Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Torn between two places

It doesn't feel like a semester break when I have another two (more like four, if you count in the History presentations on Scientific Revolution and French Revolution) heavy assignments to complete by the week's end. No, I went straight to business after the last day of class; we started our break with at around six separate assignments.

Yes, you heard that right. My classmate's absolutely correct when he said that those two subjects would involve a gargantuan amount of assignments being thrown at us.


There was such a plan to spend the break at Taipei but it won't be a relaxing vacation with the assignments, right? Trust me; even as I'm drafting this post, half of my mind is concentrating on the remaining assignments. My idea of a holiday would be the temporary freedom from the worldly worries and suffused my soul with the fresh, welcoming air of Taichung.

Still, in the wake of the workload, I ensured that I had cocooned myself at home between the four walls and the idiot box.

I baked.

I lolled in my favorite haunt.

I had my locks trimmed shorter.

I slept until ten in the morning.

I caught up on past episodes of NCIS.

I yelled my heart to this song until my vocal cords cracked.

I gobbled my way around the kitchen.

Nothing could beat that, not by a million miles. Okay, I admit, the last one is definitely an exaggeration. I'm no longer ransacking the fridge for food every couple of hours.

And lastly, I dreamed of That Latte Plate some weeks ago.

I'll survive unscathed, and until my next post, I'm off to sink my face into the tub of green tea ice-cream while the assignments are being done at my own pace.


  1. yikes. this does remind me why i never ever wanna return to academic life. i empathize with this long road that you're on, but there's definitely an end in sight! hope you'll continue to persevere and find some moments of freedom, fun & happiness here & there...

    1. Not only is it a long road, Sean, it's actually a stressful one. It won't end soon for me, though. I'm aiming for a postgraduate degree after this. Crazy, right? =D

      I'm hoping for that, too; nothing like a mixture of some freedom, fun and happiness to smoothen the stressful, hair-yanking days. =)

  2. I know...I remember having more workload and assignments in summer/winter breaks when I was in Hong Kong! Very different school system compared to the U.S. :) But seems like you're still able to enjoy your break, I love sleeping in. Enjoy your time off and hope you can finish your assignment quickly so you can have some real time off.

    1. That's true, Amy. I've always felt that the US schools are rather lenient with homework/assignments whereas it is more of an exam-based academia here. =)

      Oh, I wished I was able to enjoy my break but I didn't quite exactly do so. My idea of a break would be shopping until a hole has been embedded in my wallet. What I'm hoping now is to sleep as often as I can. xD

  3. Sleep until 10 in the morning? How I miss that!!

    1. Yup, you read that right, Hayley. ^_^ With the exception of public holidays and weekends, I'd always rise at that time on all of the weekdays that fall in my semester break.

      Maybe you could wake up later in the morning when Aden's in kindergarten?

  4. Hi!! Enjoy your break!!!
    Everything you did sounds fun and I'd like to hear you singing!!! ;)

    1. Thanks, Laura. =)

      Whoa, did I read that correctly? You'd like to hear me singing? Sure, I wouldn't mind but I'm not going to post the audio on the blog, that's for sure. xD It's too pitchy and screechy.

  5. Only recently I have the chance to sleep as late as I want.

    Not to stress out..ok. Tk care.

    1. I'm trying my hardest not to allow myself to break into a stress-induced explosion, as the amount of assignments I have at this moment are jaw-dropping.

      Thanks, Yee Ling. =)


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