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Sunday, August 10, 2014

A Not So.... Speechless Sunday #2

Those who have seen me drawing will know that I'm not the artistically creative/talented one of the family. My forte lies buried somewhere else and yet I was able to sail through the Photoshop unit with exuberance. The scores I've earned for the Yearbook assignment will vouch for itself.

Yes, all of the Media Arts students - both the Periods 3 and 6 classes - had to design the page for the chosen event and the best submission will earn a spot on the Yearbook. You'll have to dig through it to find mine. ^^

But I've never been able to produce an impressive logo. =.=

Illustrator tool used: shape-builder tool (eclipse)

Illustrator tool used: pencil

Illustrator tool: knife

Illustrator tool: scissors

On to the next program...

Photoshop tool: paint bucket

Photoshop tool: type

The final product....

A Not So.... Speechless Sunday

There's only one feeling after doing this...

I am relieved that I still remember how to maneuver around Adobe Illustrator, seeing that I blew my eyesight for the night when it came to completing the assignment for this program. *winces*

Illustrator tools used: shape and pencil

Illustrator tool used: typography

Photoshop tool used: paint bucket

Final Product:

The space constraint didn't allow me to write "The Tempremental" inside and this completed piece is reminding me of a company logo for the internet café. I guess I should've started off on the drawing board with a written vision and take it from there instead, like what we were taught to do in Media Arts.

Friday, August 8, 2014


Contrary to the fact that we are harboring similar emotions towards campus, there are no hard feelings, especially since it is through there that brought us together as a homogenous yet diverse family.

I dreamt that half of us were attending an event in the hotel ballroom, where the winners of a college-organized contest will be announced. I was part of the planning team (why is this inferring to Hear Us Out '11?) and although I was in charge of the registration, I was assisting someone with the seating arrangements as well. Friends (or more like Period 5 English classmates) were scattered in large numbers outside the large hall.

Instead of joining the rest of them for a drink after the ceremony, I left with another chum of mine in search for the item offered by our favorite haunt. It wasn't until the security guard pointed us in the correct direction that we managed to dig our way out of the shopping mall.

I was pretty much exhausted when I arrived home, but nothing was better than cycling away from the miseries of the day. Riding behind me was the two neighbor kids that I've grown to love as siblings and friends concurrently.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Cooking Experiments

It'd always be a matter of time before I can be found in the kitchen, all sweaty and soiled from the contained heat of the gas stove. Well, what do you expect? The need to finish the near-expired items is greater than the desire to treat the fatigue. No wonder I had the thought that I might be sliding down the route of CFS. Oh, that stands for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

So, what did I whip up during the short time there?


It looks like a piece of cake but it was not an easy feat, considering that this is my maiden attempt at it. Whether I was rushing to beat the clock or running on auto-pilot, I missed out on the most important part: the coconut milk! =.=" As a substitute, I threw a tad bit too much of salt into the mixture....

No wonder it tasted salty!

What about the second dish?

Well, it's a dessert and definitely easier than the first one. It's rather plain, if you ask me.

It's just a sachet of gelatin powder stirred and melted in a pot of boiling water before the addition of fresh milk and the refrigeration process. It's that simple for me. Taste wise, it's bearable, especially since there's no salt or sugar inside.

Pull me in multiple directions; break me into pieces

Inasmuch as I should explore the city (more like cafe hopping) or revise on the legal terminologies (such as vicarious liability, reasonable limits, undue hardship and more), the otaku in me merely wants to chill to her favorite American drama series while having some time out without caring the least about her surroundings.

Carefree, as they describe it?

But I'll never be given that opportunity, unfortunately, considering the current state of situation that I'm in. As mentioned before, in between the clutter clearing chore (oh, yay, the first alliteration!) and chasing birds, I have to prepare for university. Like everyone who has furthered their studies abroad before are aware of, the prerequisites would include primarily the student visa and medical exam but not excluding the apparel and accommodation.

I'm in a quandary, especially when everything is depending on the acceptance letter. I can't hold a part time job now as I know that I'll be exhausted to the core before classes begin in February. I can't purchase the flight tickets because of the same reasons abovementioned although there's a part of me that's worried after the recent aviation disasters.

And then there's the gang of friends waiting to send me off with their best wishes. They don't want me to leave without at least meeting them up for drink somewhere nearby the campus or at a mutually agreed place. That, I can understand. So yeah, once all of the above is rock solid, I'm able to inform them of my departure date and have the farewell meal with them.

But that's something only time can settle, and it's premature for me to color my hair white over it. Stay chill; it's a hyperbole. Although I'm suppressing the desire to speak about something plainly because it's a sensitive issue (to me) in a public arena, I'll deal with it privately. With that being said, I'm feeling much better after pouring the indescribable emotions out onto the table.

Nothing like some good ole vents, don't you think? *winks*

I can only keep my fingers crossed that I won't lose my sanity soon....

Anyways, I was dragged downtown to complete an unfinished business and in an attempt to kill two birds with one stone, we walked from Wisma Cosway to Pavilion before crossing the road to Sungei Wang under the immense heat for some window shopping. Mama Carrie kept repeating that the latter would be the best place to find presentable apparel without blowing the wallet open. I have no idea why, but I suffered from a limping paw and felt the exhaustion creeping into my bones towards the end of the afternoon.

You'd think that we would head home right after that, right?

Nope, we rushed to the favorite grocery store to purchase the week's cooking ingredients as the vegetable crisper was once again dangerously empty.

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