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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas Hoppers in IPC and The Curve

As you may have already noticed, half of my weekends are spent hanging out and running errands in a particular haunt or on those rare occasions, the neighboring buildings. Since it was considered a holiday in the valley-sized state, we loitered at the area even longer, gasping in display of Christmas ornaments at the concourse.

IPC chose to incorporate the Swede Christmas Tales, magically breathing life to the story characters and taking a tangent this year.

A showcase of Taiwanese-made wooden musical box by Living Cabin.


Tomte with Hedgehod


Red Squirrel

Yule Goat



The moment when I saw these, I remembered a particular scene from Dora the Explorer when a sneaky, orange-furred fox (christened as Swiper the Fox) would appear from behind and attempt to steal things from her. She'd have to repeat "Swiper, no swiping" thrice before he made his move to successfully shoo him off.

Wolf and Fox

"Hope you had fun touring our area and listen to our individual stories," says the animals in unison.

As if there wasn't enough Christmas air in IPC, we hovered over to The Curve, confidently knowing that the mall's decoration will never fail to disappoint the shoppers. A sense of exhilaration and suspense filled the cells when I entered the building from the 1st floor retail lots and so was Mama Carrie; we whipped out our cell phones and while she focused on the screen, I randomly captured the photographs.

It was Santa's private residence being opened for public viewing. The management has definitely succeeded in emulating his fictional dwelling. Although his loyal servants and trustworthy snowman were within sight from eye-level, Santa himself was sitting on the roof, basking in the comfort. The picture that I took of him on the cell phone was blurry and later deemed unsuitable.

Some of the items, such as the snowflakes floating from the dome of the shopping mall and the hanging Christmas lights, are recurrent; it was first used some years ago but in a different style.

Welcome to Santa Claus's house

Santa's trusty snowman

Santa's living hall, where he reads all the letters from hopeful children and sometimes adults worldwide

Santa's faithful reindeers waiting to embark on the exhilarating journey of giving

"Oh, hello," says the reindeer. "Didn't see you coming there."

The overall aura of Santa's house

More pictures of IPC and the Curve's adornments can be found here - on The Tempremental's Facebook page.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Chef Low Organic Kitchen, Kayu Ara, Petaling Jaya (Second Visit)

(16/12/2014 - Updated the post with more pictures and included the prices for the dishes)

Spot the blogger?

With Mama Carrie ravenous and I famished from the early breakfast, we diverted from the original destination - a good twenty-minute drive away - and landed at Chef Low Organic Kitchen, a haunt we once frequented whenever we were in the vicinity. I still remember but vaguely the area when Chef Low Organic Kitchen took residence; it was awkwardly serene with less than a handful of shops taking the same gamble.

That was at least five years ago when it was under a different ownership and look at how prosperous the place is now! There are more retail tenants, especially the ones dabbling in the food and beverage arena and just weeks ago, a meatball restaurant opened its door to the public at the adjacent block, as reviewed by Sean at Eat Drink KL.

Mind you, this is a meat-free and egg-free restaurant.

Anyone in the mood for some crackers?

One is greeted by a reading section the moment s/he enters; to the left, there is a built-in bookshelf with Chinese and English reading materials for the bored diner. Towards the right is a tiered shelf with the merchandise such as tidbits and organic oats for purchase. The drinks and dessert section are next to the cashier with the refrigerated deli case being the divider; lining the kitchen counter-top is a tray of shot glasses for their house specialty and a basket of goodies. Ceiling-to-floor windows act as the natural source of light, illuminating the restaurant with brightness from the front and back on melting, scorching afternoons. The furniture in the seating space is placed in such a way that it accommodates everyone on a busy day yet it does not obstruct the service flow at all.

Seaweed Roll (RM 7.90): wrapped with raw julienned purple cabbage and carrot in nori (or laver in English-speaking countries) and served separately with mayonnaise

There is nothing like raw vegetables to begin a meal as it prepares the stomach to accept the heavier parts of the meal - such as the main course and desserts. There is a light coating of mayonnaise on the nori layer, complimenting well with the fresh aroma. As you bite into the roll, you can hear the crunch with each subsequent mouthful with the flavor continuing to emanate and mingle with the taste buds.

I caught myself leaning forward and sniffing it, imitating the four-legged brother with my eyes closed; I was instantly brought back to the time when I was collecting chestnuts and the Carries sampled a couple of bites from the ripe ones in a New Zealand farm years ago.

Jade Roll (RM 16.90): deep-fried, rolled fu chuk (bean curd sheets) with seaweed and topped with pineapple cubes; sauce includes orange juice, chili slices and chili oil

This is one of the specialties for Chef Low Organic Restaurant - being one of the most popular dishes as well. The bursting fragrance gently penetrates into the taste buds when you gnaw into it, laying the foundation for the sauce to coat the palate. The strong taste of bean curd as well as the carrot and celery sticks wrapped inside attempts to balance the numerous elements found in the dish. The pineapple cubes provides a sweet tang to it, careful not to overpower the subtle yet scented sauce.

Considering that most deep-fried dishes contain excessive oil, this dish will not leave you feeling like you consumed a bottle of cooking oil - or at least that's how I felt. You won't find yourself downing glasses after glasses of the accompanying drink that you may have ordered.

It's not something that I'll sink my teeth into often, though.

Fruit Tea (RM 16.90): as the name suggests, it is a fruit blend with thinly sliced green and red apples, orange juice, passion fruit and lemon with lemon slices

Like the Jade Roll, this is one of the restaurant's best-selling items. A quick look around illustrated that most of the diners ordered this and some even went to the extent of going for seconds. The similar acidity of the fruits revolves with each other; none of which are competing to stand out as it seeks to satiate the diner's thirst in pleasure. It invigorates the body as it swims down the throat and replenishes the body of the nutrients it needs, specifically Vitamin C.

I have tasted their coffee during my first visit there and hands down, I'll recommend this fruit tea instead to all of the diners, future and current alike. Be sure to inform the waitress that you don't want extra sugar or honey to be added. 

Cheese Cake (RM 9.90): cream cheese and cream with graham/digestive biscuits

I can't believe that the cheesecake is sweeter now than before; not only is the sugary filling terribly tough to digest, it felt like my teeth were about to be attacked by the nasty saccharine. The addition of the chocolate and strawberry syrup may have increased the level of presentation to beautify the dish, but taste wise, it became a tragedy. It was supposed to be a shared dessert between Mama Carrie and I; she could only sustain for a couple of bites before she surrendered, forcing me to polish the plate.

Maybe if the baker had gone slow on the sugar and chose a sugarless digestive biscuit as the crust or perhaps allowed the sugared crust to be the only source of the sucrose for this dish, it'd have been a better confectionery experience for myself and Mama Carrie.

If you're particular about exceeding your daily sugar quota, don't have this for dessert.

There were definitely hits and misses about the dishes that we ordered, especially the aforementioned cheese cake. Service wise, it is swift, but be forewarned that the waiting period can be lengthy during the peak lunch (starts from noon until around 1.30pm) and dinner hours (starts from 7pm onwards) - especially if the crowd suddenly begins to swell without any warning. Taste wise, it satisfies both the palate of the commercial crowd and health-conscious customers.

Name: Chef Low Organic Kitchen

Address: C-G-43, Block Camilia,
10 Boulevard, Lebuhraya Sprint,
Kampung Sungai Kayu Ara,
47600 Petaling Jaya

Tel: 03-77257154
Business Hours: Tue - Sun: 10.30am to 9.30pm

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas Hoppers in Sunway Pyramid

A majority of us will think that it is the season for buying the perfect presents that the beneficiary will love the moment s/he tears the wrapper open, making all of the endured stressful worthwhile. If you're however looking at it from the religious side, it is a season of expecting, waiting, hoping and praying to welcome that one special guest into our house.

In need for some fresh air, we dragged our paws to Sunway Pyramid and walked around certain parts of the shopping mall, keeping our eyes glued for some festive clearance that were within budget. There's not much of a change to the mall since my last visit, which was ages ago.

Oops, caught in the act! ='D

My Writing Process

I figured that I wanted a bit of challenge today and accepted the one posted by CL @ RealGunners - even though I am half-exhausted by the constant travel earlier in the day and have a busy day tomorrow.


I have an impending food review and another Christmas post that needs to be drafted and reviewed. I'm hoping that this will be done by next weekend, but knowing myself, it might be done sooner. In addition, I'm helping a friend with her personal statement and university-related matters concurrently.


Hmmm, I doubt my blog even has a genre since I am writing about almost everything (except love and relationship; it's something that I don't like to write on a public platform) and a couple of creative pieces splashed here and there. For the sake of asking your question, however, I guess the difference lies with the finished piece and the expression of my thoughts on the chosen daily/weekly content.

But that's just how I see, though.


It's simple; by writing in the manner or about the things that I do, it allows me to somehow accept the situation and take the necessary steps to move on from it. It is also a way for me to keep my passion for writing burning as bright as the candlelight and improve my vocabulary.

It is something like an online diary for me since I can't own a journal. I have a very bad habit of scribbling on the journal or using it as a rough book instead, deviating far from its original use.


Whoa, I have to describe it? Seeing that I can be a perfectionist when it comes to the grammar and spelling, I have a couple of stages that I undergo whenever I'm about to update the blog.

First of all, I will mentally fine comb through the stuffs that I want to write about and pen the pointers on paper (actual paper, mind you). Once that has been started, I will freewrite all of the ideas on Microsoft Word (it's something that I picked up and enhanced from Ms. Minor's class tutorials) before rewriting the entire content and beginning the first draft. I will then obliterate the previous copy. Before sending it for publishing, I will review it once more in a process called proofreading to see where I can expand/lengthen or shorten. It ends once the paragraphs are in transition with each other and when I am satisfied with my work. The rest would be updating Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

You see, it can take me from an hour up to 3 days to complete the post. Some are easier to write; some are difficult, requiring more patience and imagery to it.

I'm not going to nominate anyone because I don't know who would be able to take up the challenge, but if you think you're up for it, why not? *winks* But do give me a heads up so that I can swim over to your blog and have a peek at it.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Chrismassy Horse

In between confirming the accommodation there, maxing the luggage without going over the weight limit and arranging someone to take care of the excess, heavier items that I can't lug with me now, there isn't much time for me to sit down and brainstorm for the blog contents.

Give me a couple of days; I think I'm able to push some errands aside and pen the posts that I have mentally planned for.

Until then, have a little glance at the Christmas decoration in one of the nearby shopping malls. (Side note: If there's one thing I've realized about uploading a .mov file, it is faster if the video clip is shorter.)

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Organic Freshmart Restaurant, Subang Jaya

Update - 9th December 2014: The figures marked in bold are the new charges for both lei cha and salad sushi.

A word of warning: Some of the words were copied directly or paraphrased from my Writer's Craft portfolio on Organic Freshmart. To those who've read it from cover to cover or seen glimpses of it, please refrain from making remarks about the stark familiarity.

Feeling exceptionally lazy to whip up the dinner, we remained behind in the restaurant after purchasing the bi-weekly ingredients. There may be a belief or stereotype that organic meals are not only pricey but bland, but that is not the truth here; the owner intends to break that label by introducing a variety of healthy, cheaper and tasty dishes for the diners. The atmosphere, on the contrary, is homely and welcoming; it is reminiscent of families coming together at the dining table and sharing the juiciest events of the day. Among the many decorative items reminiscent of it are the gas lamps and wooden table and chairs. The loud buzzing of conversations can be heard as soon as you enter the restaurant. Depending on the hour, you may have to wait before you can be brought to a vacant table, and for all of you, meat and egg lovers reading this post, you'll have to consider giving this restaurant a miss because soy and tofu are being used as meat replacements in the making of all dishes.

Raw ingredients: seaweed, tofu, carrot, corn, rice, cabbage, beans, black wood ear mushroom and tempeh (fermented tofu)

The bowl of lei cha (RM 8.90) [as of 9th December 2014, it is RM 9.90 per bowl] that we ordered was delivered in a matter of minutes to our table with the accompanying soup. The various tastes of all ingredients have been combined into one homogenous blend but the flavors aren't overriding each other or fighting for supremacy; it intermingles perfectly. There are two ways of consuming this: it's either you eat the vegetables and end the meal with the soup or mixing the soup and vegetables together. I personally prefer the second option because we can be greedy when it comes to this dish and like to have a bite of everything.

The lei cha soup contains a refreshing taste as the inclusion of basil herb lays the foundation and the strong scent of sesame oil plays its part by lifting the dishes higher, coating the throat with its whiff. You can feel the ideal tang with each sip (or spoonful).

What about the salad sushi (RM 7.90) [as of 9th December 2014, it is RM 8.90 per plate]?

Well, it is the restaurant's remake of the ever-popular Japanese sushi that contains vinegared rice rolled with cucumber slices, imitation crabsticks and a selected type of fish such as unagi or tuna. In this vegetarian twist, carefully chopped and rotated inside a sheet of Chinese rice roll - chee cheong fun - is a variety of raw, sliced vegetables: carrot, turnip and cucumber. The slight addition of vegetarian mayonnaise, which uses silken tofu and copious amount of soy milk instead, enriches the dish by integrating all of the contrasting flavors into a homogenized one. It surprisingly tastes so great that you will never be able to notice the absence of eggs. A spoonful of sweet acar is included, consisting of sliced and fermented carrot and cucumber with an added punch of chili powder and a slight dash of chopped peanuts.

Name: Organic Freshmart Restaurant

Address: 17 and 19, Jalan SS 18/1B,
47500 Subang Jaya,

Telephone: 03-5636 2468
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