Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Le Souk, Adelaide Central Market

A word of warning: this is not the full post for the café.

An exhausting morning of classes left me wanting a momentous break from the assignments and seminar work to immerse myself to something relaxing. It'd be perfect if it was related to food and travel. With a half-dozing mind, we took the ride down to Central Market to kill two birds with one stone.

Le Souk is an Algerian-owned, Adelaide-based cafe with a traditional and authentic cuisine to boot. For someone who’s never been exposed to Middle Eastern cuisine before, let alone Algerian, it was something worth tasting. The only association I had with Algeria and its cuisine was its colonization by France.

Keeping a budget in mind and in the mood for something different, I followed the boss's recommendation and ordered a plate of Chicken Couscous. The boss revealed that not only was the couscous double-steamed to ensure that it was soft on the taste buds, it required some 6 hours of slow-cooking for the ingredients to be cooked to perfection. It includes the use of the cafe's Kefta Mix blend with a slight trace of cinnamon. The chicken meat had to be tender to the point where it fell off the bones with ease as it was an Algerian custom to eat it by hand, and not with the help of cutleries.

Chicken Couscous (AUD$ 14.50)

As it was a slightly cool afternoon when we went to Le Souk, I really loved how the Chakchouka warmed the palate. The chicken meat was surprisingly still supple and not chewy, which can sometimes occur when it has been on the stove for a long time. The only setback was that the green peas were overcooked and yellow in complexion.

Blending with the homemade sauce known as harissa produced a different wave of flavor. Its piquancy and spiciness was manageable. It will assuage even the chili-fearing diner.

It was satiating, considering that it was a small, shared plate between us.

Mint Tea (AUD $8.00 for 2; AUD $ 4.50 for 1)

Realizing that it was my virgin exposure to Algerian cuisine, the boss continued to recommend one of his house specialties: the mint tea. It consists of fresh mint leaves that are immersed in boiling water before being topped off with roasted pine nuts for a nutty flavor.

It was brought to my attention - before I could sink my face in it - that the tea had to be poured from a higher angle to ensure that the liquid would be cooler when it landed in the glass (as illustrated in the image above by the boss himself).

The drink was fresh on the plate and had a minty twang to it. It was unfortunate that the amount of saccharine threw me off. Maybe I had forgotten to make that special request for less sugar after all.


A variety of merchandise is available for sale, ranging from the aforementioned mint tea (in powder/sachet) to a cranberry-looking red berry as a flavor infuser and Algerian spices among others.

Le Souk Pty Ltd,
Stall 10,
Adelaide Central Market,
23A Victoria Square Arcade,
Adelaide SA 5000

Here's a map of Adelaide Central Market, which will help you ascertain the location of the cafe.


  1. your order does look like perfect comfort food ... i'd love to have a plate after a long, tiring day :)

  2. I walked past this place and it looked interesting. We'd eaten so much by that time though that we couldn't imagine even one more bite.

    1. Perhaps you could give it a try if and when you're in Adelaide again, Yum List? =) I do admit that one can be spoiled for food choices in the Central Market...

  3. Algerian, eh? I wish I could try. I'm game for anything I have not had before...like those mid-eastern joints in KL. Must make it a point to drop by the next time I go over. None in this little small town where I am.

    1. Well, you might be able to come here sometime in the future, suituapui, who knows? XD If you do, do let me know. I can bring you to other places as well. ^^ I'm not sure if you're able to find Algerian food in KL; have never explored that side of the town....

  4. Unfortunately I am not a huge fan of spices else these will be an edible treasure for the kitchen..hahaha

    Hey no worries at all..I know how the papers take up the time. Take care and get enough rest too.

    1. No worries, Yee Ling. =) It's like how my Mom loves plums and I absolutely can't stand the taste of it.

      Thanks once again, Ling, and I'll try to catch some rest whenever possible...

  5. I only have one question in mind: So did you follow through with tradition and eat with your hands too? :D

    1. Unfortunately, I didn't, CL. The restroom was too far for me to run back and forth and I was more comfortable with the kitchen utensils. =D

  6. Gosh, it's been ages since I last stepped into Adelaide! Nice post, dear! xoxo

    1. Thanks, Shirley! =D Would you consider returning to Adelaide if you could? =P


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