Saturday, August 11, 2018


I dreamt that we were lost at the intersection. There were buildings surrounding us and somewhere in the near distance was a famous shopping mall. As we approached the roundabout, the car driver suggested that I look at the map for directions and I could find it in the pocket by the passenger side. When I retrieved it and opened it, it read ‘Mid Valley Ring Road’ at the top of the map. I stumbled for a second because the ‘Mid Valley Ring Road’ I remembered was not the one in front of us.

In the next scene, I applied for a position and surprisingly was accepted. The condition was that I had to collaborate with two Caucasian colleagues. When they found out that I am from Subang Jaya, they asked if I harbored any intention of returning to my hometown or if I was staying back in the country.

We went on a road trip to some place that I don’t recognize and found myself in the direction of the toilets. I’d like to think that it’s because of a number one or number two, but when I arrived at the entrance, I realized that it wasn’t. Outside the entrance were framed drawings of beaches on the walls. Inside, there were multiple dividers made from rattan separating the cubicles.

To be honest, I’m not extremely surprised that I was lost in the dream because my subconscious is a reflection of what my thoughts are. I’m more lost in the waking hours not because I’m confused, but because I’ve seen the true colors of those who I thought carried a genuine personality. Heck, I’m not even sure what the future holds now. To see it being reflected in the dream was nothing surprising.

According to this website, there are different interpretations about dreaming of maps. One of which is that it means I haven’t found my footing after all these years and as a result, I’m not settled with my surroundings. Again, the dream speaks for itself.

As for the car driver, it was someone much older than me. Someone from the previous generation. Someone who I figured would be Papa Carrie, seeing that it’s a male, but let’s just say that it had the aura of a father figure. Seeing that it’s not me who is driving (ironic because I’m not a license holder yet), it might mean that I’ve given up control of my own life. But we’ll see on that.

And for the toilet scene, this is the second time that I have dreamt of toilet cubicles. This website plainly suggests that there is some form of negativity in my life that I want to wash out.


  1. Another interesting round of dreams, and you do wonder what they might mean. Sometimes they might be your subconscious talking or it could be the portal the the future XD I remember the Mid-Valley ring road all too well...and there was always so much congestion when I left at peak hour lol. Maybe the dream symbolises things changing faster than you can keep up or changes that you are unaware of because you stopped thinking about that part of the world for a while and time moved on.

    The one where you were collaborating with Caucasian colleagues might mean you landed a reputable job or one where there's diversity on the job. Maybe you found better chances of making dough and career elsewhere from your hometown.

    The road trip sounds pretty random. It reminds me of a place where I visited in Victoria a while ago - it was a beach area and the toilets at the beaches had murals painted on them. So maybe you might actually be going to some place fancy, out of the ordinary to you XD

    1. Most of my dreams are on the weird side of things - and deciphering it takes the edge off my studies too. I'd love to chalk it up to my subconscious because I avoid visiting Mid Valley unless I'm taking the public transport. Driving there and finding a parking bay is challenging.

      "Maybe you found better chances of making dough and career elsewhere from your hometown. " - I wish, but I've made up my mind that I'll be more comfortable working in my hometown. Maybe my future employer is a TNC with Caucasian colleagues, who knows?

    2. I've actually never been to Mid Valley by public transport...but I suppose going by car and putting up with the traffic jam and maneuvering the ring road is much easier XD Maybe you future employer will be an international company and you'd be liaising and working with people from all over the world. Or you might have a working stint somewhere in Australia or elswhere XD

    3. I've only taken the bus to Mid Valley before - and can't quite remember if it's accessible by the LRT as well. Oh, I reckon public transport is easier if you can handle waiting for the usually late bus, aha.

      "Maybe you future employer will be an international company and you'd be liaising and working with people from all over the world. Or you might have a working stint somewhere in Australia or elswhere XD" - It might happen, though. Perhaps it's an indication of me being in Australia again after an x number of years, lol! XD

  2. I've found Malaysia's public transport to not only have long waiting times but crowded like a can of sardines. Very rarely have I taken it..

    Maybe you will come back to Australia for a short working stint, or maybe go back and fort between Malaysia and Australia for work XD

    1. Malaysia's public transport needs a lot of improvement - but now that the LRT routes have been extended, it isn't so bad. It pretty much is the same over here; if I take the bus at the wrong time, I am squashed by other people.

      Well, who knows? XD I mean, if I'm returning to Australia for a brief stint, someone will be jumping for joy like a five-year-old seeing candy. But I highly doubt I'll do the cross continent commute - flying is not fun at all.

    2. I have never taken the bus in Malaysia, but I have seen bus stops there...and the bus stops always seem old with the exception of those at the train stations XD

      Flying is definitely not fun to me too. But if it's a good job and what you want to do, maybe why not :)

    3. Some of the bus stops are not as well-maintained as it should be. I've seen some without proper shelter - so, if it rains, you're technically soaked even before you can board the bus.

      With that being said, I don't mind the short flights, e.g. from KLIA (Kuala Lumpur) to Senai Airport (Johor Bahru) or even to Changi Airport. It's the long haul ones that test me all the time. =.= But yeah, depending on my job, there will be some travels involved - that's for sure. 😅

    4. You might be aware, but some of the bus stops in Australia are not sheltered just like the Malaysia ones - just like a bus stand stick that could easily be missed ��

      Yeah, long haul flights can be testing. Usually anything more than four hours I get fidgety ����

    5. I actually wasn't aware of that, but now that you've mentioned, I did remember passing by an unsheltered bus stop after my exams last semester. Didn't even realise it until I saw the stop sign. =/

      Up until now, I still don't know how I survived the 10-hour direct flight to NZ. My parents complained that they were jet-lagged whereas I was as hyper as ever, lol.

  3. Haha! Sometimes I stand next to the bus stop stick and wonder if it's really a bus stop or if it is a bus stop no longer in use XD


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