Sunday, September 30, 2012

梁靜茹-如果有一天 (官方完整版MV)

"Chorus: 如果有一天 我們再見面 時間會不會倒退一點
也許我們都忽略 互相傷害之外的感覺
如果哪一天 我們都發現 好聚好散不過是種遮掩
如果我們沒發現 就給彼此多一點時間"

This song is for you to listen.
Maybe you’ve forgotten me all these years but I won’t blame you.
Back then, we were too young. And didn’t learn to remember each other.

But then again, it's of no surprise. I can't say that I'm offended that you have remembered me not.

Many years of no communication had done its part to ruin everything we had to the point of no return. This is one of the many reasons why I'm regretting the decisions I made.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Movie: The Fierce Wife Final Episode

Synopsis: The movie continues the story from the TV series which ended with a cliff hanger where the wife (Sonia Sui) was deciding whether to return to her cheating husband (James Wen) or have a relationship with her boss (Chris Wang). 4 years after the divorce, her cheating husband, Wen Rui Fan, comes back in hopes of re-kindling their love. Will An Zhen return back to him or move on to a new love? ( Credits to Golden Screen Cinemas)

I never really had the chance to watch it on TV as it forever clashed with other programs, but I do know bits and pieces of both TV and movie series from the Taiwanese entertainment news. I'm however hoping that Mama Carrie spares me the premiere day for me (since it's never that safe anymore) to head to the cinemas and return with the review and my thoughts.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Broken Dreams and Wishes

Credits to The Vampire Diaries Wiki for the image

Casey was extremely devastated and heartbroken when word got to him that Marie had cheated on him and left him licking his wounds. His thoughts still went to his now ex-fiancée no matter how much effort and time he poured into his work. When it started messing with his sleep, he knew that he needed someone.
    Someone who would lend him a listening ear.
    Someone who could advise him without being biased or judgmental.
    Stella, his mind suddenly screamed, she would be the right person.
    She was his acquaintance, the only neutral acquaintance who allowed him to air his grievances.
    When he broke the news to her, instead of being devastated, she was shocked and stunned that Marie had done such a thing to him and understood why Marie had been avoiding her all along.
    “Geez, man, I’m so sorry to hear that,” Stella said. “I can’t understand why Marie did it.”
    “Actually,” Casey replied. “She told me the reasons why she had done it.”
    “Spare me the reasons.” She raised her hands in rejection. “I don’t want to know, but I’m curious to know one thing. How did you two meet?”
    “Ah…” he trailed off, trying hard to venture into those bittersweet memories before continuing: “Remember the first time that we all met each other?”
    “Oh, hell, how can I forget it?”
    He continued, “The second day at the internship without you was terrible since I was the lone person there. Nobody bothered to strike a conversation with me, all occupied with their cliques.”
    “Casey, I’m sorry I couldn’t make it for the second day.”
    “Don’t blame yourself. Anyway, Marie, seeing that I was bored and lonely, came up and said hello, which started it all. We ran into each other again three months later at the shopping mall and after more chats and talks, we found that we were suitable for each other and began our relationship.”
    He sighed, wrote a Chinese sentence on a nearby piece of tissue paper.
    当你失去时, 一样东西带给了你多少快乐就会给你带来多少痛苦.
    He passed it to her. “Do you know this?”
    She looked at it, answered. “Yes, it means that a thing can give you as much as happiness as hurt when you lose that thing.”
    “That is what I feel now.”
    “Man, I’m so sorry.” Stella patted his hand. “I’m sure you’ll get over it.”
    “Stella, I’m not sure about that… since she bled me real deep.”

Next: Retribution.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Buried Emotions

Unfair! I can do whatever I want there and not be murdered for it but even the slightest thing I do here is being thrown back at my face! It’s totally unfair – when part of it ain’t my fault!
I don’t know what sins I have committed in the past to deserve this kind of punishment. For someone who dislikes the screams and noises that children make to be surrounded by it on a daily basis, it is nerve-wrecking and annoying. The worst part would be if the parents are lackadaisical about it…

So, before you complain to my face about it as well, allow me to explain some points. Number one, I’m also being pushed to my breaking point over the incessant screams but what can I do about it? It’s not like I can go over to the children and threaten them with a be-quiet-or-I’ll-slap-you. We both know that neither one of us is in no position to do that. I can’t complain to the parents either but maybe since you know the children so well, you could perhaps advise them to tone down their voices, especially when it’s late into the night and spare everyone else the misery?

You might want to cut that lady with the four-legged ones a slack. Don’t continue banging the door at the lady’s face either because the day will come when she’ll really bang – no, damage would be the right word – the door at your face in retaliation for whatever you’ve done to her.

It’s only a matter of time.

It’s not like the four-legged one’s barking is as incessant as the children. The lady doesn’t like the barking either and if she can silence it easily, it will be winter here. When she allows him to bark away, she fears that it'll anger us but when she screams at it to be quiet, it refuses and instead barks louder. As much as I dislike the barks, I’ve accepted it with a pinch of salt. There’s no way around that…. we can either accept the screams and barking or ignore it, which doesn't really leave us with a beneficial choice, does it? 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Uh-oh, what's going on?

I dreamt that I refused to enter the well-decorated building because of its eerie past; only a handful of people knew about it.

A group of friends had dragged me there for a praise and worship session. There were lots of singing and praying involved. When I left the room with the intention of relieving myself, walking in the diagonally opposite direction was someone with his head bowed and eyes on the floor. 

It frightened me, really frightened me so much that I forced myself up. No sweat, just numbness.

To think that I had this kind of ghostly dream in the month of the Hungry Ghost is creepy. In the previous place, I've never had such a dream during the Lunar 7th month... so does this mean that someone's house has an unseen boarder?

*shudders at the thought of it*

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Food blogger in the making?

I had been invited to the grand opening of a friend’s restaurant along with mutual friends and bloggers and strangers from the media world (read: newspaper and magazine reporters). In exchange for the free meal, I was to recommend his menu and its variety plus the ambiance of his restaurant in a blog post, which was fine by me.

Served to me was a plate of pizza that had been uniquely decorated with such a spicy twang that I downed my glass of iced water and signaled for a glass of cold milk from the nearby waitress. When he swung by from the kitchen after the session to have short words with each and every guest, I jumped at the chance and asked him what it was that he served me.

“Wasabi pizza,” was his reply.

“Are you crazy?! We both know that I can’t stand spicy food.”

“That’s the reason why I chose to serve it to you because you’re the best person.” He playfully slapped my shoulder. “Just don’t recommend this dish on your blog just yet. I still have to experiment with the intensity.”


“Oh, yeah. I’m leaving for UK this weekend. Do you want to come along?”

“I can’t. I’m not a permanent resident and there’s no way I can get a visa at such a hurried time.”

It was while I was walking past a sundry shop that I noticed the headline on the weekend copy of the newspaper, something about gay marriage in the States. With the night to myself, I took a walk along the well-lit and serene lake, the water beautifully enhanced by the stars.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Plans

Sorry for the lack of proper updates. It's just that the past weeks have swallowed my time with us running all over town to replace the kitchen items - it's not an easy task, let me tell you that - and to settle other issues too. I can only hope that those items are merely hidden, not missing.

Really, someone should have warned us about the stress of moving.

When I had gone off for a massage recently due to some sore muscles, it felt like my hands were being torn off from its sockets when the masseur pressed on the point and just a gentle touch on it sent me yelping for a respite. She mentioned that the hardened muscles and congested veins were most likely caused by the stressful moving in addition to those sleepless nights.

Geez; and this was after I had gotten my stiff neck dealt with.

Enough of the babbling.

These two months should really spare me the time to do the things that I want to do – without any family objections, without friends around, without anything to shake things up. Just me, myself and I because there’s so much that I’d like to do. Watch movies, catch meals at my favorite expensive haunts, be a one-day shopaholic, venture to familiar and unfamiliar territories, etc., etc… and maybe even take that flight to Jakarta for the international crusade that Mama Carrie has so badly wanted to attend. (not me, not me)

Credits to Benny Hinn Ministries for the picture

Flight tickets are the least of my worries; time and accommodation is at the top of the list. We don’t have known associates or friends to help us out if we’re flying there for it. Big Fat’s a problem too. Furthermore, there’s a chance that we need to take that drive down to Port Dickson at about the same time for a work-related case but the definite answer will only come at the eleventh hour as the person’s arriving a couple of days before the scheduled meet-up.

Let’s just stop for a minute here.

If the trip’s really on, it’s not that bad either. I can spend a couple of moments – maybe to myself, depending on Mama Carrie’s plan – at the lounge and gather my thoughts while enjoying the sea breeze over that pricey glass of iced blended drink. Don’t whack me; it’s been a long while and I’m craving for it. What I’m hoping from the trip is that it will help to clear my mind too; I’ve been living in a pressure cooker and around stress for far too long now...(it’s really something that I’d rather leave it out of public view)

I’m sorry that I won’t be able to update as frequently as I would love to do because I’ve to deal with something that has crept up from my past to haunt me... and it’s somehow related to my future.

Even though I shall be back in the game somewhere in October, you still can get every minute update on
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