Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Start afresh?

The sound of Winnie’s heart cracking intensified when the reminiscence of her heartbreak permeated the air. A part of her hated him with a vengeance for the way he made her feel. The other part of her realised that his presence and exit were a blessing in disguise. It taught her valuable lessons in life. Life was more complex than what she comprehended and finding genuine people was harder than a needle in the haystack. The sight of personalised nicknames for each other would send her emotions on a train of tears. It is for this reason that she avoided their favourite haunts. She wasn’t prepared to fight the emotional demons.

As the pilot’s voice reverberated through the cockpit, welcoming all of the passengers to Perth, her lips curled into a small smile. Her heart expanded with exuberance to be in the loving arms of this place, a place where she could begin the journey of healing. While it was crystal clear that evading the demons was not the perfect solution, watching the blossoming sparks of fire between the two good friends was reminiscent of what she lost. It threatened to break her resolve and plunge her into the dark, depressive days. Had she told them the real reason behind her departure, they would suppress their feelings for each other to respect her thoughts. It would be unreasonable for her to prevent them from seeking happiness in each other. It was not her wish to see them in a state of misery therefore it was in their best interests that she transferred her degree interstate - even if it meant bidding them adieu.

Katrina was in the kitchen, whipping herself some pancakes when her Messenger rang with a notification. It was Brendan, whose panicked voice reverberated through the message when he asked if Winnie had been in touch with her. His messages went unanswered and it wasn’t like her to ignore messages for days. Although Katrina wasn’t suspicious because Winnie had the tendency to isolate herself when she needed space, she was egged on to check up on her by Brendan’s worry. It didn’t take her long to realise that there was more to Winnie’s absence than meets the eye. It was more than a fortnight since their last contact with Winnie, which drove her to file a missing person’s report… until she found something on her Facebook.


  1. Da da da na! There needs to be some sound effect at the end of that piece! You're leaving us hanging!

    1. Like Beethoven's 5th Symphony, Yum List? =P That's the best way of keeping the readers hooked for the next story. *winks*


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