Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The 2 am thoughts

Few more weeks and I’ll be wishing that I’m visiting an unfamiliar horizon instead of burning myself with the melting sun. I’m aware that most of my friends are only returning when it is nearer to the new academic year, but I’d rather remain in town. There is only so much that I can endure in KL without longing to jump on the next flight back to Adelaide.

Exams are just around the corner and I feel that I’m far from prepared to score a respectable grade for especially Property Law, which is bad. The exam is on Sunday, and this leaves me with around 3 days to sail through the revisions and note condensation before throwing caution to the wind. I’ll definitely go broke with the amount of caffeine that I am about to ingest to remain awake and fresh. I know that I should be contented with a mere pass as a freshman, especially for this course, but a part of me wants to aim higher and attempt to bring home a credit. It will be tough, considering that I messed up on the assignment, and my confidence in attaining a credit is dwindling as the time approaches.

What worries me the most is that the assignments and exam are not redeemable in Property Law; it’s similar to the course structure of the subjects I learned in CPU except that the weightage is different. I’ve learnt where I screwed up on the assignment and hope that the lessons learned will slowly guide me on the all-nighter for the exam.

Yet, I am bushed and thinking of reaching out for the bottle of strawberry wine resting in the fridge to relax the nerves. I know that I can’t; not only will I blow the actus rea and mens rea, the countless hours and late nights thrown into the revision will be thrown into the basket instantly.

And I’ll make things worse than they already are, sigh.

At the time of this posting (2 am Adelaide time), I know I should be fast asleep after the intense revision, but I’m instead wide awake and feeling high - not because I was listening to upbeat songs, but through the Week 12 Public Law lecture.

It’s odd that listening to that particular lecture as a refreshment is soothing for the tired soul and before I become exceptionally hyper to the point where I think I can stay awake for 24 hours, it’d be better if I stray away from academic matters at this moment. Inasmuch as my eyes are exhausted from looking at the computer screen, my brain is more alert than ever.

On the bright side, it always takes listening to the gospel songs on Spotify to ensure that I don’t freak out over the course materials. Although it may not be able to inspire me with the confidence and required knowledge needed to tackle all three papers, at least it ensures that I remain cool as a cucumber (or so, I hope).


  1. I'm guessing you don't need any distractions right now... but as you use Spotify... there is a brilliant comedic video with Bruno Mars pretending to be a Spotify employee. I'm sure you can find it on YouTube. It would be a 5 minute fun break in your busy study schedule. Take care of yourself. :-)

    1. A little distraction won't kill the revision; it'll just relax the brain, so no worries, Yum List. I'll definitely check that YT video out when I'm totally bushed and in need for some laughs. Thanks for the recommendation once again. =)


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