Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tuesday's Story #4

It had been a rough six months.
     In that course, she finally gained the courage to come clean with the wandering boyfriend but struggled to break free and away from him; she battled the trauma of the death of two close friends, a span of four weeks between each to car accidents; she had been given a miss in the company's yearly promotion when she had worked harder than the receivers, spending more time after office hours in the workplace than them; she had been asked to vacate her previous residence through no fault of hers and although she eventually found a home somewhere, she still struggled to adapt to the smoke-infused and fragrance-infused air of the neighborhood; and it was just last weekend that she lost control of herself, with the excess of endorphins lasting on an emotional high for two days and one night.
     When a memorable song from her childhood aired on a particular English radio station, Magenta felt her soul crumbled and broke into tears, clouding her vision on the congested Federal Highway. She thought that she had moved on and buried those issues deep enough to paint a smiley face daily but as the tears ruined her makeup and rolled down her cheeks, she realized that she never fully recovered from the relationship and the multiple rejections.

A double degree that she was, it didn't protect her from the trials and tribulations of working under a brainless moron for a superior; in fact, it aggravated the problem of being treated unfairly as the other subordinates all held a single degree.
     The superior was behind her, yelling her head off about the whole team not being able to achieve the deadline when the truth of the matter was that they had been thrown a gazillion ton's worth of work, which made meeting deadline a near impossibility.
     Did the superior honestly think that the team was instead robots living in human bodies with its own inner workings?
    When she however started attacking them personally with words like "stupid" and "selfish", Magenta slammed the table and swiveled to her direction, fury in her eyes.
     "What is your problem, Rose?!"
     "I don't have any problem," the superior offered. "I'm reprimanding you all for your inability to meet deadlines!"
     "How are we going to meet every deadline when you keep throwing work at us? Stop yelling at us! We've no choice but to cover for your messes and issues."
     "Being your superior allows me the authority to do so!"
     "Enough!" Magenta growled. "You rose to this position not through your skills and capabilities but through flirtatious acts and contacts with the head office people!"
     All the other subordinates drew a sharp breath, shocked at the revelation.
     "That's enough crap I've received from you!" the superior furrowed her brows. "You are fired."
     Magenta heard gasps around her.  "Fired?"
    She rolled her eyes. "You don't know me, Rose. I've tendered my resignation letter last month and come this evening, I'm officially no longer an employee here. You can't fire me when I've resigned."
     "How dare you!"
     "What? An employee has the right to leave a company that she has grown uncomfortable with."


  1. Hi, was kinda busy, will take time to catch up with your posts soon!

    1. Hey Hayley, don't worry, I understand. Will be looking forward to seeing you around here soon. =D

  2. Some companies have inept managers and relies on their subordinates to keep them where they are. A pity, coz it won't last long before they're exposed.

    Magenta seems to have a pretty rough half year, here's to a better half ahead! :)

    1. Wait...., Huai Bin, it is happening in real life? Wow, I didn't know that. Yup, and the next part to this story will contain a little twist and revenge for Magenta. >=)

    2. Yeah, I've seen a lot of companies like that. :)

      It doesn't last though, was previously a shareholder in a startup and the marketing manager was that way, he didn't last long...

  3. Oh yeah, I guess there are incompetent supervisor in every company.

    1. Hey there, Amy! Well, I guess our luck will definitely be a factor when we are going for job interviews. After all, we won't know who the incompetent supervisor at the first glance. =/

      I certainly don't want to work for someone who throws all of the work to me and takes the credit for himself/herself.

  4. I had this really weird dream last night and immediately thought of your blog and it's posts under "Dreams".

    There's this haughty alien race that on the surface looks like humans and I bumped into a father with two daughters in a park on an island resort which I just flew in with a bunch of other people.

    The rest is not suitable for publication (no it's not that X-rated, it's just gross) but it made me feel down for a while.

    1. Whoa there, Huai Bin. That's a really, really weird dream there. =O

      I know I shouldn't ask, but have you been watching any movies about aliens or preserving humanity? Cause from my own experience, the movies/TV programs can sometimes influence our dreams. But yeah, I can get what you mean there.

      Was there any bloodshed or slime involved, though?


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