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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

University of Adelaide: O-Week with the Union - Semester 1, 2016

Before I write the post, please allow me to apologize for the lack of photos. Not only was there an intention to sneak a couple of photos for the blog, I wanted to experience O-Week from another perspective.

Attending O-Week as a freshman and sophomore has its difference, mind you. As a sophomore, you feel like you're a lone ranger in a sea of unfamiliar faces (unless you're super lucky to be enrolling in the same degree at the same university as your chums). As a freshman, you're able to slide into the atmosphere and bask in the company of your university friends.

That's how I felt anyways.

I'll let the pictures speak for itself - and describe how I participated in the O-Week activities.

A flower crown - in the process of being made. It sure looks as simple as hell, but doing it is tougher than you can imagine. I ended up accidentally poking myself with the sharp ends of the artificial flower and wire at least twice. *sighs*

I'm not going to show you the final product; although it looks alright, I'm not satisfied with the end result. Then again, I was never blessed in the artistic arena. =P

In front of the Art History Club, prepping ourselves with the materials needed for the flower crown.

This picture was taken when I arrived on the first day of O-Week at Barr Smith Lawns. As always, I was a lone ranger - until I decided to cajole a friend to join me for the fun and games.

Touring Clubsland (in Maths Lawn) was of another story. That's where all of the clubs will congregate and attract new members - yet my eyes caught a yacht.

Hub Central, where University displayed the services they offered, ranging from Accommodation Services to guided tours and to chaplaincy/pastoral care.

CBA (Commonwealth Bank) decided to stop by for a visit.

Don't even ask me why I snapped this picture. I guess I was dying of boredom, lol.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


I dreamt that there was a group of us in a room, but I was leaning against a wall while a singer was seated on the props next to me.

While we were in the midst of a conversation, I felt a soft nudge on my left arm before a hand landed on the spot above my hip bone. I turned with a fiery gleam in my eyes to see that it was a good male friend of mine.

I was rolling my eyes because it has occurred once in real life. I mean, not the nudge - but the hip bone part. (It is ironic that we're still good friends in the dream when we aren't in frequent communication in real life.)

I didn't know what song was blasting through the speakers, but I heard the words of "my ex is nice". It was a familiar song that I knew and started singing to it with the singer. Although I wasn't looking at my good friend, I could feel the jealous vibe off him.

His mood improved when we started playing cards (blackjack or poker, I can't remember) and I had to help him in the beginning since he was bad at it. I saw my chance when he was concentrating on the game to seek help from another friend via WhatsApp.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Adelaide Illuminations - North Terrace

Most South Australians are aware of the Adelaide Fringe Festival and judging from the crowd that turned up for the recent parade, some would even head into the city and congregate at the designated place to watch the parade live. It used to be on the street of King William Street over the years, but the organizers chose to have the 2016 parade in North Terrace instead.

And also for the first time in its history, the historical buildings on North Terrace - State Library of SA, South Australian Museum, Art Gallery of SA and University of Adelaide's Mitchell building, Elder Hall and Bonython Hall - will be illuminated with architectural projections. It is the collaborative work of Illunminart in South Australia and The Electric Canvas from Sydney.

"To open the Adelaide Fringe, there will be a very special official Kaurna opening ceremony at sunset on the South Australian Museum forecourt on Friday 12 February at 8pm. The Fringe Illuminations won’t stop at North Terrace either, as projections are set to take place at numerous establishments throughout the city. Fringe archival footage will flicker on walls around the CBD from sunset to midnight during the Fringe. These projections will light up the facades of Palace Nova East End Cinemas, Tuxedo Cat on Hyde Street, the Edinburgh Castle Hotel, Red Fox Café, The Coffee Pot and 2KW."

The above info was taken from the Adelaide Fringe website.

Sunset Ceremony by the Indigenous people of Australia

State Library of South Australia

South Australian Museum

Art Gallery of South Australia

The full video is on my YouTube channel.

Mitchell Building

Elder Hall

Bonython Hall

If you're in the CBD area from 8.30 pm to 1 am, do check out the illuminated buildings for yourselves.

The architectural projections will be on from now until 28th February.

Friday, February 12, 2016


There's one reason why I don't like to have dreams is because the contents usually disrupt my sleep, which was what happened.

I dreamt that Mama Carrie was sleeping in the car (in the manner that I usually do in real life) and not only was I unhappy being there, I was secretly plotting my escape as I looked out the car window. I was huffing at the fact that we were cornered by another car as we wanted to leave a place.

Instead of heading home, we were dragged to meet Papa Carrie's new family. He was living in a better, beautiful house with a large backyard with them. The angst that I harbored instantly rose when I saw Papa Carrie and the stepmother being affectionate and loving towards each other. I tried hard not to sob but eventually hid in one corner, emptying buckets load of tears. Mama Carrie caught wind of it and asked me to confront him over my feelings in Mandarin. I refused to because it won't change anything and no matter how I disliked it, the stepmother was innocent and I would prefer to keep things cordial.

And that was when I sprung awake, tears in my eyes.

I'm not sure what meaning the dream has for me. In addition to that, I'm annoyed that it's making me sleep deprived for the entire day. One thing's for sure, though: my parents might have a heart attack when I tell them about this (since it occurred on the second day of Chinese New Year).

Friday, February 5, 2016


First and foremost, I'm relieved that the rain is no longer (greatly) affecting my emotions. I could sit by the balcony with a mug of hot chocolate (or warm milk, depending on the time) and read my favorite book while the clouds pour its sadness.

I mean, sure, the memories will arise like ashes, but that doesn't mean I should let it continuously affect me, right? I've been wallowing in those negative reminiscences and emotions for too long now; it's gone as far as to messing with my psyche - and I need out before it sucks me deeper into the dark abyss.

If there's another thing I've learned from a very dear friend of mine, the aura radiated by the people around you matters a lot. Trust comes from the actions instead of words; sure, everyone wants to stick around for the fun times, but they will not hesitate to 'split and spit' during the bad/trying times. It's like the wedding vows, if you ask me. When you exchange vows with your fiancé/fiancée and taking him/her as your beloved, you promise to be there - for better or for worse, in sickness and in health.

Secondly, I know that I'm shedding another part of my former self: I used to take great offence whenever someone tried to take a swipe at me, but I couldn't be bothered much about people's comments or impressions about me now - especially since there are some faces who will never be pleased no matter what you do. It's either you take me for who I am or leave it.

The consequences of stooping to gain a person's satisfaction or friendship have been a companion of mine when I was growing up. It made me realize that as difficult as it may be, I need to walk away if people are only there to reap the benefits instead. Look, I'm answerable to God and my parents, no one else. It's all that matters.

Like what Dr. Seuss said (and I'm paraphrasing his quote), only the opinions of those who matter needs to be acknowledged.

And that says a lot.

And that's the end of my sudden outburst. I'll be candor; something recent has made me so irritated that it tested my limited patience. *sighs*
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