Wednesday, November 15, 2017


I dreamt that there was a small circuit fire in the house that threatened to engulf the entire structure at any minute. I panicked and didn’t know what to do.

The scene repeated itself with me reacting differently to it. Surprising myself, I didn’t panic and instead asked the fellow occupant to gather all or most of their important belongings before we collapsed from smoke inhalation. After I called the emergency hotline for the fire brigade, I rushed to my room and shoved my wallet, my passport, and a couple of full water bottles into my tote bag.

As I looked back at the scene behind us, the firefighters battled to contain the fire and prevent it from spreading to our neighbors.

In the second scene, when things were much better, we scouted the area for food. We found ourselves in a bright yet quiet hawker centre selling Chinese food. The moment I entered the place, it felt like I have visited it before in real life.

There are a couple of ways that I can look at the dream - with the help of the online interpretations, that is. Let’s use the part where I saw the fire first. One suggestion is that I might be battling intense emotions over something that I can’t ignore any more - or rather, I’m nose-deep in stress that my subconscious is pleading for me to take the time off.

Maybe the intense emotions part is skating the surface of my perception about things that have occurred around me. It might also mean that I’m no longer able to avoid a particular person and should take the bull by its horns, resolving the low-level conflict once and for all. As I have mentioned in a handful of posts, this semester has been challenging emotionally and physically. I’ve suppressed my thoughts and emotions in the hopes that I’ll be able to focus on what is ahead of me, but it hasn’t worked in my favor at all times.

Maybe I’ve pushed myself so hard that it’s tearing my mind into pieces.

On the contrary, me seeing the firefighter adds a divergent twist to the interpretation. It is indicative of me cleansing and purifying myself. My subconscious might be asking me to rid myself of the earthly burdens and focus on myself. It doesn’t want to be weighed down with exhaustion anymore.

I initially thought the scene was a result of my craving for Chinese food, especially char siew fan and wan tan mee. I guess I’ve been proven wrong by the context of the scene. Since the food came in a soup, I can only assume that it is wan tan mee. The online interpretation suggested that I have a ‘deep desire to understand a different point of view.’ I’m not sure how to relate to this - unless it’s pointing me to consider a past situation. I’ll keep the identity confidential, but truth be told, I still don’t know what led the person to arrive at the decisions that he did. Maybe the dream is reminding me to look at the situation from his eye and understand the reasons behind his choices and eventual departure.


  1. Timely in thinking about fires - seems there have been a lot in KL recently due to poor wiring.

    1. Really? I thought that the one in Mid Valley was the only one? =O I think the weather also plays a role...

  2. It is interesting to read your interpretation of your dreams, and the metaphors within them and what they might mean. In your first dream, I got the impression you were ready to leave behind a time of stress, to simply get out and get away before it consumes you. I'm not too sure how it led you to think that you are no longer able to avoid a particular person - then again in the dream you were confidently telling someone what to do. I saw this as you were telling others what you want to do, what you feel for and acting on it and keeping your word.

    That page that explains Chinese dreams sounds like it's written from the Western perspective for most part, lol. I saw this second dream as a coming home for you, that you were in a much calmer and content place compared to the fire-incident dream. The wan tan mee could be something you've been dreaming of so long, and you finally got it.

    I read your previous blog. Congrats on finishing your side project. So happy and exited for you to put it out there. Big achievement, and so proud of you :D <3

    1. The desire of leaving everything behind is there. I feel like I'm struggling to stay afloat in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Well, some of the stress is from running into a particular person almost all of the time. =/

      Thanks, Mabel! <3 I'm in the midst of refining the last minute details, so it should be up really soon. =)

    2. I hope relations work out with others around you. It can be hard when you want your space. But it can also be hard, as in my case, when you need others around for various reasons :D

      So excited for you. You beat me to publishing my own book, how about that :D

    3. Well, I guess it's something that I can only keep my fingers crossed on. I won't know how I would feel if I were to ever run into that person again. *shrugs*

      Umm, thanks? Maybe I'll be able to see your book out there soon? =)

    4. Nah. Your book will come out first, believe me. I looked over my book draft and really have decided to pull it all apart :D

    5. Wait, what?? You've torn the book apart?! =O I hope I wasn't the cause of it?

    6. Nothing to do with you! :D The more I read my draft, the more I felt this wasn't right, I could do better :( It was a sad moment when I came to that realisation recently. And then recently I started on it again. So, my hat is off to you :)

    7. Thanks once again, Mabel. =) Thank God. I'd feel bad if it was because of me. I understand that feeling, Mabel. The original manuscript, initially written before I understood the concept of creative writing, lacked substance and far worse than the one I published.

      I guess the good thing about starting the process again is that you're able to refine the awkward parts and know what you want out of the story? =)


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