's jaw dropped. "Are you serious?"

Michelle squinted. "I am not kidding."

"It's interesting, though. How he studies here and all. Did you ask what degree he is doing?"

"He only said he's doing arts."

"I can't believe how it transpired. I mean, it's already odd that he'd rather listen to you blasting 'Canon in D' or even 'The Winner Takes It All' than to complete his assignments. For him to compliment you as well? Babe, that takes it to a whole new level. Is he cute?"

"To me, yes, but to you, I don't know."

Hoping that her good friend, Sophia, will be able to shed some light into the random encounter with Mike over the library piano, Michelle recollected on how it happened. From the looks of it, Sophia was more interested in checking him out than to help her debunk the incident.

She shook her head and sipped her flat white, gathering her thoughts.

"You should have asked him specifically. Who knows you two will cross paths considering you want a language elective next year?" Sophia sighed. "At least you've a friend if he intends on taking the same elective."

"Six months away. Anything could happen by then. Plus, I'm still unsure if I want a language elective or something else. Let's kill the exams first."

A moment of silence before: “Did he ask for your number?”

“Oh my God, Sophia! What has possessed your mind? Yes, he may be a peer, but you don’t give out numbers to strangers.”

"Not everyone has social media accounts like us, Michelle. Studying for the international law assignment the entire day in the law library has colored my brain grey. Humoring me a bit won't cause any sudden shock or mental harm on anyone."

"Torts." Michelle broke into a grin. "We only added each other on Facebook."

"Go, stalk him. See what he's doing. Establish communication."

"You..." Michelle trailed off when she saw someone who resembled Mike walking past in the distance to the direction of the Hughes building. The person did glance at their direction, but she wasn't sure if it was Mike as he had his brows furrowed, instead of a familiar smile.

Sophia raised an eyebrow, perplexed. "Cat in your tongue?"

"No, just someone whom I thought was him."

"The right opportunity to drop him a message, honey."

"Fine." Michelle whipped out her S5 from her Kipling and punched the words into her phone. "If anything happens, you'll have to take responsibility because you did not qualify yourself. And there is detrimental reliance on my part."

"We've not touched on estoppel in property yet!" Sophia protested, but was interrupted by a ringing phone. "He replied?"

"Let's see." Michelle unlocked the screen, reading aloud the message. "He said, and I quote, oh, no, you've mistaken me for someone else, with a smile. I'm stuck at home, nursing a cold. Haven't been to uni the whole day, and I unquote."

She replied that he should drink more water and catch more rest. She added that she hoped he'd feel better in no time. Her phone almost slipped from her hands when she received his message. "We've a problem here."

"How bad?"

"This." Michelle handed the phone to Sophia. "I hope it's just manners."

Sophia almost squealed when she read the screen. "He will heed your advice and hopes to see you again? He even gave you a wink?!" She looked up and patted Michelle's arm. "This is pretty interesting."

"Ugh, please. I don't know and I prefer not to know. Speaking of which, when is that lovely boyfriend of yours going to show his face? He owes me a proper introduction, man. Don't tell me he's petrified of me?"

"Nah. He's more shy than he is fearful. The time will come."

Sophia almost fell off her chair in the law library when Michelle suggested three weeks later that they seek Mike's help to critique the video that they filmed for a parody. "Of all people, him?!"

Michelle's eyes widened. "Hey, you were the one who asked me to snoop around and find out what he is doing. I discovered from our conversation that he's pretty good at critical analysis, considering that he is not a media student. Do give him the credit of portraying our dear lecturer. I almost thought he's the real one... Until I remembered that there was a sense of sarcasm that Mike couldn't imitate from our lecturer."

"Right," Sophia answered, not lifting her eyes away from the textbook.

"Oh, and to answer your three week old question, he's doing a double degree in arts. I can't remember the first one, but the second is a degree in language, majoring in French."

"Ah, the language of love."

"Wasn't it Spanish?"

"I've no idea. I've never studied French or Spanish before. How did you get him to agree?"

"I told him that I'll treat him to a round of coffee or tea, whichever he prefers, but it has to be walking distance from the uni. Or, more like me buying the coffee of his flavor and delivering it to him on campus. Wait, when the video has gone past the post-production stage and uploaded on YouTube, I'll arrange a mutual timing with him."

"Not bad, not bad at all."

"You are coming along, though." Michelle felt Sophia's eyes on her. "You are coming as a decoy. Yes, he doesn't know you, but I'll let him know that you want to meet him as well. Not to mention, he knows that you are the shier co-creator."

Sophia whined.

"Hey, at least you are able to observe his body language. It always takes a third party to see things that people involved can't see."

Friday, October 2, 2015

Descriptive Poem - Free Verse

Note: Back in CPU, this is one of the many class assignments that I wrote for Writer's Craft. I'm using it as a filler post because it's that time of the semester again, when I'm sprawled with books and running amok with revision.

The wind blows at the edge of the cliff.
My tears are like rocks rolling down the mountain.
I held a piece of your heart,
But she held the rest of you.
Dancing in your eyes is her soul.
Watching how your lips twitched,
How your eyes brightened up,
Whenever you spoke of her,
It pierces my heart like a sword.
It weakens my soul.
I saw her in you, you in her.
All I could do without crumbling apart was zone out,
Zone out into a better world of dreams.
If you won't hold me in your embrace,
If my heart and soul can't be yours,
I'll join Hades in the Underworld.
Me or her, the choice is yours.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Beginning of a Change - Part 2

He floated to the origin of the melody and saw the bespectacled brunette drowning in the audio pieces that she played. What he heard was whimpering pleas for help; it felt that she struggled to battle her personal demons and it was consumed her alive. He felt his throat tightened as he wanted to comfort her in her miserable state. He wanted to soothe the fears that she harbored and whisper that the pain was just a temporary bleak in life.

Not wanting to risk being reprimanded for the unplanned interruption, he leaned against the railing and patiently waited as the music now began to tease his dancing feet. She took a wide tangent and settled for happier, upbeat songs instead. Yet, he waited until she was finished with the piano before slithering over to approach her.

“Hey.” He cleared his throat.

Michelle glanced up from the piano keys. “Just give me a second to compile my piano sheets and the piano will be all yours.”

He saw that her eyes were rimmed red from what he presumed was sorrow. “Oh, no worries. Take your time.” He spoke nervously. “Um, I actually wanted to compliment you for the beautiful presentation. You see, I was at the other side, trying to complete my assignment but couldn’t focus. I gave up and decided to be an audience.”

“Thank you, uh…” Michelle paused, realizing that she did not know that the guy had a name.

He sensed her thoughts and offered a handshake with a smile. “Mike.”

“Ah, Mike.” Michelle rose to full her height and accepted the proffered hand. “I’m Michelle. Nice to meet you.”

“It’s my pleasure.”

“Look, I’m sorry for having disturbed you earlier, Mike.” Giving voice to her suspicions, she continued. “I take it that you’re a student from Adelaide University?”

Mike nodded.

“What faculty are you in?”

“Oh, I’m doing an arts degree. What about you?”

She gulped. “I’m in law.”

“Wow, that’s interesting.” He suddenly caught a glimpse of his watch and sighed. “I’d love to stay back, but I’ve a tute to catch. Will you still be here in about an hour’s time?”

“No, I’m actually leaving in a short while. How about this? Perhaps we could catch up with each other on Facebook, if you use it?”

“Yeah, sure.” He whipped out his iPhone from the front pocket of his jeans. “What’s your Facebook name?”

“Michelle Charlotte.”

She saw him fiddling with the iPhone before he nodded. “Alright, I’ve just added you. Thanks so much, Michelle.”

“No problem! Have fun with your tute, Mike!”

While Michelle gathered her things from the piano and shoved them into her Kipling, she couldn’t believe that a stranger, although a fellow student in the same university, complimented her on her piano skills. Compliments to her were as rare as truffels. She was always at the receiving end of ridicules and reprimands, be it over her piano skills or her song choices.

“This is going to be interesting,” she muttered under her breath before wrinkling her brows. “Wait, did he ram his words together?!”

Sunday, September 6, 2015

The Beginning of a Change - Part 1

The uncontrollable tears threatened to seep into Michelle’s bloodstream yet she willed herself to continue playing the piano. Unlike previous occasions, where the melody came to a fuzzy halt, she will not allow herself to grieve for the loss of a beautiful friendship. It was necessary that she moved on and chase the dreams that she longed for instead of being locked inside a cage by her misery.

She remembered that event lucidly; she still remembered the freezing glance that he had in his eyes, but she thought she saw someone hurt beyond description beneath the perfect facade. Someone whose beautiful dreams were crushed into pieces. Someone who believed, as much as she did, that in a different world, they’d be the best match for each other.

He shook his head and turned away, unwilling to bid this perfect memory adieu.

“Wait, Joshua, wait!”

The sound of her voice pierced his heart like a sword. Inasmuch as he wanted to deny it, only her voice had the power to stop his heart. Yet, he couldn’t bring himself to address her without revealing his broken self.

“If this is going to be over between us, allow me to express my thoughts,” she continued. “Treat whoever you fall in love with in the future properly. Don’t repeat the same mistakes with me.”

Joshua remained silent.

She took a step forward. “It’s bad enough that we hurt each other to the point where we can no longer remain the best of friends and I’m sorry that I’ve turned you icy cold.”

It was not the words that he expected to hear, but it gave him the strength to finally face Michelle with a softened glare.

“No amount of apology is going to soothe the broken hearts or even rewind the time that we wasted. If there’s one thing that you are able to do for me, please forget that I ever existed in your memory -”

“But,” he croaked in interruption.

“Trust me, Joshua.” She sighed with sadness. “It will help you move on. You may not be able to understand the relevance now, but you will when the years have passed us by.”

Surprising himself and Michelle, Joshua lunged forward and embraced Michelle. “I’m really sorry. I’m really sorry.”

She could hear that his voice was on the verge of cracking and she wanted to hug him and offer her condolences, but what difference would it make? They had arrived at the point where the bridge has to be burned in exchange for their total recovery.

She softly nudged him away.

“Sorry that I’ve loved you, Joshua,” was her last words. She rushed away in the opposite direction, fighting to no avail to keep the burning tears bottled inside her heart.

Not far away, the brown-eyed cutie pie was snapped awake from his forty winks by the sweet serenade that came from the piano.

*to be continued at a later time.

Saturday, September 5, 2015


Something’s really off when I start dreaming about the legal terminologies and the lecturers.

I dreamt that I was interning at a local law firm to fulfill the conditions attached to my chambering. On one fine afternoon, I ran into a lecturer (who shall remain anonymous as he is a member of the Bar Council in real life), who was representing a client in a civil litigation. As fate would have it, I was assigned to assist with the legal paperwork and research pertaining to his case.

He seemed to have been surprised to have seen me as well because not many students knew that he masqueraded as a barrister in his free time.

As if that wasn’t freaky enough, I dreamt of vote-rigging… and I highly doubt that it is related to the recent hype that set tongues wagging and the world glued in on our country.

I dreamt that a course mate (yes, he used to be my coursemate in real life when we were clueless freshmen) was running for a post in the electoral board. He was the most popular among the candidates, which resulted in some unintended jealousy by his rivals. One even went to the extent of rigging the votes to his personal interest although the preliminary polls illustrated that my coursemate would win.

Ugh, I really think that I should do something about lowering the stress levels. This must be the work of the stressed psyche.
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