Tuesday, July 26, 2011

These are the memories that I will treasure

It was under the sweltering sun that I grazed my knee on the way to the location by foot.

The adult in charge eventually covered the superficial wound with a plaster.

He had asked me to treat it as if I'm alone in the playground and having fun with the single swing set.

That night, I couldn't sleep because of the internal heat that had built up from the hours spent under the afternoon sun.

For some unknown reasons, I thought about paracetamol.

(L to R): Sayaka, Me, Timothy)

There was a ballet show held in Istana Budaya.

I had a pair of extra tickets and invited my two childhood friends along.

I believe she still has the blue purse that she carried with her that day.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Church, through my eyes

Looking at everyone around me,
They're killing the time
By engaging in conversations
The music is being softly played in the background
I'm sitting a couple of rows behind,
Doing my own thing and observing body languages
Some are deep in prayer,
Some are observing the silence
As the time is of the essence,
The place is being packed to the brim
People are being squashed next to each other
Being late is a big issue
As it reflects a bad image on the latecomers
And is treated as a form of disrespect

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


What can I say about friends?

First and foremost, I will never forget my friends. I constantly want the best for them. I will console and encourage them when the occasion arises.

I don't expect my friends to feel obligated, but it's nice to know that you have a friend or two who cares about you from time to time. It reminds you that you're not alone in this world and you can count on your friends for moral encouragement and support.

There again, I'm glad that I met the friends that I have now, especially the ones who laugh with me, comfort me when I'm emotionally down and who spent their precious time chatting with me.

You know you are, guys. Thank you for being there for me. I really appreciate everything that you've done for me and for being there.

The Adieu

Credits to Kuala Lumpur Photos for the image

With the boot loaded with the luggage that belonged to one of my passengers, the four of us went for lunch before dropping Anthony (the luggage owner) off at the airport. On the way, I tried to engage in a conversation with him and a mutual friend of ours. We were once close, but the distance kept us apart and prevented us from keeping in touch - often.

"Tell me," I said, concentrating on the road. "How are things on your side, Timothy?"

"I'm good, although I'm tired," replied Timothy, yawning.

"You, Anthony? How have you been doing?"

"I've been excellent, can't wait to enjoy the trip," replied a smiling Anthony.

"I must say, have fun, yeah?"

"Most definitely."

I don't know why our conversation have recently become one-liners. Anyway, when we arrived and helped Anthony to unload, there was Yee Jing standing at one corner, with glimmering tears.

"Oh, man, Yee Jing's crying," I said. "Why, dear?"

Flushed with embarrassment, Yee Jing replied. "I'm just sad that Tony won't be here to spend Christmas with us."

"Don't worry, we could have a belated Christmas dinner when he's back."

After bidding him adieu, Timothy wanted to grab a quick bite at KFC. While waiting for him to be done, Yee Jing and I window-shopped in one of the stores. The older-looking salesperson thought we were genuine shoppers when I expressed delight over one beautiful item.

"Two-six," she said, meaning the price.

"No, I'm just looking," I replied, forcing a smile.

The salesperson repeated. "Two-six."

I snapped in anger. "When I said I'm not interested, it means that I'm not interested!" I barked until I cried. She was so stunned that she froze in fear. My screams had attracted the attention of others and, ignoring their looks, I stormed out in tears.

"You might want to pass it to him," said Timothy, pointing to the older man two chairs away. "He's not in a good mood as of late."

"Yes, you've my word," another person concurred. "I wonder if he's going through something rough."

We found ourselves at a crime scene where I noticed a man of about fifty plus giving orders. When he saw us, he smiled before giving Timothy and the second man orders. Later that night, I threw someone out in a fit of anger.

I shouldn't be watching repeats of the TV series. =.="
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