Sunday, October 22, 2017


This has to be one of the weirdest dreams that I ever had.

I dreamt that it was the Christmas season - hence the beautifully gold decoratuons in the hotel ballroom. When I noticed it, I told my friends to wait for me while I rushed over to take a couple of pictures of it. Once I was satisfied with the number of photographs, I ran down the steps in my heels and made my way to the foyer where they waited for me. We were all dressed up, about to attend a formal event somewhere in town.

As two of our college friends were residents of this place, we decided to call them out for dinner. I received the phone call from someone about this and made my way to the appointed restaurant. Because it was just the average family-owned one, I turned up in a casual attire and styled my hair with a pencil. (This is something that I might dress in real life if I’m going for dinner with my parents.) When I saw that the two college friends had arrived, I guided them to the table where our mutual friend was waiting.

It was sometime during the dinner that I learnt that the world was smaller than it seemed. One of our course mates, who was in Canada, knew the committee member of the university’s law student society. I can’t remember who, but someone even rattled the course mate's nickname. The same one that leaves him wincing each time his friends use it in real life.

I honestly don't know how or what to interpret from this particular dream, especially the dinner part. Although both the college course mate and committee member are of acquaintance in real life, I don't think they even know each other or have common grounds with each other. 


  1. I also am not sure what to make of your dream :D It sounded like a social night out on the town...but from what you wrote, in the first paragraph you were dressed to the nines but the second one you dressed more casually.

    The part where your college friends knew people in your campus was interesting. Tt sounded like you were the middle person...but not exactly like a mediator, more like an acquaintance, and in a way you are 'caught in the middle' (not sure if I'm interpreting this correctly, but from the way you wrote it, it comes across as that). That reminds me of some instances where I know someone, and that someone knows someone else I know...and they end up getting along together much better than when they hang out with me, if you know what I mean. And in the end, I feel left out :/

    Maybe the dinner part is symbolic of trying to put yourself out there, or going for something that you like but in the end everything turns out surprising or unexpected.

    1. On a second note, I think the part where my college course mate knew the committee member likely stemmed from the fact that I was reading the minutes from the recent committee meeting, lol.

      Omg, I know right. I've had that too - it's like you're the third wheel and don't know what to do but to zone out and wait for them to be done. =/

    2. Lol. The brain does pick up on your unconscious and presents it right in front of you :D Sometimes I don't mind that with my dreams - it helps me to reflect on what I truly feel about certain things or certain someones.

      Haha, I hate being a third wheel. Been there too many times and it's the worst when neither of the other person pays attention to you. Excusing yourself is sooo awkward and I always wonder if I slink away silently will they notice :/

    3. 'Sometimes I don't mind that with my dreams - it helps me to reflect on what I truly feel about certain things or certain someones.' - This is definitely true. I had a particular dream where I was questioned by someone [I know this fellow in real life]. It left me thinking whether it was me who was worried about his reaction or whether the subconscious spoke of something. The brain can sometimes be weird...

      The last I experienced this, I didn't try to excuse myself. In fact, I made sure that I was mentally there but secretly entertaining myself with creative thoughts, lol.

  2. You're back! I don't know how to interpret your dream but I am wondering what was for dinner? ;-)


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