Monday, August 17, 2015


The harmonious tunes of “My Heart Will Go On” and “You Ruin Me” swept me emotionally when mi hermana basked in the emotional melodies. It’s not exactly the song I’d want to listen to after an exhausting morning with International Law, but the heart gets what it wants (to quote one of Selena's songs).

My throat began to thicken at the same time as my eyes stung, sigh.

Who knew "You Will Ruin Me" would still have such an impact on me? =/

Anyway, I was tempted to enroll for piano lessons after that. Here’s the catch; I was exposed to piano lessons as an elementary school student but threw it in the towel when I couldn’t handle the balancing act of academics (we're talking about at least a decade ago) with lessons. I surrendered for more than a decade without touching the musical instruments - until now, until I discovered my hidden recorder. It was a gift from Mama Carrie when I was in the music club during the SS 19 days. I haven’t been able to convince myself to dispose it because embedded in it are happy reminiscence of the musical experiences - including presenting a performance for some VIP once. Yet I’ll not succumb to the temptation; it’s pricey to purchase a piano here and my place can’t accommodate a keyboard either. First thing first, I’m a freshman who barely has enough time for herself, let alone straighten her priorities. How can I even afford to commit myself into the lessons?

I’ll just have to contend with listening to mi hermana and, hopefully, have the opportunity to see the acquaintance at the piano. With that being said, he still thinks that I’m one of the best players he’s met - and I shall let him awe in that amazement for the time being. #sneakyCiana

That’s just wishful thinking, though.

I don’t think either one of them will have the spare time to play the piano. Between the three of us, we’ve a packed calendar and obligations to fulfill (note: personal life). The free time remaining will always be reserved for the me-time and nothing more.

Meh, we’ll have to see how things end up.

Plus, I've a busy fortnight ahead of me *help* in the form of an assignment (no, make that two assignments! Although the compiling of contributions for the case log has been assigned to a team member, I can't help but pace in anxiety... and yes, it's a one-way street to passing this particular course. No redemption whatsoever permitted.) and lectures with its related seminars.


  1. I reckon you should wait a couple more months at least and see if you still want to pick up piano, or if it is just "hangat hangat tahi ayam", then you can decide on whether to pursue it or not.

    1. Or the 5 minutes warm principle, CL. That's what Mama Carrie whinged about me being fickle-minded on the musical instruments. One minute, piano; another minute, guitar.

      I'll stick to mastering the recorder again for now. Piano could just be in the heat of the moment... =)

  2. I love You Ruin Me!!! Awesome! Heart will go on brings to mind someone on life support - an overkill, played to death when it was a hit.

    1. I know right, it's a beautiful song with an awesome melody to boot, STP! =) I never disliked "My Heart Will Go On", but it was never one of my favorite songs either.

  3. I've played piano as a boy too (up to Grade 5) but stopped at 12...although I think I might be getting a 1/2 day piano lesson this weekend.

    I guess it depends on whether you want to play piano professionally or just play for fun. I'll say go for it if it's the latter, if it's the former, it's probably too late - I've seen statistics that says to be great at something you need to put in a crazy amount of hours to get through that additional 95% and above range, while it's quite easy to get up to 95% - not sure if I'm making sense?

    I meant anyone can put in 100 hour and be good (90%) at something, but to do it at a professional level, you need exponential amounts of time e.g. 1,000,000 hours just to level up by an additional 1% to 91%.

    I've never been fond of My Heart Will Go On, although I did watch Titanic when it came up. Never heard of You Ruin Me until today when you mentioned it and I searched on YouTube. :)

    1. I'm just playing it for fun, HB. I'm not musically inclined enough to play piano professionally anyway.

      Yes, yes, I know what you are trying to say. I believe what you're trying to explain is that if I want to be a professional pianist, I should've continued the piano lessons, but now that I've given it up, I'd have to work even harder to achieve the same level of perfection needed for it? =)

      I hope you enjoyed listening to "You Ruin Me"... certain scenes of the music video can stop your heart in its tracks - or at least that's what I felt the first time I watched it.


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