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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Exhaustion to the core

After weeks of staying away, I am now returning to the blogging world again.

I am slightly relieved that the intensity is beginning to settle down into a manageable pace for em to catch my breath even though I spent almost the entire day yesterday and my morning today to film my scenes for the Media Arts Premiere Pro assignments. It's not even complete yet; there is one final scene that I need to record either tomorrow or Monday.

I'm like a fish struggling to stay afloat in a river. The weight of the assignments, especially the ISUs, is starting to burden my shoulders the way it did last semester.

It's about time that I catch adequate sleep from now onwards as those late nights are starting to catch up on me. I thought that I can stretch it since I'm still young but boy was I proven wrong. Staying up until 4 am many Fridays ago to prepare for a Law debate on the G20 Toronto protest on the same day had its adverse effects and is one of the many examples on how I am risking my health to score.

How was I able to cope up until now?


And loads of it.

I'm being serious, especially when Shaney and Bearie have seen the way I drink coffee. I could easily buy two medium-sized cappuccinos from Starbucks and San Fran and would probably finish one of them before we arrive on campus.

Haha, I'm not a Superman like Kyle; he's always heading off to bed later after the completion of his assignments yet he doesn't look like he's going to crash unlike me.

Since Mr. Layng adjourned the class earlier than expected, there was about 10 minutes for me to catch forty winks at the lounge before joining the dear for lunch. The beauty of having a mutual free period, huh? So yeah, I slept while listening to music on my cell phone until I felt his tap on my head.

You know how one pats a dog? Well, yeah, that's exactly what he did to me. =)

Classes are bearable although I'm currently sprawled on the floor at the moment. If you look at me now, it'll remind you of how Big Fat used to do the same: all fours spread out on the floor, like a rug. Staying back on campus a couple of weeks ago when all I wanted was a cooling shower and loll around the house because of Mama Carrie's tea date with her colleagues was of no fun.

Although I have inferred multiple times that I will be more than willing to sacrifice my social life to achieve great grades, I take back what I said. It's really tough to be constantly facing the assignments with no break at all.... you see nothing but the pile of white papers with the accompanying rubrics. Don't forget; I have to accommodate the Yearbook and Student Voice plus the blog into my jam-packed schedule.

So yeah, here's to hoping that I am able to catch some me-time after this. I fear that I could descend to a wave of unwanted tears if I don't.

Saturday, April 12, 2014


Credits to ACA Breeders Kennels Australia for the image

I dreamt that we were all congregated at the dining area of our boarding school to sit for an extra paper since practically all of us flunked the last test and the lecturer wanted to give us another chance at succeeding. Instead of following the invigilators out the door, we remained and yakked away with each other. A fellow student and I were able to talk for such a long time that we were the last to depart.

The same gang was outdoors, catching a breath of fresh air while I was elsewhere. I ran into a cute, furry dog, which was also christened Bobo, but in no way related to one of my two dogs in real life. Her tail was in between her legs and she was really frightened by the surroundings. My heart split into two when I saw this and nudged her to seek protection with me. Even though my boarding school didn't allow pets, I knew how to eventually adopt her as my pet. I was suddenly struck by a flashback of happier times and sank my face into her furs.

She wasn't a Shih Tzu but a Maltese with the softest fur.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Lovely Confidence

Credits to knaria for the image

When I look into your eyes,
I see nothing but your love.
Its invisibility is like the air that I breathe.
I can't live without it, without you.
Our love, it burns bright.
Like the campfire, it radiates.

When I look into your eyes,
Shooting out of it is courage.
Oh, my dear, we can conquer even the hardest challenge.
That is what you always say to me.
The heart to the body,
That's what you are to me.

When I look into your eyes,
The power of solace melts even the toughest metals.
Spiritual comfort engulfs me with the flame of fearlessness.
It fills the atmosphere with immense musical laughter.
Together, we can take on the world.

When I look into your eyes,
My dear, like a chewing gum,
Our love is unbreakable.
Thousands of miles may wedge us apart,
And it bleeds us to our core.
In faith, we shall mature.
In hope, we shall believe.
Trust is what holds us together.

When I look into your eyes,
Dancing in it is the sweet memories we made.
Remember that special night on my birthday?
We twirled to the soft, soothing song of cha-cha,
Enlightening the room with our presence.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Hear Us Out '12 Conference: Human Trafficking Workshop Promo Video

If you guys remember me casually mentioning about it, I was part of this conference in last semester's class of World Issues.

Come and support my friends who are organizing Hear Us Out 12! They will be covering a variety of issues that range from human trafficking to feminism. =) 

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Random, Random Rant

It's 12.55 am and here's a short passage that I mentally penned while catching lunch with the CPU mates.

"They said that time will never reveal the truth.
I refused to believe; I thought it is all lies and no talk.
It's now proven.
Time is not a fool; it knows everything.
It records all our moves,
Dissipates all emotions sustained."

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

CPU Pie Day - January 2014

Note: this post is published in advance. As of today, Ciana's busy doing her final revision for another test and burying her face in the pile of work.

* republished and expanded from The Student Voice article that I wrote*

When the long-awaited event of this semester arrived around the corner, most if not all of the students were hyped up about Pie Day, one of the many events organized by the Student Council to raise money for its chosen charity.

The juniors were more enthusiastic about it than the seniors.

As the clock approached three-thirty p.m., the students began to flock the ground floor of our campus in anticipation of watching the chosen "victims" being mercilessly pied at. While the plates of pies were being brought out from its hiding spot in no thanks to the intense scent of durians, the students searched for places which they reckoned were safe enough to watch from. There were incidents from past semesters where the innocent bystanders were unlucky to have bits and pieces of the creamy mixture of durian and ice-cream landing on them when the volunteers shook it off.

Those standing closest to the table could detect the strong aroma of durian as well.

I was one of them.

  • Mr. Fernando was next to take the seat and chose Mr. Moe. Seeing that they were both colleagues teaching Physics at CPU, Mr. Fernando took no offense at Mr. Moe, even though the plate was temporarily glued to his face by the pie’s sticky texture.
  • Ms. Cara was next and drawn from the list was her English student from the July 2013 intake, Cookie. After some last words from her, he left no mercy when he threw the pie at her and masked her face with it.
  • Mr. Mo’s eyes widened after Suk San’s name was announced as she took the plate, getting ready to fling it at him. Her accuracy was rather perfect; the plate landed on the middle of his face.
  • Mr. Loria was the final lecturer to be placed under the spotlight. Since he topped the list of lecturers, he was to be pied twice. He was first pied by Jeremy, which momentarily left him shocked and took time out to briefly wipe the cream off his face before allowing Shariff to follow in Jeremy’s actions. Shariff, however, took it to the next level, which left Mr. Loria silenced.
However, before passing the floor to the student volunteers, Ammar announced that there was a special request from the Head of Student Council, which was Mr. Loria himself, to pie Shariff. Right after Mr. Loria turned the tables, Hazel's name was drawn out of the hat.
  • Ammar's name was chosen and she prepared herself for it mentally and physically. He forced the pie on her to the point where even parts of her ponytail were coated with the cream. She took some time to regain her composure (I am not a 100% sure whether she was happy or shocked) while her friend, Michelle (who ended up being pied herself), helped to wipe the cream off Hazel's face and hair.
  • Cookie was next. Prior to Pie Day, he did casually mention that he wanted a specific someone to pie him but when he was asked to choose, Ms. Cara’s name arose, which terrified him slightly as he was the one who pied her. The look in his eyes was fear and suspense. Ms. Cara, seeing the opportunity, repeated what he did to her and softened his hair as well.
  • Shariff had to face the pie for the second time since he topped the votes for the students. Mr. Fernando was calculating on the angle of precision and accuracy before finally pieing Shariff.
The highlight of the day was, however, Jeremy being mercilessly dragged by Ammar and Kyle on the slippery floor to be pied by Richie and Michelle.

For the pictures, please visit the following albums:

  • CPU Pie Day: low resolution pictures; it was taken with a cell phone camera because I forgot to bring my digital camera and I don't have any DSLR at home.
  • Pie day 2014: High resolution pictures; credits to Darren for the DSLR pictures
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