Monday, October 31, 2011

Holiday Season

I'll try to write this post without losing my mind as the house behind me is undergoing extensive renovation. Hence all the drilling and knocking.

Ah, hello Halloween, it's nice to hear from you again. No, I won't be dressing up in a costume and going door-to-door - surprising my neighbors with a "trick or treat!" - as I'm not that young as you'd think.

Acquaintances have mentioned that I look older than my age, which is somewhat true. With the right hairstyle and make-up, I can pass off as a housewife with three kids.

Credits to The Addictive Blog | Halloween History for the image

Now, I don't think I've heard of Halloween until my first spring in New Zealand. I had thought about seeking candy treats from other neighbors with a couple of neighborhood kids, but I didn't want to dress myself in a costume.

Maybe sometime later, when my presence is required in a future Halloween party.

"Halloween is also thought to have been heavily influenced by the Christian holy days of All Saints' Day (also known as Hallowmas, All Hallows, Hallowtide) and All Souls' Day" - Wikipedia article on Halloween.

And after that is the obligated All Saints' Day. I must remember to arrive as early as possible at Church to secure a covered parking spot (just in case it's a rainy day - like last year, I think) and a comfortable seat. I can already foresee the Church being packed to the brim with parishioners returning to honor and commemorate the saints in heaven. Who fancies being squashed together to the point of uncomfortableness on the pew if they've a choice?

Now, in all my years as a Catholic, I'm still not sure whether All Souls' Day is a Day of Obligation. From what I heard, parishioners who attend this Mass are those who've lost family members over the years, but there's definitely got to be more than that.

Yeah, I know what you're thinking: shame on me for my limited knowledge on the religion.

Ocean View

If it weren't for Big Fat, if it weren't for our burning weather, I'd not mind a two night stay in Golden Palm Tree Resort in end November or early December.
  • I want to sit by the bar at night and sipping the orange juice in hand while I listen to the live jazz band.
  • I want to capture more beautiful pictures of the resort and the beach next door.
As much as I wish for it, I doubt it's possible. Unless I've the money, I can hope of spending a week there without burning a hole in my wallet. Ever.

The rates are just too expensive!

I've not lost my mind yet, but the renovation's getting on my nerves. I wonder if the new owner's rushing for Chinese New Year 2012.

Thursday, October 27, 2011


Me, my parents and two male acquaintances of ours stood outside of our house, discussing something when Snowie the Dog slipped out through the gap that the automated gates had.

"Snowie, come back here!"

I rushed out after her and kept asking her to stop in her tracks and return home, but she'd not listen. I had no choice but to crept behind her and scooped her up in time to avoid the neighbor's dogs who loved to scare the life out of the smaller dogs but was scared of my father's Husky. LOL!

My return signaled the end of their conversation and as my parents reprimanded Snowie for her actions, I went up to one of the rooms to check in on my friend as he was young enough to be my brother. (Hmm, this sounds duper familiar.)

The cast and crew of a TV series came over to our place to film a scene for a particular episode and one of the cast members was so stunned at me dressed in pajamas and having a disheveled hair that he pulled my mother aside during their breaks and asked, "How come she's not in college today?"

"She's taken the day off to be an assistance," was the reply he got.

Monday, October 24, 2011

It was more random than odd

"My baby had purple-blue eyes."

It was weird to have carried the baby boy and admiring his features. He had a sharp feature and that almond-shaped eyes.

News came to my ears that there was a newly opened Church in the same building that housed my workplace and we decided to check it out. It was fully packed shortly after we arrived and took our seats.

Monday, October 17, 2011


He walked to an open area and found a framed photograph of his childhood crush and her boyfriend and their parents. He lifted it to have a closer look and a folded piece of paper dropped out. It was written in his name and it contained her name - Juliana (something) - and her contact number. He nevertheless saved the number in his cell.

She was in a private conversation with him when her boyfriend stormed into the room. She shove the friend into the bathroom door and tried to clear any traces of his presence.

He slithered out of the room and walked down the hallway to catch the elevator. He would rather be out of the room than continue to hide in the bathroom and risk being caught by her man. He pressed the 7th floor and took another lift from there and entered the shopping area on the ground floor.

She was in the cafe, having a cup of coffee while she wrote a letter to the friend.

"I'll be heading to London for a short academic course, but we can meet up in a couple of days for a farewell if you wish. Never mind about him, I now don't care what he thinks. You know where to find me."

She caught sight of him walking past and caught him by the arm before she passed it to him and left. It was after he skimmed through the letter that he turned tail and ran after her.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Wisdom Teeth, you better give some wisdom

A wave of sluggishness is overcoming me as I write this post. It must've been the antibiotics that I had to take for the teeth holes.

Yeah, I had extracted two wisdom teeth at one shot at the advice of Mama Carrie. One of the tooth would've been covered by the gum if I had delayed seeing the dentist. My long-time dentist had suggested that I had all four removed, but I couldn't bear with the effects of post-op. He tried to joke with me to make sure that I was relaxed.

It was last year that my second molar tooth had suffered a severe decay leading to an infection before I struggled with the extraction. It was hell!

This extraction was surprisingly not that painful; I felt the pressure of the forceps. I kept humming the tune of "Wish You Were Here" by Avril Lavigne to calm my nerves at the end as I was getting nervous as a bat. I'm never scared of the dentist, but I never look forward to extractions. It scares me.

It'll be after a couple of days that I'll be able to ingest solids again. Soft foods, it is then. It's difficult to eat my daily meals with my wisdom tooth hole being sewed up.

Then again, I'm happy that I went to the dentist earlier or I'll be in more pain. I however will return again in 1 - 3 months to extract the remaining two for prevention. God knows what problem it'll bring in the future.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Last Call

We had planned a double date - my best friend and her boyfriend; me and my guy - at the nearby shopping mall. A trip to the movies followed by a meal, but my guy couldn't make it at the last minute. Said that he had an urgent office matter to attend to.

I had no idea that it would be the last time we'd see each other.

With a heavy heart, I went ahead with the plan and met up with them at Coffee Bean. It was pretty late when the movie ended. Shops were closing for the night and parts of the mall were dark. Being the chivalrous man that he is - or so I had thought, my bestie's boyfriend - Cal, short for Calvin - offered to walk me to my car.

I unwillingly agreed as it was late and since my bestie would be walking with us, it should be alright.

I panicked when I couldn't reach my guy the next afternoon. It was never of him to avoid my calls or even to switch off his cell during the day. Just as I was about to rush to his place, Cal's cousin sister, whom I was well-acquainted with, popped by my place and figured that she should break something to me.

My mind went into an overdrive after she said what she had said. I couldn't believe it and as much as I had tried to deny it, I just couldn't. The signs were all there. And for a shy guy like Cal to be gazing at me dead in the eye, it spelt trouble.

Since I had the keys to my guy's place, I unlocked the door and repeatedly called his name. My heart collapsed when I saw him in his bedroom, hanging from the ceiling fan. I dropped the keys as my hand flew to my mouth in horror.

I vibrated in shock as I dialed the police. I couldn't believe what I just saw and I couldn't believe my eyes that hanging from the ceiling fan was my guy. It was after the call that I allowed myself to burst out of the unit and scream and cry at my loudest in my car, wondering why he had chose to end his life. But it wasn't right; he had been a happy person all along. I know him. There is just no way in the world that he'll ever end his life unless...

It was a couple of days later that I overheard my brother speaking to one of his closest mates. There was no evidence of it, but we knew that something must've transpired between Cal and my guy. I froze in my tracks when I heard my brother mentioning that he wanted Cal to be kicked out of the company group (the two were colleagues) in a legit way and steal his girl - all in revenge for my guy's death, causing me tremendous sadness and hurt.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


We were scattered everywhere, having a game or two of our own. It turns out part of the game was to enter that house under construction and jump over the many cement bags that had been piled up by the construction workers. It took me so long that I could see the fellows behind me frowning. Should've been the last person in the queue, then.

It resembles my current neighborhood. >.<

It was later that day that the friends - three of them - popped by my place when I was in the middle of my house chores. I could only leave the vacuum cleaner in my room, hidden from view.

One of them - who is good at impersonating one Hong Kong singer - had peppered me with questions that I grabbed him by his shoulders from the back and whispered to his ears that 'it's alright, the person's gone.'

I had used Mandarin because it was a language that only the two of us understood. He looked at me and muttered an 'oh, okay'.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Since I had so much free time on my hands with nothing to do, I decided to try my luck at the audition.

Although the casting director thanked me for being there and said that she'd personally call me if I'm selected, I knew I had ruined my one and only shot from her body language and my catwalk skills.

Putting it at the back of my mind, I decided to catch some fresh air by walking to the shopping mall next door and search for a specific cover design and color for my smartphone.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Misconception, no?

"Maybe the time is not never right."

I wish it were that simple and I can deal with it, but there are times when I need to speak to someone and just don't know how or what to say.

Wouldn't it be easier on my part if I just withdraw from the world and be who I'm supposed to be?

I'm really not sure who I've evolved into. I was once this sociable lass who could blend into the crowd with ease, but that is no longer who I am now. I'm now just someone who prefers to remain behind the curtains and watch everything from the side.

No longer a lead character, but just a supporting character in someone's story.

In a twist of fate, I happened to chance upon some emails that transpired between me and my friend hidden in my Sent Mail folder. I thought I had already deleted them, but looks like I forgot to clear that folder as well. I'm not revealing the contents - it shall remain private between us - but let's just say that I missed the hidden hints that were buried in one particular email.

I'm not saying that I'm beating myself over it, but it'd have at least helped with my reaction.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

A Ghostly Dream

The hotel receptionist told me, after checking in, that the elevators in front of me led to the office tower. I had to walk down to the adjacent building which housed the shopping complex. As I walked to the elevator, I noticed that some of the shops had closed for the day and lots of people had gathered around the bubble elevator. (Subang Parade?)

One thing led to another and we were surrounded by young unseen spirits. I have a fear of ghosts/spirits in reality - it's true - but in the dream, I had the ability to see ghosts and although they could speak to me, I couldn't reply them in words. It had to be written on paper. It was at the corner of my eye that I caught another silhouette sitting by the window with a smile on her face. That night, I kept tossing and turning in my bed - I just couldn't sleep - with the fear that I was being watched.

If memory serves me right, this is the second time that I had a similiar dream.

My heart raced when I dreamt of that scene and I remembered that I didn't feel right. It felt like I was about to have cold sweat - and it only happens whenever I've a nightmare...

The next morning, I woke up at the crack of dawn and slithered to the work station and found that Bya was waiting for me to be online so that we can start our conversation.
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