Thursday, May 22, 2014

Dedication Post #1

Oh, man, time is definitely of the essence here. In a fortnight's time, we'll be on divergent paths, laying the foundations for the next chapters of our lives. Some of us are heading to prom and us seniors, definitely the graduation ceremony whereas the rest of us are not attending either one due to personal reasons. This is one of the couple of decisions behind my choice to pen this post. I want to let the people who have brought meaning into my life, be it the juniors or the seniors, know that although I rarely show it, their entrances are truthfully appreciated in such a hectic semester.

Without further ado, I shall begin the dedication.

- Oh, my dear sister, your courage and bravery is and has always been something that I have admired. Where you have found the tenacity, I don't know but I respect you for being able to fight back when you are threatened or bullied by some, well, nugget heads. Thank you for being there for me in my fragile state and taking time out to hear me rant away. Thank you for keeping an eye out for the people I love the most. Thank you for teaching me to be who I am, especially after experiencing two complications that shattered my heart to the core. I want to let it go in exchange for a memory catharsis, but it's tough, really tough to accomplish that.

Just wait and see what I'm going to do for your birthday. ^^

Guang Wei
- I could've taken up an entire page on your Yearbook but due to the time constraint since I was writing my message shortly before class and didn't want our English lecturer to see it, I'll pick up from where I left off and elaborate here.

Thank you for providing an honest and neutral opinion. It was really helpful to understand more about that matter (which still has the capability of making me weep) through the eyes of another. At least I am able to comprehend why it happened the way it did. Thank you for squeezing some time out of your busy schedule to lend a listening ear for the ridiculous and random rants. I'm really sorry about that night; it's just that I needed to talk to someone about it. I doubt you didn't know that behind the strong girl that I am now lies that complicated past until I actually spilled the beans about it, right? Well, it's a double-edged sword. Thank you for being my classmate and most importantly, a friend whom I can trust and seek advice from. Thank you for helping me out whenever possible. I really appreciate it. =)

I can't believe that I still don't know when your birthday is, man!!!

- I am glad that we met through Law class. Thank you for allowing me to rant on you whenever I was emotionally down and needed an outlet to vent my frustrations without any opinions needed or given; it was just me and my rants. The complicated past that still leaves the fractured heart incapable of permanent recovery is what hovers around me now and I'm sure it has been reflected in my eyes multiple times before. Thank you for keeping me on the straight path, never once allowing me to divert to the dark, crooked path. There were many times during the period of our course that I wanted to throw in the towel and bury myself in the little corner of my room, scraping my heart with a spatula and alleviating the pain that's growing by the day.

My first impression of you is of someone reticent who spends her time revising and studying but after knowing you, I've realized that you certainly don't spend every waking hour doing as such. Uniqueness shapes you and nothing can change that. Never succumb to peer pressure or to please someone; it'll backfire on you. I hope that as a senior, you'll succeed in the subjects that you'll be taking and with the same amount of determination, it will lead you far and wide to your dream university. Keep in touch throughout the ages and stay cool!

- Man, first and foremost, I must say, a huge thank you for having endured my emotional outburst last semester during our ISU. Thank you for understanding the state of mind that I was in at that point of time. It was of no joke having to balance four different heavy assignments at one go with unseen interferences. The more we hang out together in those rare occasions since our timetables clash to the core, the more I feel that the nickname I accidentally christened you with really suits you. Not only are you independent and loyal to your friends, dude, you have a voracious appetite like 'em Huskies! Haha, lol!

It was so much fun having known you through the World Issues class and the memories with the lounge gang last semester. Oh, man, words can't describe it. Please stay the Husky that you have always been; it's what makes you, well, you. Take care of yourself and the best wishes for your final semester and university days. If luck has it, I'll definitely swing by the lounge to say hello.


  1. You've met and made some great people and friendships while studying! :)

    Some of my best friends are from uni, just need to keep in touch, which can be hard when everyone is going their different ways!

    All the best! :D

    1. I definitely did, Huai Bin! =) They definitely keep me from losing my sanity due to the overwhelming stress and yes, I am in concurrence with you. It will be tough to remain in contact with the friends I have made because we are going to be separated by the distance. =/

      In fact, [my brother] did confess that he regretted for not knowing me earlier. So yeah, I'll be reminiscing on the memorable times I have shared with this bunch of close friends when I'm in university.

      Thanks once again, HB. =D


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