Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Short Thoughts

Author's Note: I can't believe that it's been ages since the last creative piece. Certain parts of today's short story is based on my experience. It'll take more than luck to correctly guess it... 

The sudden gush of rain poured through the clouds and slammed onto Tricia’s glass window, lulling her into a hibernation mode. She didn't want to be anywhere else; she didn't want to do anything but hide beneath her blanket and be left alone in the sorrow evening.

Almost a year has since fast forwarded since the shocking revelation and it still felt like it was just yesterday when she heard the news. The outer layer of her heart was peeled off like an apple skin. She didn't know what to think or do. She could stood there with a gaping mouth as her mind attempted to digest the news.

"Tricia, they are both after you and fighting neck to neck to gain your hand," was the words thrown at her face.

It was a platonic friendship with them both. She was close to them as if they were her brothers from another mother and to hear that they were at loggerheads because of her broke her trust. She didn't want to lose either one of them as a friend but she was not keen on advancing the friendship either.

A frown formed on her forehead when she recollected how sweet one of them treated her when she went out for lunch with him - one to one. He offered to pay for her meal on one afternoon and suddenly surprised her with a phone call en-route to campus the next morning, casually mentioning that her share of coffee was with him. He wanted her to pick it up from him while it was hot and still full. He joked that if she didn't arrive fast enough, he'd drain the coffee for her in his thirst.

She shook the memory away, unwilling to face it again. As much as she desired to expunge the events from the past or at least suppress them in a dark pit somewhere in her heart, the memories always creep on her like a silent murderer at dusk. She has tried to take each day in her stride and not allow herself to have negative thoughts, but one thing stood in her way: her degrading friendship with the person.

Now that she was a year older and wiser, she was sure that she did harbor an interest in him once but the fear of ruining their friendship killed all hopes of a blossoming love. If she had known that she stood to lose him as a friend no matter what, she'd have taken the gamble and allowed nature to take its course. it was in a different time, she would have given in to the whole idea of love.

Losing him after a breakup would be kinder because it will give Tricia and him a reason to fade in each other's memory instead of her current situation.

She doesn't have any inkling as to why he was becoming cold blooded towards her.

And only her.


  1. Replies
    1. It's actually something I experienced in my younger days, but yeah, Yum List. =)

  2. I'm sure I left a comment on this post last week.. but I don't see it here now. Do you moderate comments?

    1. Yes, you did, Yum List. I'm still moderating comments, but not as frequently as I'd love to. Assignments beckon. =/

  3. Wow... excellent piece! Brought back some memories...

    1. Ah, thanks a lot, Angie. =) I hope it was all good memories. <3


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