Wednesday, October 9, 2013


I dreamt that it was compulsory for us to attend a movie screening that our lecturer organized as part of our attendance. I was under the weather and nursing a sore throat but not wanting to be counted as absent, I dragged my feet there.

I was momentarily frightened when I exited the lecture theatre after the screening as my close friend snuck up behind me with a grin. Lord, I almost wanted to slice him there and then for his prank. Anyhow, he asked whether he could car pool with me, and I replied that sure, since we're heading in the same direction, why not?

There was a minor parking issue when we arrived at my Prius, which was parked at a numbered bay in front of Starbucks. A Focus blocked my way, and no matter how hard and loud I slammed my honk, the driver of that car was nowhere to be seen.



  1. Replies
    1. Hey Hayley, I am getting there. Will promise to swing by your blog asap. =)

  2. I hate that too! Some people (for reasons known only to God and themselves) leave their car blocking the traffic to grab something from 7-11/laundry/ATM etc and yet remains beyond earshot.

    If you're too far to hear people honking to get through, it's probably not a good idea to block traffic like that. Pet peeve of mine, sorry you had to go through it. :x

    1. Well, Huai Bin, methinks the driver probably took it for granted that the car he's blocking won't be exiting anytime soon.

      It's alright, no worries. =) Isn't that part of the Malaysian life? Double-parking and incessant honking? *sigh*


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