Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas In The City

Mama Carrie had us attend both the Chinese and the Vigil Mass and for someone whose fluency in that language is limited, attending it was a struggle as there are not many characters that I can recognize or understand. Vigil Mass was great; the parishioners were surprised that the priest was a guitar player and the music, wow, it was so loud that it encouraged all of us to sing our hearts out!

I don't know; as a young girl, I had always looked forward to the season of Advent and Christmas because my birthday had been around that timing and food. =.+ But not now. I don't really have the mood to rush down to the grocery store to pick up the ingredients - especially the turkey - for the Christmas meal and decorate the tree. My idea of Christmas? A family attending Mass and gathered around the dining table on Christmas Night with turkey and quiche as the main dishes and desserts such as minced pie and fruit pudding complimented with cold red wine, but with a family of two, such meals are too heavy on the stomach.

I hear that Pavilion has one of the best decorations in town, but I instead chose to swing by the malls that are nearer to my place. And that what's I did. The last couple of weeks were spent on window shopping and photography and here are some pictures for you.

It struck me as creative that the management of IPC decorated the mall in this fashion. It's simple yet gorgeous to have that white tree at the corner; it gives a feel of a neighborhood with people inside their houses having last-minute preparations.

The stage, with a tiny "house" for the performers to take a breather

Neighbor #1

Neighbor #2

Neighbor #3

The Swedish believe that Jubilock is an invisible spirit that visits each and every house to check on the Christmas decorations.

I must say that this is one of the best decorations that I've ever seen in this state, but nothing can rival the ones in Singapore, especially in Orchard Road. It looked grand, really. I have Mama Carrie to thank for as she insisted to head to Curve and she was the photographer. Look at her beautiful shots!

One angle of the stage

The stage

Snowflakes in the air!

Christmas Tunnel

Christmas Wreath

I hadn't actually planned on going to Sunway Pyramid but since Mama Carrie had to pick up a couple of things, we had no choice but to drive there. My God, there was so many people in the mall crowding around the concourse taking pictures of themselves and the decorations.

Christmas Tree


Another angle of the reindeer

Another view of the Christmas tree

View from the Ground Floor

Glittered Snowflakes

To be honest, I had read about Empire Gallery's Christmas decorations in The Star and since we had to buy salmon, what a better way than to have dinner there and take pictures of the beautiful angels on trumpets?

Snow Globe

The angels welcoming the coming of Christmas

Hark, the angels sings!

Tall, decorated Christmas tree

Christmas lights

While everyone is flocking the malls for Christmas lunch and/or dinner, I will be lolling around at home with a slice of quiche and watching Christmas programs. I think I shall attempt to bake a chocolate cheesecake too. Let's see how it goes.

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