Sunday, May 25, 2014


Just as when I thought I can swim to the surface and catch five, I'm being drowned by the three major yet final assignments that need my utmost attention for completion. To be honest, I'm hesitant on looking at it because it'll make my head spin in circles faster. Balance the filming for two divergent assignments is of no joke; I was almost confused between the video clips for each one last Saturday. I've no idea if it's the exhaustion screwing with me or what, but it illustrates that I shouldn't be attempting to take on so much with such a tight deadline.

There are two things preventing my exhausted soul from collapsing once again: the desire to avoid worrying anyone (including my dear brothers) and the belief that this is the final obstacle to overcome. In a fortnight's time, I'll be as free as the bird in the sky. With that being said, however, time is a double-edged sword. On one hand, I am relieved that the stress is coming to an end but on the other, I am leaving with a heavy heart. There are too many buddies that I don't want to say goodbye to. There wasn't enough time for all of us to spend time together in one place during our mutual free periods because let's face it, the arrangement for our class times were pretty screwed up this time around. Some of us are only free at a time when the remainder of us is having classes and it's not often that I'm staying back on campus after Media Arts..

Even as I'm penning this post, my mind is bringing me back to that particular conversation my friend and I had on Whatsapp about photographs and memories. I still can remember the disappointment in his reply when he learned that this is my final semester.

Oh, don't get me wrong; it's just that he regretted not knowing me earlier.

You know who you are, my friends, and if you're reading this, we need to make prom the time of our lives because this is the last time that we will be seeing each other until God knows when since we are on deviating paths to the third phase of our future. Don't forget; the time difference and distance will separate us far and wide to the point that when we catch up again, we may not be able to recognize each other.


  1. Hi Ciana

    No worries and glad to hear from you again, knowing you are just busy with your assignments. Yup, I know those were the days I had been through as well especially getting all the paper works ready to be submitted and suddenly the printer decided to KO...hahah

    Take care and best of luck.

    1. Yeah, Yee Ling. =) Two more weeks left and I'm done with college, yay! ^^ Definitely; my home printer crashed on me twice before permanently taking its last breath. =/

      Will do. =)

  2. Here's to the remaining two weeks of the best years of your life! :)

    I've always thought that college and uni were the best times of my life, better than high school coz of the (relative) maturity and freedom.

    All the best in your assignments and exams!

    1. Thanks, Huai Bin. =)

      I'd say that high school is the best time of one's life because there is more time for the social life, if I remember right. College, on the other hand, induced loads of assignment-related stress. =.="

      Thank you so much! I'm on my last week of classes before crunch time. *swipes brow*


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