Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Year's Exploration: Baking and Cooking

If only...

*crumples paper and throws it out the window*

Feeling the angst seeping into my bones as a result of the pent-up annoyance at someone (umm, make that two of them), there was only one way for me to dissipate the anger without risking the health or destroying the fragile items at home: cooking and baking.

The attention required for its perfection will tear me away from dysphoria and stabilize with a temporary form of sanity (okay, I know I sound like I'm flying head-first into lunacy but that's just how Ciana expresses herself, so don't panic yet).

Don't forget, I was an emotional eater throughout my first semester in college. Multiple rounds of San Francisco Coffee, Starbucks, Coffee Bean and Boost before History and after World Issues, but shhhhh, don't spill the beans to Mama Carrie. She hates it when I overindulge in caffeine.

Swinging by Hock Choon Supermarket as a pit stop before Ampang Yong Tau Foo left me with a packet of imported dumpling skins and a flummoxed psyche. Cooking isn't my forte and after the crazy bouts of severe insomnia last year, I've not touched the cooker hob since then.

Pan-fried Pork Dumplings, which ended up being steamed to save time and gas.

With the items floating in my mind, I pleaded with Mama Carrie to spare some change for me to purchase the required elements. So, here we are: Prawn Dumplings with Coriander and Spring Onions

The Boxing Day special. Chocolate Almond Cake was done at a time when I craved nothing more than a self-imposed isolation from the world.

An untitled cake that I'll post a recipe for in a while.


  1. You say you're not a cook but those things look rather edible. Chocolate cake...mmmm. ;-)

    1. Yum List, I'm actually better at baking than I am in cooking. =) I can sense that you're salivating at the sight of the chocolate cake?

  2. Tsk.. why am I reading this at midnight? >.<
    Prawn dumplings look heavenly..

    1. Well, the danger of blog hopping at midnight is that you won't know whether you'll be salivating at the pictures of food. *winks*

      Thanks, CL, but I thought you've already seen it on the Instagram? =O

    2. When you see the same food picture twice in different state of hungriness, they can look different! XD

  3. Yes , doing something you like can be therapeutic and release stress. Well done !

    1. Aye, thanks, Chris. =) The foolproof method for me to release those stress is actually music - and the luder, the better...


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