Tuesday, April 25, 2017


"If it's meant to be, it will be."

The words that her cousin, Mia, constantly advised her with rang in her ears as she walked with the family members behind the van driving out of the funeral parlor. Victoria's eyes were rimmed red, but she trained herself to maintain her composure for her kin's sake as she remained silent. Looking at everyone in front and behind of her, all she could hear was them wailing at the premature loss of an upcoming doctor in their family.

She needed to stay strong, needed to keep the unit in unison in this grieving period.

"Isn't life unfair?" Mia loosened her hair with her fingers and rolled her eyes during happier moments with Victoria. "I've seen my fair share of relationships and friendships being torn like flimsy pieces of paper because one party played out the other."

Victoria raised an eyebrow. "And you're only what? Nineteen?"

Mia was one of the brightest youngsters of the entire clan, even more intelligent than Victoria, and bound for Cambridge to fulfill her ambition of becoming an oncology specialist. She desired to make an impact to the medical world by contributing to the continuing research for a cure to cancer after watching her sister's health debilitated from the illness. Balancing her intelligence was her cute beauty. She had round blue eyes that radiated warmth and cheekbones that illumined her elegance.

Three months to the dark day, she wanted to organize a separate farewell with her peers from high school and matriculation at different moments since they were flying to parts unknown and maintaining contact was tougher than first imagined. Her close mates from matriculation unanimously agreed to meet up at a serene family-owned cafe for a farewell lunch.

Just as she was leaving her client's workplace after a business appointment with her, Victoria caught sight of the stray dog digging with its paw and nuzzling something hidden in the bushes. Her years as a dog owner sharpened her knowledge and understanding of the canine friends; it heightened her curiosity and suspicions concurrently. She sneaked behind the dog and gaped at the gruesome discovery: a badly mangled and bloody body lying in the ditch with the head almost twisted off from the rest of the body.


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    1. Well.... I might add a sequel to this, if I've the time after the exams. *winks*

  2. Love how you structured the story, sad moment first, then happier, then sad - it has a great flow and seamless transition to the backstory. Was not expecting the doctor to have met such a gruesome end...and I am reading this past midnight :P

    You do have a creative writing edge to you, and I thought this piece read so well as a fictional narrative.

    That first line caught my attention and reminded me of a conversation with a colleague a while ago. My colleague and I were discussing the topic of love, and I said I believed in 'If it's meant to be, it's meant to be'. My colleague said he did not believe in this and reckoned these kinds of phrases puts an end to conversations.

    I really disagree, and do believe that in that phrase. I'm not religious, but I do feel we can all feel certain patterns in this world - like how sometimes you can predict how a friend will react, how a relationship will just not work, better times around a dark time, and so on.

    As an introvert, I don't mind waiting and staying in the background. Watching and observing from a far is also something I like to do, so I think that's also why I believe in that phrase too :)

    1. Thanks, Mabel! It was written a long time ago - I didn't know I had this until I stumbled upon it on my Mom's laptop one fine day. Oh, that's because I exercised self-control and didn't splurge in graphic details about the murder (or come to think of it, maybe I should in its sequel =P ).
      "You do have a creative writing edge to you, and I thought this piece read so well as a fictional narrative." - Aw, thanks once again! I really appreciate it! =)

      I've always believed in that phrase - be it for love, academics, or luck - because life's a windy road that's full of challenges that's there to either teach us a lesson or give us an opportunity to improve ourselves. I'm also an introvert and like you, I'd rather watch and observe people's conduct with a bag of popcorns. XD Idk why, but you tend to learn a lot about people by watching their body language and interaction with others...

  3. 'life's a windy road' You couldn't have said it better. Things will get worse or better when you least expect it, but then there will be the times you just know something will happen based on instincts and that voice inside your head.

    Haha, I love observing body language, whether I am just sitting and watching strangers or watching my friends eat or talk XD

    1. 'Life's a windy road' - That's what I realised in my transition from college to university, though.

      I agree when you say that 'there will be the times you just know something will happen based on instincts and that voice inside your head.' - I absolutely believe in that phrase. It helps me to grasp the positive or negative consequence of something. =)


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