Sunday, December 27, 2015


I dreamt that I was chasing after ghosts, which involved running from one place to another. In addition to that, I was touring the many floors of that shopping mall, hoping to purchase presents for the friends I had in mind.

I had to rush to the airport to send a friend off to Wales. Although she graduated from the university here, it was by sheer luck that she was able to secure an employment with a respectable TNC in Cardiff. I was stuck at the aerotrain and growing frustrated at the train's tardiness while our mutual friend was caught in the traffic congestion. In actual fact, the Welsh-bound friend is still an accounting student here.

When I finally arrived at the departure hall, what greeted me was the flap display (airport message board/flight information display system, depending on which you are most familiar with) and the toilets were on my left and right. My Welsh-bound friend and mutual friend were nowhere to be seen in the busy hall.

In another scene, we were driving through a small area - with the lush greenery surrounding us on a bright afternoon. It was just me and the driver, no one else on that road. I couldn't clearly see the face, but something in me felt that the driver was a male.


  1. I used to get repeat dreams when I was younger. They were mostly sinister in nature and haunted my nights of my teenage years. Seems nowadays I'm lucky if I get into a deep enough sleep to dream at all. Wishing you happier dreams in 2016.

    1. Thanks a lot, Yum List. =) Here's to hoping for better nights in 2016 too. ^^ The dreams are much mellower nowadays when compared to the ones I had in previous years (such as dreaming of a good friend in elementary school being held against his will and decapitated)....


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