Tuesday, June 6, 2017


I dreamt that it was a full house for one of my classes. It was not a language course, but some of the students spoke in Japanese and the rest in attendance did their own thing. I was bumped to the front not because I was earlier, but because I was later than usual and my seat was snapped up. I knew that I was too close to the whiteboard for comfort, but there was not much I could do. Another friend sat diagonally opposite me. She entered the class from the front and was able to snatch her seat before someone else took it. The room was reminiscent of the one where we had the MQE classes in Taylor's.

I received a phone call from the hospital later that day about my paternal grandmother's condition taking a turn for the worse. I messaged the boyfriend and we rushed there as soon as we pulled ourselves out of tutorials. The moment we arrived at the spot that she wanted us to meet her, I knew that she was in a touch and go situation. I had to make the mental preparations to say goodbye. She smiled weakly at us when we approached her. Her sun-kissed complexion was replaced by a shade paler than the white walls. Her eye socket were hollow. She was in a wheelchair looking at the garden outside the hospital. Next to her was an IV drip. It was a downward spiral from now onwards.

She asked him to come closer to her and when he did, he took her hands in his. My breath caught in my throat when I saw this action. She whispered her thanks for his presence in my life and believed I was in good hands. He swore that he'll cherish me like raspberries. The three of us cried our hearts out at this piece of news. It cemented the prospects of me losing my beloved grandmother.

I was more perplexed than annoyed when I woke up from the dream.  Both sets of grandparents are on their permanent voyage, so it is either the brain entertaining itself or my subconscious living out the scenes from my Creative Writing assignment.


  1. I love this phrase "cherish me like raspberries". I sometimes dream of my grandparents too.

    1. Thanks, Yum List. I wanted to illustrate an image of fragility, which was why I chose raspberries (since the fruit is sweet and sour yet fragile). =)

  2. This is quite a sad dream and again another very vivid one too. As usual, dreams can be the subconscious speaking as you mentioned or perhaps your imagination just wanting to imagine anything that is far and wild. It sounds like a dream that tells of an ending and a new beginning, and maybe one where you can think of it as telling you to appreciate what you've got. These days I haven't been dreaming much lately or at least can't remember my dreams unlike last year where I could remember each one - and that was also a time when I wasn't very happy. That said, we dream when we're happy, sad and every emotion in between.

    On your last post on watching movies at home: I'm not much of a movie person. The last time I saw a movie in the cinema (and on TV, DVD, internet, etc.) was over a year ago. But I do like the idea of sitting around at home in your pajamas and just kicking back, no need to think about study or work. So often I just want to lounge in my room just do nothing but listen to music. And when I get the chance, I really enjoy the moment :D

    1. It's usually one or the other. In my experience, it is the latter. It happens when my brain's exhausted with the stress of life that it wants to have its own fun. I spoke to a friend on this and she suggested that it is an impending sign of change. I do feel that our emotions influence the context of the dream, i.e. if we're happy in real life, the dream will have an exuberant feel to it. If we're down, the dream will have a sad (almost to the point of grieving) touch.

      I don't mind watching movies myself, but I haven't had the mood to engage in this pastime activity in the cinema. I'm one who likes to watch it online with my favourite snacks and in my comfortable attire, lol. Or I'll seize the opportunity and watch it onboard whenever I have to fly in and out of the country. XD Oh, Mabel, that's me as well. Music has such a therapeutic effect on the soul. =)


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