Sunday, May 3, 2015

A Friendly Stranger

The effects of repeatedly listening to emotional Chinese songs for hours while completing seminar work has led to this, a poem inspired by a friend's bittersweet story:

The pictures tell an unspeakable story.
It is a fuzzy wave in your brain,
But in mine, it is as lucid as the spring water.
The memories, nothing but frozen ice
To you, to me.
Safe in the comfort of dusk,
Away I hide,
Spraying tears of hurt and love in the silence.
Rising in the air are ashes of burnt reminiscence.
In your presence,
My heart skips tremendous beats.
Uneasiness weaves deep into my emotions.
Fed up was the word you read.
Avoidance was what I felt.
The hints were sprinkled in your glimmering eyes,
Arousing hopeful suspicions.
Our blossoming friendship, however, set a precarious path
More for me.
I was fresh from consecutive heartbreaks,
And a walking hourglass.
One wrong move will sent me shattering.
The brave girl who stood up to you?
It was a facade.
It was me protecting a broken, cautious heart.
It was me suppressing the growing feelings for you.
Allowing you to enter that guarded space,
It would have sliced your heart into two.
A foreseeable risk I couldn’t gamble with,
Because I’ve always cared for you.
And the sad thing is,
I’ll never admit it to you or anyone.

Then again, what do YOU think? *winks*


  1. the final line ... writing these verses and sharing them is a form of admittance and acknowledgement ... and hopefully it'll help to bring a sense of closure someday :)

    1. I won't say that it is a form of admittance, Sean, but it is definitely an acknowledgement for one party (the party who caused the suffering). =) Whether a sense of closure can occur, it unfortunately remains to be seen. =/

  2. Replies
    1. And sprinkled with personal observations and experiences too, Yum List...

  3. I think you sound like you are terribly in love... gosh...

    1. Much to the contrary, CL. =P I don't think I'll have the time to be in love when it'll make my books jealous. XD

      Only certain parts are based on a reader response lens... the rest are inspired by a friend's story, as she's experienced something similar to what the poem meant. =)

  4. Amazing shot of the pelican!

    How did you manage to get so close to the pelican? That's amazing!

    BTW, just my thoughts, I would have wanted to know either way if I'm the other party but I can understand why you would never tell.

    1. Credits to Mama Carrie for the picture, though. She had snuck behind the pelican without the bird knowing about it, Huai Bin, and captured the shot. =)

      Well, I guess we all are different in our minds and thoughts. There's no way knowing of whether the other party actually harboured the interest of knowing. *sighs*

    2. Good on her! :)

      Yeah, but if you think the best, maybe the best will happen. I know it sounds like self-motivational crap but sometimes it's true. All the best!

    3. Thanks for the tip! Who knows whatever happens will happen for a reason? *shrugs*

      Do take care, though! =)

  5. Love the pelican.Such a close shot.

    Hope you are doing great in Adelaide now.

    1. Thank you, Ling. =)

      Not exactly great, but I'm doing my best. =)


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