Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Crazy Monster Day

Thinking back on the past week, I'm not sure if it was a sign of an oncoming bipolar disorder... or just me adjusting to the hectic but fun assignment-packed schedule.

And yes, sarcasm was intended.

A description of a sudden personality change is an understatement; you had to be there to see the effects of it. Ask one of my friends; she'd tell you how crazy I was. It was so bad that the endorphins hovered around the high and insane levels - for two straight days!

Day One: I sneaked up to the quiet Student Lounge in transit between classes and threw myself into the variety of songs that my computer, Carrie has stored in a special folder. Trust me; I didn't know that all of the students there heard me belting out my vocals.

I ran into the performer that I interviewed for Monster Mic, and he told me about it - how everyone heard my screechy vocals and even sang the chorus of the song I hummed to back to me.

Oh, crap!

Day Two: While we waited for the production team to get Pie Day up and running, that same friend of mine and I froze in the lounge, literally yelled to random songs on my computer. Not only did we shatter the windows and fragile walls, we replaced the melodious tune with our imperfect voice.

I swear, the only people whom I am comfortable with to listen to my vocals are my close friends and the family members. If I've been blessed with angelic voice, I'd have already signed up as a choir member and contributed my part.

Ah, and there's the Pie Day. Well, to those who haven't heard of it, you might ask what it is all about. I'm not too sure about it, but from what I've heard and read, it is the day when students and teachers with the highest monetary votes will have plates of durian pie being thrown at their faces.

The excess money collected will be then channeled to the Council's charity of choice. Heh, I'm going to throw all the votes that I have on Dexter (and maybe, even Kyle) the next time around. It'd be lovely to see them pied again, but it'd even be lovelier if I'm the one throwing the pie at him. >=D

Here is some photographs of the event that I pulled out of my memory card.

I've heard beforehand that if you stand too close, you'd be coated with durian-infused cream instead. And we all know how smelly durian can be, right? That's why I chose to sit on the railing with Faustina, which gave us both an advantage in height and additional safety.

That amount of endorphins drove me way past my curfew to settle the draft of the Congress of Vienna report and sailed me through the entire day, but I almost crashed out during the Sunset Mass due to sleep deprivation. You know, like the saying goes, a little goes a long way, and even that took me until Monday night to print the finalized copy.

Okay, that's about it. I'm off to extract myself from the assignments!


  1. what an interesting post.. i enjoyed myself reading.

  2. Replies
    1. suituapui, it was really fun to watch people being pied from our safe spot - even though we couldn't get the bird's eye view. =D

  3. You know, Pie Day sounds like a lot of fun! I wish we had that in our uni. Haha! Durian pie to boot!

    1. Huai Bin, I don't think there is such an event in universities, let alone in other colleges. It was certainly fun watching them being pied, but like I mentioned on the post, nothing could have been better than to watch that classmate of mine's face being soaked with durian and cream. >=)

  4. Pie Day? What a strange, hilarious but almost sadistic event! And especially terrifying for the victims in Malaysia since we use durians (it wouldn't be so bad if it were apple pie, heheh). Fun to know about this :D

    1. I'm not going to say that it was sadistic, Sean, cause the lecturers saw it coming. They were even aware that one of them will having the highest votes; they just weren't sure who it was.

      Apple pie was actually used last semester. I think someone (I know who, but identity's a secret) wanted to up the whole game by suggesting durians. =P

      Oh, it's coming again somewhere in Feb/March. I don't have the exact dates, but it's somewhere there - I think.

  5. Hahah..the durian really can cause a havoc for those who can't stand the gas smell.

    Looks like everyone has lots of fun on this pie day.

    1. Yee Ling, after one of the lecturers was pied, I saw that his eyes were teary red and he could barely stand the smell of the durian. =( But I guess that gave the person who pied him additional satisfaction.

      Oh, yes, there was lots of fun!! And I can't wait for the next round. xD I overheard one lecturer telling her student (it's a he) that revenge was finally served, seeing that he was the one who pied her the last time around. =)


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