Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Welcome back!

Hello guys, I’m back!

Never will I consider an early morning flight again. I understand that it might be much cheaper (the difference is minimal; what’s more important is the timing that you purchase it), but I'm just not an avid lover of it. It took me longer than expected - my entire weekend!!! - to recuperate from the sleep deprivation and time difference. Imagine that I almost missed my first tutorial because of this!

I personally don’t have any issues with the hours spent on the flight (well, only the narrowed space) because I know how to entertain myself. My peeve lies with selfish passengers who either forgot their manners or treat the seat like they own it. Paying for it doesn’t mean buying it. The passenger seated in front of me decided to invade my space by reclining his seat to the maximum. This conduct almost knocked me on the head because I was using the tray for my notepad, grr. Like dude, I understand that you want to catch your beauty sleep, but … limits! You wouldn’t like it if I confront you on this, so please spare a thought for neighbor behind you on your next flight.

If there’s something that I’ve learnt from my frequent travels, it’s never to drink beer or wine without food. The alcohol percentage went straight to my brain and knocked me out cold… to the point where I sprained my neck while I slept. I didn’t even know it happened until the cabin lights shone at me. (It didn’t help; the effects were worsened the minute I left the airport. To cut a long story short, I slept. And slept until mid-afternoon.)

The short time spent abroad was alright. Three weeks is not enough for a relaxing holiday. I don’t do well when I’m cooped up in boredom. I won’t say that it melted all of the stress in my cells. In fact, I dreaded the return flight for reasons I can’t divulge. You could probably say that I want to run from my responsibilities. There’s too much on my plate this semester (no thanks to workload and familiar faces) and I don’t know if I’ve the patience to deal with everything. I intentionally skipped the first week of lectures due to this… and I wasn’t even bothered by it. It was enough to minimize the scope of the stress levels, I guess. I’ve to think thrice about following my heart when it comes to traveling. It’s not fun at all…

So, here’s to hoping that the semester treats me well and I don’t land on my face!


  1. i'm not a fan of plane flights either - they're my least favourite part of the travelling process :) hopefully your next flight will be nicer - with more considerate passengers around you :D

  2. Welcome back! Hope it will be a good semester ahead. With each semester usually gets harder...but maybe things will go more smoothly given you may know what to expect.

    For me, three weeks is a long week of holiday or a break. Over the last three years, apart from the Christmas shutdown I haven't taken more than 3 days in a row off from work. Then again, if I did, I wouldn't know what to do with myself.

    It sounded like the alcohol really knocked you out and doesn't sound pleasant at all. It sounded like you can't even keep your eyes open. But also sounded like it made sure you got plenty of rest :D Usually when I take a flight at odd hours I take at least two days to feel somewhat normal again, lol.

    1. Thanks, Mabel! Well, I'll admit that it's not going to be a rosy semester. On top of the workload, there are a couple of low-level conflicts that I'll have to resolve (hopefully before graduation). I'll hopefully be able to address the reasoning in a later post. For the workload and expectations, it's smoother in the sense that I know what they're after.

      Whoa. Three weeks for me is not long - it's just nice. =P

      I'm usually alright with the alcohol percentage, but I guess maybe I had too much at one go? It's better than being awake for more than 24 hours, though - and omg yes. I definitely get a lot of rest! I think it took me about three days to assimilate into my routine, sigh.

      If exhaustion is a sign of jet lag, I think I'll have to limit my travels, lol. XD

    2. Hopefully you get to resolve the conflicts soon. Sometimes it takes time to get things ironed out, especially if it involves a number of people. Talk things through openly and things will get better, but sometimes it's easier said than done and not all problems are easy to resolve.

      Maybe that drink you had had waayyy more alcohol than you thought :D Or it could be your body also being very tired after the three weeks and so reacted this way to the alcohol. Last time I took a night flight back from Malaysia, didn't sleep the whole way through. Arrived in Melbourne around 7am. Actually felt amazing until midnight that night. Back into the routine. That was a one off for me :D

    3. The issue is that I'm not sure if it'll be resolved anytime soon. In one of the low-level conflicts, we've chosen the option of ignorance and cold shoulder - to the point where we don't acknowledge each other's presence. I'm not sure what led to this particular conflict, but there's no way of knowing whether the other party shares the same thought. Oh well, that's life anyway.

      Um, it was a can of Tiger Beer at 7% alcohol. I've had far worse - a mixture of champagne and merlot at God knows how much alcohol each. =P You're right; it might've been due to the simple fact of pure exhaustion. Oh, yes, I know that feeling! You'll feel like the ground is moving and a headache is creeping in, waiting to knock you off-balance. Things might be different if I'm in business or first class, though. XD

  3. 'You'll feel like the ground is moving and a headache is creeping in, waiting to knock you off-balance.' That is exactly how I feel on a plane! Also, sometimes I'd also feel that way in bed after coming back home from a trip abroad. It is an annoying feeling that can take me days to get rid off XD

    1. The beauty of not sleeping during the flights, I guess, lol. It's the body's way of demanding for sleep. I've been experiencing that feeling for a while now. The night flights are okay - as long as I'm not awake for more than 24 hours.

      I'm relieved to know that I'm not the only one who's to take a while to overcome the effects of flying. ^^ *swipes brow*


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