Saturday, April 12, 2014


Credits to ACA Breeders Kennels Australia for the image

I dreamt that we were all congregated at the dining area of our boarding school to sit for an extra paper since practically all of us flunked the last test and the lecturer wanted to give us another chance at succeeding. Instead of following the invigilators out the door, we remained and yakked away with each other. A fellow student and I were able to talk for such a long time that we were the last to depart.

The same gang was outdoors, catching a breath of fresh air while I was elsewhere. I ran into a cute, furry dog, which was also christened Bobo, but in no way related to one of my two dogs in real life. Her tail was in between her legs and she was really frightened by the surroundings. My heart split into two when I saw this and nudged her to seek protection with me. Even though my boarding school didn't allow pets, I knew how to eventually adopt her as my pet. I was suddenly struck by a flashback of happier times and sank my face into her furs.

She wasn't a Shih Tzu but a Maltese with the softest fur.

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