Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Do we lose friends as we grow up in life?

Friends comments
Credits to Free MySpace Comments.

Losing friends is easy, finding them is tough and rekindling the friendship is even tougher.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Everything fell apart at the last moment

If you had carefully read my last post, you'd have known by now that I had not looked forward to the Triduum Masses, not because my attendance is encouraged but because the Masses may end later than expected. It'll be nicer if there is a Chrism Mass, but the current circumstances won't permit it.

It rained like cats and dogs when we arrived for the Night Mass. The wind had such fury that it caused an inconvenience to human beings but no permanent damage to anything, I guess. We could barely look into the distance and it was really hard to focus with the powerful thunder and lightning. It knocked out a couple of traffic lights and almost flooded the streets.

Thank God the thunder did not mess with the Church's electricity or we'll be attending the Mass in the dark, which, let me tell you, is a big problem.

Good Friday was a little better in the sense that it didn't rain in the evening, but I chose to attend the afternoon, shorter one. With that being said, I really pity those parishioners who don't have the option of attending the afternoon Mass without sacrificing something.

Why can't Malaysia make Good Friday a holiday like Singapore?

I won't share anything about this year's Easter Vigil as I was somewhat "upset" by the way the whole thing turned out. I certainly wasn't expecting anything of that sort to unfold and I could give a glimpse into what had happened, but for what? It will only incur God's wrath, so, no, I'll leave it at that.

But let me end it by saying that some parishioners did summon the courage to steal forty winks. If that client hadn't asked for an Easter Sunday viewing, Mama Carrie would have given the Day Mass a thought.

The night was pretty rough on my part. Mama Carrie's cellphone crashed at the wrong time and I had to sit there - in the middle of the night with the darkness surrounding me - for two hours to extract important contact numbers and switching phones. I eventually surrendered to the fact that her cell phone was down with a high fever.

Here comes the twist.

What time did I officially sleep? 3 am. Yes, you read that right and I woke up at almost noon with a nasal congestion. I'm still sneezing badly even as I'm writing this post, which is, like, 4 hours later.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Subconscious Thoughts

Stephanie and I caught up over a drink at a local coffeehouse. She had brought her best friend with her, so I tried to strike up a conversation with the best friend. (I don't want Stephanie's best friend to feel bad or left out.)

I don't know what transpired, but I brought Stephanie to my house for a house-viewing. She was interested in looking at my new house. I had to leave for something and someone else drove her back.

Am I dreaming of what happened last Sunday?

We went to Church, but, when we arrived there, we had trouble looking for a parking space.

"It can't be."
"What do you expect? There isn't any available parking space in the Church compound."

We eventually found a parking space that was within walking space, but quite far from the Church. Since it was starting to drizzle, we walked towards the Church shielding, with the umbrella, ourselves from the rain.

Found our seats and waited. I was okay in the beginning, but I was getting agitated as people kept crossing my pew to get to the other side.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

I couldn't believe my eyes

Credits to I wouldn't change a thing♡.

It was early and the sun was still asleep.
I walked out of my room and sat on the beach, facing the ocean.
I brought my knees to my chest and (tightly) hugged it.
Not long after, I realized someone was next to me.

When I turned around, it was you.
I asked, "How could this be? You, you... are supposed to be gone."
You replied, "Yes, I'm already gone, but I missed you."
With tears swimming in your eyes, you held my face in your hands.
"I'm so sorry to have left without saying a word of goodbye."

Looking to your teary eyes, I sobbed.
In between sobs, I said, "Although it was out of the blue, I understood."
You continued, "This is my last chance and I want to make it right - this time."
I blinked back those tears.
"Honey, don't be sad when I'm gone. Celebrate the times we were together."
I knew. It was time. Speechless, I nodded.

I didn't expect you to give me a tight hug or kiss my cheek, but you did both.
"I must leave now. Bye, my dear."
I couldn't control my tears. It was rolling down my face like a landslide.
"Honey," you wiped away the tears. "Don't cry."
I leaned towards you and gave you the tightest hug. "Bye, dearie. May we meet again."

You vanished into thin air.
I buried my face in my hands and gave the loudest cry I ever gave.

Friday, April 8, 2011

It'd be great if humans are able to skip meals

The three dishes

Crystal Jade Roll


Fruit Tea

I have lost the interest..... in eating, that is.

I used to be like, ahem, someone familiar... always looking for new food outlets to survey and taste. I know it goes against the Gospel, but there are times when I do not know what to eat. It feels like a chore to have my basic daily meals. If I have my way, I will definitely skip my meals, but I can't, because I'm stopped by ... who else?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

You know what?

Credits given to You, Just You and tiffany kelly.

Strangers as we are, life does not end just because you and I are different sides.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Photography in Sunway Pyramid

Forever 21.

I must remember to check out Forever 21 the next time I'm there with friends. I better hope they sell good-quality accessories at an affordable price... From what I saw, I think their designs appeal to me.

I have to go in one day and check it out.


There is a part of me that wants to be as thin as the mannequins, but I think it would never happen. When I was younger and way thinner, someone commented that I was underweight and looked like a bamboo tree.

Bonia Handbags.

"You should check it out. Who knows if you might find one that is suitable on you?"
"Mom! No, it's expensive."

Yeah, I will wait until they are having genuine discounts for the handbags.

Asian Avenue.

I have come to the conclusion that the area is smaller than previously thought.

leann maxima.

I admit that my photography skills aren't as good as my grand-uncle, but I don't let it bother me as I'm just an amateur photographer. Although he has the skill and passion, my grand-uncle had never intended to pursue photography as a profession.

Haha, I'm so exhausted.

What a tiring day indeed!
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