Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Dream, dream, dream

Personally, it's pathetic to have such a dream when I don't want it to happen in the next year, or at least in the next 3 years to come. It'll just throw the balance way off the weighing scale. I won't be surprised if I am being asked over this when I next see them.

Anyway, I dreamed that this fellow classmate had showered me with love that both surprised and shocked everyone present. He yanked me over the table and patted my head like I was his pet (more like how I love to touch Big Fat's fur).

As if that wasn't annoying enough, I was dragged to a show-house and the real estate negotiator in charge kept disturbing me, describing to me how grand the neighborhood was and how it was not bordered by lower-cost residence and such. People were seated here and there, enjoying a cup of two of coffee or a glass or two of Merlot/Shiraz.

I rolled my eyes and departed the scene, borrowing the toilet.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

That's why

First thing is first.

I have to warn you that until I have successfully rotated the assignments and extra-curricular activities (hey, I'm a member for four various clubs) around the limited hours of the schedule, I won't be updating the blog as frequently as I'd like to in the coming months but by no means is that a sign of the blog abandonment.

It's just that life has forced me to prioritize.

With that being said, I'll still float around to pay my fellow bloggers some much-needed visits whenever I can sneak online.

That's how messy my table is, after a day's worth of assignments.

As much as I am slowly being comfortable around the fellow course mates and with the new environment, I'm not counting out the possibility that to succeed as a high scorer on all the subjects (including the ones I can't handle with ease), I will, without any qualms, definitely spend the free time using all the extra help that I have access to and if it arrives at such a point, I'll swap it with the sleeping hours be a walking zombie.

It's not something I'd like to be again (after Teochew Mama's bout with food poisoning), as the last experience tore the perfect memory into little sea sponges.

Papers after papers...

How I wish I could write a detailed post but with the deadline barely 24 hours away, an urgent but perfect completion of the History and Geography/World Issues assignments is necessary.

Saturday, July 27, 2013


Trust me; it stinks when your worries of not being able to complete all the assignments on time and be armed with the ideas and arguments for the next class affects the sleep, which explains why the flow of the dream isn't as smooth as satin.

I dreamt that I saw advertisements for the sale and rent of properties being glued to the wall while waiting for the elevator to arrive at the Ground Floor. A week later, while I was at B1, walking towards the elevator, I had heard through the loudspeaker that the elevator went haywire, causing someone to be stuck in the inaccessible floor of B3.

I felt my heart collapsing to my stomach when I saw that someone emerging from the locked doors; kept thinking that it was a spiritual resident that I saw and only exhaled when I saw his hands and legs, fingers and toes.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I fear that if I sleep, I will lose all memories of you

"Shima uta yo kaze ni nori todokete okure watashi no ai wo"

If the melody does sound familiar, it is the original song for "Don't Want to Sleep" (不想睡) by Mandopop singer, Fish Leong (梁静茹).

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tuesday's Story #3

Author's Note: The following story is based purely on fiction, nothing of reality. 

After tucking her little one into bed, Shelby watched as the little one fell into a peaceful rhythm of breaths, knowing that if it hadn't been for her, life would've ended on a different note altogether. She remembered her reaction when the doctor confirmed her suspicions; a wave of mixed emotions flooded her heart. It had been a mere three months after Matt's accident and never mind about the pregnancy; she wasn't even sure if she, a full-time working single mother, could provide a quality life for the baby.
     Six long years.
     That was how long Matt had left. As worried as she had been about handling the loss of another loved one and raising their child alone, life had somehow turned alright although she regretted that little Samantha would only know her father through pictures and never stood the chances of hearing his voice and that Matt will never be able to bond with his little girl.
     She sighed, hoped that in a better world, life won't reveal its mean streak and replaced the empty hole in their lives with eternal happiness. If only she could turn the time back. If only Matt was around to be the best father she'd knew he was capable of being to their daughter.
     When it came to naming the little one, she chose the name Samantha as it was Matt's favorite name, a name that he wanted to christen on their first daughter. It was something that they briefly discussed after deciding to seal their relationship in matrimony that was never to become.
     "If I have a daughter?" he repeated the question. "Wow, I'll treat her like a princess but will remain parental whenever necessary. I'll make it known to her that she'll never be ashamed of having us as her parents and you." He squeezed Shelby's hands. "You'll be the best mother that Samantha could ask for."
      Standing outside the nursery days after the delivery, his words had ringed in Shelby's mind. It was like he had the slightest inkling that he knew he was living on borrowed time but didn't want to worry her. Spying for Samantha, her eyes burned when she saw her; the little one was the molten image of Matt, inherited his blue eyes, his celestial nose, high cheekbones and his facial shape. 
    The ten months of pregnancy had been tough on her emotionally-weakened soul but credit had to be given to her understanding and thoughtful bosses. If it hadn't been for them, Samantha's arrival would pose additional issues at the workplace, especially when Shelby needed to crash more hours into her working schedule to meet an urgent deadline.
    "My sweet girl," she whispered. "Mommy's so sorry that you had a cruel start to life instead of the happy beginnings that everyone your age has."
     With the time no longer early, she rose from the chair and climbed into her bed a room away, but ended up staring at the ceiling, unable to sleep, only the sound of her breath around. Samantha hadn't posed any question about Matt's absence but it was a matter of time before it happened, before she had to come clean with the truth.

Friday, July 12, 2013


The explanation's pretty simple: I have been watching too many crime drama episodes again, between CSI: NY and NCIS Season 8.

I dreamt that we were off to investigate a lead on a case and when we knocked on an apartment door, we were met instead with a gun-wielding suspect who threatened to open fire on us. Even though I had the least experience, I immediately jumped in to save the day. Since I had a mental knowledge of the house, I reached out for a side table made out of solid wood that held the table lamp while my colleague distracted the suspect's attention and reached out for a well-oiled and well-cleaned pistol plastered underneath the table and accurately fired, momentarily maiming the man at his legs.

As the day ended, the colleagues and I were finally able to relax after cracking the case while I sipped hot chocolate, a smile at the corners of my mouth at secret thoughts.

Thursday, July 11, 2013


As always, yesterday night was laborious on the weakened soul when the mosquito kept waking me up, and it wasn't until 3.15am that I really feel asleep for the night, which explained the reason why my dream scenes are here and there.

Eyes were rimmed with red veins and ached.

I dreamt that our friend bolted with not much of a clue to her current whereabouts. I had found her outside a carpentry shop with paperwork but by the time I returned with our clique, she was gone but she had left behind those papers; something that ran in the lines of financial statements from Citibank.

Armed with the determination to find her safe and alive, I went under the rain twice to Citibank's building and spoke to the security guard, who kindly put me through to this employee, whom I presented my case and waited for the response.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Arrrrh, the crawling cockroaches!

The motzies (mosquitoes) don't quite bother me as much as the spine-chilling cockroaches, but both can be quite a nuisance. 

It is tough to sleep when the motzie is flying around you, waiting to pounce on the unsuspecting you and drinking your blood. However, when compared to the both residences that I have lived in, the first one didn't have much motzies around but the second one definitely had more of them, especially during their feeding hours (of 7am and 7pm?).

I have no idea why, but cockroaches had infested both houses, emerging in places where you won't expect to find them. Nobody said that cockroaches will appear in the wardrobe, nibbling on clothes or even in the bedroom, feeling like they own the place....

Not exactly the image I wanted, but you do get the drift, right?

It'd always use me as a bridge to get across the room in the wee of the hours of the night, never hesitating to crawl on me and leaving me wide awake for at least an hour after that. Teochew Mama and Papa Carrie seemed to have been spared.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Vegetable + Meat Noodles

Seeing that I lolled around the house and was more than unwilling to head out to pack the 云吞麵 (Chinese wantan mee), I slaved behind the cooker hob, slicing and chopping and boiling all the ingredients into what I hope is a somewhat-nutritious and sumptuous lunch for the both of us.

For today's lunch, you will need the following:-

1 Tbsp sesame oil
1 Tbsp light soy sauce
A dash of pepper
Alfafa sprouts
6 pieces of pre-cooked meat
2 boiled eggs each
1 carrot
4 mushroom, sliced
Some seaweed

Slice the carrot in a pot of water, boil for 1 minute or when it turns a bright orange and set aside to cool.

Boil the mushrooms in the same pot of water for 1 minute, or until soft and strain.

Steam the meat and eggs in a container. (You don't necessarily need to use 茶叶蛋 - Pinyin: cha ye dan, English: tea egg; the normal ones are just as fine.)

Toss the boiled noodles together with the sauce and oil to allow the seasoning to coat it.

Serve the cooked carrot, mushrooms, meat and eggs on top of the noodles, and sprinkle the sprouts and seaweed on top.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Something random, something totally random


I'd always revert to freehand drawing whenever my mood's screwed, even though the end-result may not be perfect.

Monday, July 1, 2013


The following dream must be related to the discovery that happened last Saturday; after being suddenly reminded of Jeremy, I went to Sunset Mass, really hoping to seek some answers and some solace from the whirling mind but ended up running into Stephanie (or so I thought. I still remember her face, but I'm not 100% sure if it was her). 

Bleh, I returned home in a deeper wonder than ever.

Charlie will attest to that.

Back to business.

I dreamed that he had called me out for a drink and while I was in my room getting ready, my Mom had allowed him in and asked him to be comfortable and wait for a second.

He brought me to this drinking place, which resembles something like the revolving restaurant at KL Tower in real life. There were benches of three in each area (more to encourage socialization, methinks) and a long list of alcoholic drinks.

Socialize, I did. He was rather uncomfortable but kept a close eye in case that I'm being pounced on by some suspicious crook.

Shortly before heading down to an acquaintance's hair salon, I had a field time being surrounded by friendly puppies (yet again!) One of 'em knocked down an empty waste paper basket and curled up inside it, comfortably slept.

While my Mom spoke to the acquaintance over some final decisions, I collapsed on the couch at the seating area, waited patiently in silence.
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