Thursday, May 28, 2015

Let the memories fade away

I can’t believe how fast time has flown.

On one minute, I was participating in some of the O-Week programs and looking forward to begin the degree. On another minute, the finals are creepily within reach - and I’m far from ready to kill the papers. There’s one thing for sure; I’m more than ready to throw the covers over me and recover from the weird sleeping cycle that I’ve been having after the finals. Not being to fall asleep after midnight and needing to wake up by a certain time daily is melting the determination and enthusiasm from me. *yawns*

There’s nothing I can do but to take the bull by its horns with adequate preparations and a clear mind. In addition, I’ll have to throw caution to the wind and keep my fingers crossed that everything will fall well. It won’t be beneficial if I have to sacrifice my health to chase after the elusive scores again anyway.

Life hasn’t been a smooth ride lately. Other than the complications I’ve landed myself into, I feel like I’m living under a shroud of stress most of the time since the comforting days of high school and college are now a distant memory away. It’s like I’m trying to find the balance between studies, health and life while coping with a new learning environment. I mean, I’m accustomed to the teaching methods here (it’s rather similar to the one in CPU), but the notion of being an international student can be miserable. I’m not blind; I can see the difference in the way students treat each other, but don’t mistake my reticence for ignorance. It’s just that I’ve made a wise decision to remain cool and silent about it.

Plus, it's better to have a few close friends than an amount of acquaintances in sheep's clothing. Wait, I hope you understand half the reference to that popular saying.

On the bright side, I’m just glad that once I’ve cornered the hurdle, I'll be able to swallow the chill pill that my friends have been nudging me to and sprawl on the floor from the accrued exhaustion.

Excuse my absence while I head over to the land of revision.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Mini Hair Room Salon, Goodwood, South Australia

It was through a lady’s recommendation that I secured an appointment for a haircut in The Mini Hair Room, Goodwood after weeks in waiting. I was in dire need to fix the awful hairstyle that the previous hairstylist created for me; not only was the ends flicking in various directions, it made me look generations older and less vibrant. 

Although the shop may be small and simple, it is cozy and warm to all of its visitors.

What’s best is that you can catch a quick bite or if you’re famished, you could swing by a dessert store - all within walking distance on the same street!

The decorations that you will see when you enter were mostly the brainchild of Chris with the exception of the lamp on the counter. He related that he was a big fan of arts and craft and he had personally created most of the decorative pieces that sat in strategic places. Placed at the end of the shop window was an antique radio that will burst classics from the past and at the time of my visit? It was playing “Fall at Your Feet” by Crowded House, which immediately spiked my interest with its lyrics.

The hairstylist assigned for me was Chris, who just happens to be only some years older than yours truly. He took a good look of my hair and broke the bad news that not much could be done to improve it. It’s definitely not something I was expecting to hear, but he added that he can still rectify certain areas in an attempt to balance the sides and make the style look.. well, smoother. It was a risk that I had to gamble with because it meant that I’ll be sporting the same length for winter (which I’ve never done it before; wintry Auckland was another story and hidden in a beanie).

The after result was a much better one: the ends are no longer flicking in various directions and as what Mama Carrie would describe, ‘more obedient’.

I’m sorry that I haven’t published the before and after result for the haircut. I’ve been a shy kid as of late and am more comfortable hiding behind the computer screen for now. 

Haircuts strictly by appointment only.

Credits to The Mini Hair Room for the image.

Address: 124A, Goodwood Road,
Goodwood 5034,
South Australia

Tel: (08) 8373 2684


Business Hours:

Sun and Mon: Closed
Tues, Weds and Fri: 9:30 am to 4:30 pm
Thur: 9:30 am to 7:30 pm
Sat: 9:00 am to 2:30 pm

Sunday, May 3, 2015

A Friendly Stranger

The effects of repeatedly listening to emotional Chinese songs for hours while completing seminar work has led to this, a poem inspired by a friend's bittersweet story:

The pictures tell an unspeakable story.
It is a fuzzy wave in your brain,
But in mine, it is as lucid as the spring water.
The memories, nothing but frozen ice
To you, to me.
Safe in the comfort of dusk,
Away I hide,
Spraying tears of hurt and love in the silence.
Rising in the air are ashes of burnt reminiscence.
In your presence,
My heart skips tremendous beats.
Uneasiness weaves deep into my emotions.
Fed up was the word you read.
Avoidance was what I felt.
The hints were sprinkled in your glimmering eyes,
Arousing hopeful suspicions.
Our blossoming friendship, however, set a precarious path
More for me.
I was fresh from consecutive heartbreaks,
And a walking hourglass.
One wrong move will sent me shattering.
The brave girl who stood up to you?
It was a facade.
It was me protecting a broken, cautious heart.
It was me suppressing the growing feelings for you.
Allowing you to enter that guarded space,
It would have sliced your heart into two.
A foreseeable risk I couldn’t gamble with,
Because I’ve always cared for you.
And the sad thing is,
I’ll never admit it to you or anyone.

Then again, what do YOU think? *winks*
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