Friday, June 24, 2011

A dream in Sentosa

Credits to Wikitravel for the image

In my best attire, I walked towards the beach side restaurant as I had promised a friend to meet up with her. When I arrived, I saw that she was with her boyfriend and her father, who looked young for his age. I also saw someone familiar with a female companion and enjoying his time with her. After the meal, we went for window shopping.

I don't know what happened, but the three of us had tried to flee from bad guys. We were eventually cornered and one of them fired a shot at my friend's shoulder. After hiding at a corner to bandage his wound, we found ourselves running up a hill where we found lots of KL-registered cars.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Photography in Sunway Pyramid Pt. 2

Lunch at Pasta Zanmai.

Although we ordered the same dishes, it was actually our second time. Our first time was on a busy Friday lunch hour. I had thought about taking a picture of the dish, but would the staffs allow it? It's better not to do it than to do it in fear. Mama Carrie commented about a couple of issues that I'd rather leave out of this post.

My head was swirling with newer ideas for the story while I was eating. The power of imagination, huh? xD

This picture was taken while waiting for Mama Carrie to pick up the tab.

I have never liked the taste of milk tea (奶茶) and will never comprehend why people will flock to drink a cup of bubble tea (珍珠奶茶). Milk tea is actually a mixture of red tea, milk and sago. Speaking of it, I'm sure some of you have watched the Taiwanese news about the drink.

Paper cranes. I've seen a couple of amateur photographers capturing that from different angles. I don't know what it signifies, but it looks beautiful. It was Mama Carrie who asked me to take a picture of it.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Birthday Surprises

Mama Carrie and I attended a birthday Mass somewhere and because of a lack of parking space on Church grounds, our car had been parked at the parking lot of the adjacent building. She suddenly mentioned that she wanted to pass a gift to the birthday girl and sprinted off while I remained there, waiting for her to return.

When I stumbled upon that blog while surfing the Net, the contents sparked my curiosity and I started reading the posts. It wasn't when I saw pictures of the blog owner and his family that I realized that my buddy was now a blogger.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

A random event

I don't know where my friend found the above picture. What's a pinata anyway?

Come to think of it, I don't think I've posted the above said picture before. Anyway, to buy six packets of biscuits when I'm trying to limit my carbohydrate consumption is definitely unheard of, but there are times when I can really down pieces after pieces of it. *winks*

While we were heading down to the lower ground floor, I saw that there was a movie carnival at the concourse floor. Normally, I will check it out or take a photo of it, but there was a serious-faced security guard there. I don't know what was on his mind, but I feared that he will bark at me to move on.

It was such a pity that I wasn't there when the celebrities were speaking to the reporters. I know I may never be able to muster the courage to ask a celebrity whether we could have a picture, but who knows? For those who have read the draft copy of A Sudden Change of Heart, Mae's picture with Cecilia King is actually based on my wish. =D

In Sunway Pyramid, I saw this when I was walking to Daiso with Mama Carrie. Because I had forgotten to enable flash on my camera, I don't know if you can clearly see the image of a sitting man, deep in thought.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It sent shivers down my spine

[10/7/16 Update: I've finally deciphered this dream. The reason why I had this dream was because I was bothered by something in my past. Something that is too private to be shared online.]

<- a="" credited="" href="" is="" picture="" target="_blank" this="" to="">Cuti Malaysia.

When I told Mama Carrie about the dream, she sighed. "Oh, man, you're dreaming of spirits again? How did you know that it was a ghost? It is not a good sign."

We were guided by the male worker to our villa suite at a beach resort. I found myself swimming in the swimming pool alone and, at other times, with a friend in the ocean. While waiting for the elevator, I bumped into a spirit of someone, wearing the uniform of a flight attendant. He was lugging a luggage, but the part that numbed me was that it had no face and no limbs.

"I think I know what the dream is telling me. It is telling me to stay away from water as swimming will be my downfall."

Mama Carrie rolled her eyes. "Yeah, as if you swim!"

Monday, June 13, 2011

Oh, wow, I'm laughing so hard that I'm crying!

It is easy to make me smile, but very difficult to make me laugh.
You have a lack of humor. - Sam
Even if I do laugh, it's mostly a quiet one. The only time you can hear me laughing loudly is when I'm watching that Taiwanese program. Anyway, this is the first time that I am reading the story after completion. Certain parts of it are making me laugh like mad, especially the part where Crystalline and Mae are returning home to their condo in One Avenue and the part which Mae thought she was being stalked by someone. Lol to that! xD

Even Mama Carrie wanted a peek at the story. =) I think I must have wrote it in a rush or blindly because, reading it, I've noticed that lots of words have been left out of the sentences. I must say something about it, though. All the buildings mentioned exist in real life.

I will like to thank the following people for inspiring me to write the story: Leigh and Bya.

Bya, the image above should look familiar to you. *winks*

P.S. Going through my Twitter, I just realized that I have missed many of Steff's tweets. If you're reading this, Steff, I'm so sorry about it as I haven't cultivated the habit of backtracking.

P.S.S: Is the shooter out of his mind? Just because the dog is of that breed doesn't mean he can just pull the trigger. Full extent of the story:

This is one of those times when I don't understand the human mind.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

(My Own) Curves in Blogging

I was inspired by Curves of Blogging - written by MissyCheerio - to contribute my fair share and write about the story behind the start of my blogging adventure.

I started back in 2008 as a newbie, not knowing much about the world of writing or blogging. I only knew blogs as an online journals, nothing more. I found myself admiring accomplished bloggers like XiaXue and Kenny Sia. What really drove me to start a blog was the fact that I could hide behind a pseudonym (which I later ditched and used my name. Yes, Ciana is me.) and vent my frustrations and rattle away about life. I wish I could remember the first post, but I can't because I have since deleted most of my archived posts.

Posting pictures of me and my friends would be lovely, but I have read a lot about the risk it puts on one's self. I've a habit of thinking too much, lol. In fact, I'm already feeling a sense of uncomfortableness at the thought of random strangers approaching me on the streets. Well, I'm not saying that I won't do it, but my self-portraits will only come when I'm comfortable with family, friends and strangers alike viewing it.

The year 2009 came with a bang and departed with a morose mood. Blogging has helped me to cope with the grief and the issues that came along with it. I have learned to bury it in an invisible box. 2010 carried over some of the morose mood but the year gradually improved, all with the help of blogging. It hit a dead spot along the way, where I wanted to give it all up and run as far as I can from the world of bloggers and blogging.

I came to know other bloggers like Izra and Steff and, as of late, Sui Ying and Crystal. I've never met any one of them, but it feels like we've been friends for a long while. More and more friends are becoming aware of this blog and are supporting me in ways that they can. My parents are aware of this blog's existence (I've showed it to my Mom; she had a hard time moving her way around), but I doubt my Dad ever pays a visit. I don't blame them as one's bad at Internet and the other is always pressed for time.

Blogging has, mysteriously and surprisingly, helped me to write better. I love to receive comments - flattering, inspiring and constructive - as it help to spur and encourage me to improve. In the three years that this blog has been in existence, I have received a bunch of hateful messages, which I surprisingly handled it with ease. It can't be helped as there will be people who are jealous of one. Cause if it were to happen in the real world, I will have went head-on and fight my way through. (Oops. >.<)

You see, I have never intended to earn any money from paid advertizements (on the blog) because I already have enough to survive monthly, but it'd be nice to have extra money, especially when you're burning to get that one special item. Nor have I intended to become an online popular figure. I just wanted an ordinary blog where I can be myself without feeling the pressure. It's not that being famous is bad, but people will be paying more attention on me and hoping that they can bring me down using whatever methods (even though it's a plain rumor) or tricks they can think of.

I have since made the transition from a newbie blogger to one with dreams of the future. I don't mean to come off as boastful, but I do intend to fill my blog with future life experiences.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Friendly Dedication

I wish that it was a song, but it sounded better when written as poetry.

Reading your text messages,
I found myself smiling at it
You never fail to brighten up my day
You never fail to put a smile on my face
We’re in different continents
From different backgrounds
Barely met each other yet we clicked
We’ve so much in common
We share our daily events and emotions
Exchange stories and laughs
All through the screens

We’re great friends that understand each other
Each conversation holds a memory of its own
The music reminds me of your laughs
We’re all on a journey called life
You know when I’m sad or happy
No matter how cryptic my messages are,
You know that there is more to it

I’m so blessed to have met you
Even more blessed to have you as a great friend
You’re always lending a listening ear
And sacrificing precious time for conversations

It's pretty detailed, but I'm not revealing my muse. =)

Monday, June 6, 2011

I found myself regretting the trip


We started the journey at noon sharp only to arrive at the destination at almost 2 p.m. It usually takes between 50 to 90 minutes on normal, working days, depending on the route that you're on. The highway or the old, village road.

Mama Carrie had insisted that we grab a light meal, but the search for food was tough. As you know, I can't ingest anything that's made with egg or chicken. Yeah, I'm that problematic. It's a story all on its own.

We stopped at Admiral Cove to take pictures of the area as Mama Carrie desperately needed them. In fact, I'm supposed to hover to someone's Flickr to download another set of photographs.

We were still in the building when C called, saying that he's waiting for us in The Gallery Lounge. We arrived there a little late because we had trouble finding the Lounge. I know where both Avillions are located, but this is the first time any one of us had stepped inside.

Lo and behold, it was a floor below the welcome area. Pffft. =.="

When I saw the only occupied table facing the stairs, I had the slightest suspicion that the two folks were probably them. C and his son. We took our seats, offered our apologies for being late. She asked if I was feeling sticky as the result of being near the ocean. I said that I'm only feeling sweaty and beat, but the truth was that I was craving for my comfortable bed. C suggested that we order any drinks that we want to quench our thirst. Me being me, I chose Iced Lemon Tea.

While the three adults talked to each other, I slithered to the toilet to have a wardrobe change. I had expected that I'd be sweaty and brought another T-shirt to change. The toilet was air-conditioned and it felt so cold. It reminds me of the one in the new Lee Rubber Building.

That's C's son's arm over there.

When the drink arrived, Mama Carrie thought that the drink was mixed with either cream or milk. The waitress stepped forward and explained that it's an iced blended drink. Blended or non-blended, it was a unique version and still had the sour taste that numbed my teeth with each sip.

As with all hotel drinks, it was pricey at ten bucks per glass, though the height could've passed off as a wine glass.

"How much is the hotel rate?" Mama Carrie asked.

"About 500 - 600 bucks," replied C.

I blinked my eyes in surprise. "Wow, that's expensive."

"Well, this is a six-star hotel."

She had barely drank her glass when the man called, informed that he was in an ostrich farm. C's son thought that it was the one near Thistle and C told her to take it easy, let him wait. She however dislikes to keep one waiting and struggled to finish hers. I offered to down the drink as I hate to waste, especially if it's being paid for.

The man was not to be seen when we arrived at the farm. It turned out that he was in the ostrich farm of another town. Grr, I fumed with anger when I heard that. I know it's easy to get lost when you're a tourist, but one can't just depend on GPS alone when it's a small town. One needs to ask the local folks for directions.

Even though we've been to Port Dickson a couple of times before, we still ask the locals for help when we're unsure. It beats blindly driving around an unfamiliar territory. And it sure saves time and petrol/gas.

Small town folks are not like city folks. They are more than glad to help anyone in need for directions.

C's son tried not to bark at the man on the phone, but I could sense from his tone that he was trying his hardest to control his rising temperature. If this were to happen to me back home, the sentence that I'll utter is, "I think we should probably schedule this meeting for another day instead since you're late and I'm in a hurry to beat the traffic congestion."

His own cell phone rang and he told the caller that "the man lost his way and we're going to bring him back to Port Dickson. I'll tell you when I return home; it's a long story." I don't know if he or his father or Mama Carrie had noticed it, but I was swearing under my breath.

To me, it's simple. If you don't know the way, you should've mentioned that it's your first time and you'll be late. That way, we'd not have to rush from The Gallery Lounge and being taken like a fool.

C, 如果你看到这个post, 我要说一声'对不起'. I'm really sorry for the inconvenience caused.


"If he's coming from [location withheld], it's even easier for him to come to PD. He just needs to follow the signboard," cited C. He's right; I've seen that particular sign many a time before. "Why the hell did he follow the route to Malacca?"

Mama Carrie sighed. "He followed the GPS."

"GPS isn't good for small town areas like PD," said I, sarcastically. I never meant to say that Port Dickson was deserted, but an Internet version of Uncle Google's map would have been better. "Damn! I thought I could be home before nightfall." I wailed. "By the looks of it, what time would we arrive home?"

I couldn't be bothered when we arrived at the planned destination. I felt a sense of arrogance from the man and if Papa Carrie came along, it'll go down awry. He will shoot sarcastic comments and make it known that he's disgruntled. Because it didn't involve me, I ignored the man and his family. You can't blame me; I was burning with so much fury. I refused to smile or say hi. C's son had trouble maintaining the forced smile.

On the way back to Avillion parking area, he commented that the man "looked down on him" (exact words in Chinese) and thought that he was just a small kid. Bah, what a thing to say when he's an adult!

I can easily explain what that sentence meant, but it will incur way too many human being's wrath. Nah, not the Big man. Even He doesn't like those who had coined that term. Furthermore, it will only reveal the identities of both Mama Carrie, C, his son and the man. I never liked the idea of revealing them, especially when only Mama Carrie knows that I'm blogging about it.

I told her that whatever happened today will end up in the blog. No holds barred.

Because I went to bed late and was suddenly interrupted by something, I think I had only four hours of deep sleep to survive yesterday.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

A midnight post

Look, I'm not sure why I'm online at this hour when I could be sleeping in bed. And since Mama Carrie couldn't fall asleep either, she allowed me to come online and kill the time.

Credits to Travel and Living Channel for the image

I drove to KLIA to pick up a friend who had just flown in from the States. I parked my car at one of the entrances and walked into the arrival area, scanned the place to see whether his flight had already touched down.

We exchanged smiles when our eyes landed on each other and embraced each other in a bear hug when he exited the Customs area. It's after all been years since we saw each other. There was also a two-day vacation in the works with another friend of mine.

- not a dream, just a thought

Hmm... it would've happened if it weren't for some interferences, but it will happen one day in the future.

I had been tossing and turning in my bed for the last hour and just couldn't fall asleep. It must've been because of the iced lemon tea that I downed at almost four-thirty p.m in Avillion. The weird thing was that when I wrote this post, I suddenly struggled to keep my eyes open. I will update more later as I need to catch some sleep for morning Mass.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Expresso Chip Frozen Yoghurt and Frappuccino

Today's post has nothing to do with food or coffee. It was plucked from a recent conversation between me and Bya.

Here I am, blogging from a PappaRich branch and waiting for Mama Carrie to be done with whatever she has to do. Can you believe it? A boy of about five kept peeping at my computer screen, trying to figure out what the big sister is doing. =.="

I don't want to eavesdrop, but the diners around me are talking louder than they should. I'm also being surrounded by cigarette smoke - something that I don't like - and the smell of toasted bread.

As much as I dislike it, a working trip down south is waiting for me. I don't know about you, but Port Dickson has never been my favorite place to go to unless necessary. First, I have no acquaintances living there and second, there is no large shopping malls that the Carries are willing to send me to kill the time.

What about the beach, you may ask.

The Carries have mentioned a couple of times that the sandy white beach that Port Dickson has been known for has replaced by brown sand. Of course, it can't be that bad. But it can never beat Mission Bay. Not in a million years.

And the beach is never my favorite place to go to unless someone - usually a friend - has extended an invitation.

Sigh, it is almost time for me to stop writing. Conversations, I still can deal with but not cigarette smoke.
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