Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Truth be told, even though our family no longer celebrates Chinese New Year after Papa Carrie's retreat, I still consider this time of the year as another block of break for the exhausted soul. It really didn't help me to recover from the exhaustion sustained during the first week of the new semester as I was still wide awake when the clock neared midnight, staring into the distance and watching the display of fireworks in the sky, thinking.

Only the Lord God and I know why I was ruthlessly thrown awake from my sleep.

In the little fruitful rest that I managed to catch after being harassed by the mosquitoes, a neutral dream decided to wreck it all and leave me looking like a possessed zombie.

I dreamt that since we were stuck in the airport to catch our next flight, one of my friends (none of whom I know in real life) suggested that we catch a meal from one of the outlets to satiate the hunger pangs or we'd be forced to buy food onboard the plane, which she didn't like at all. It was a Japanese food chain that we mutually agreed upon. While she confidently ordered sashimi - sliced tuna, to be exact, I wanted something hot and asked if I could have a bowl of miso soup with all of the condiments but without the udon but sadly, the restaurant staff couldn't omit the noodles.

I suddenly remembered that I forgot to bring my stainless steel food container with me and decided that I'll have the bowl of soup (with noodles, obviously) there and then even though I wasn't starving.

That was the first part of the dream.

Here comes the second half of it.

I dreamt that we were all in the lounge, sharing the same break time with other fellow students - juniors and seniors, acquainted and strangers. I'm surprised that the room could contain so many people at one go because it sounded like it was being brought down with the amount of noise being produced. When it was time for me and a friend to leave for our respective classes, I literally had to stand on a chair (because the dude's terribly tall. My 5'6" frame can't handle the height difference too well) and gave him one of the tightest hugs I've ever given.

Oh, boy, my surprise action on the friend left me rushing for English class.

As I was flying down the stairs, I ran into my Law lecturer, who nudged me to hurry (hurry for what? The class or on my assignments?), to which I answered that I was already hurrying. My voice arrived after me in the hallway and as I took a split second to adjust my breath, I saw Jin-May entering her class (okay, in real life, this is so incorrect. We have classes at that timing, but on different floors).

My English class.


  1. Not celebrating? I guess when you have a family of your own, you may want to do it - just for yourselves like what I'm doing now. Nothing grand, simple, no crowd...a quiet affair but no less meaningful and significant and everybody's happy.

    1. Nope. Nowadays, the family usually sprawls in front of the TV screen, watching the CNY programs from Taiwan and China during the festive season.

      I'm not sure, STP, if I'll still be celebrating CNY after I have my own family... and it depends if my other half's a foreigner or a Malaysian Catholic like me and you.

      Sorry for the extremely late reply. I have no idea why your comment landed in "spam". =.=

  2. Hi Charlotte!
    I hope you're fine and are not too stressed out for the examinations!!
    Thanks for passing by my blog from time to time..sorry I'm not as good as you are!
    Good luck for everything!

    1. Hey Laura!

      I am indeed stressed out for the upcoming tests and assignments. @.@ Oh, it's of no problem and don't worry about being as good as me. Individuality is the key in blogging. =)

      Thanks a lot and hope to see you around soon. xD


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