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Why, hello there. Now that you’ve stumbled upon the elusive blog of mine, maybe I should reward you by telling you a bit about myself.

First thing’s first. I’m born under the Fire sign of Sagittarius, so I guess that makes me susceptible to mood swings and outbursts. Neither am I shy nor am I outgoing. I’m practically in the middle of both personalities. I believe it is known as ambivert. There are days when I prefer to hang out in coffeehouses with soft, melodious songs and my favourite Iced Blended Vanilla/Chocolate to keep me focused on my assignments. There are also days when I want to push that to the backburner and enjoy a lunch out or a movie with a friend.

I’m currently pursuing an undergraduate in law at University of Adelaide. I also love nothing more than a discussion on history, politics, law (not surprisingly), and anything in between. Trust me, law is one of those subjects that may make you wonder if the late nights are worth the stress. That’s the main reason why I seek my solace in creative writing. I believe that writing is a source of outlet for me because it allows me to be myself without any threat/danger to the folks around me. At least there is no violence involved.


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