Monday, March 7, 2016


Gee, I totally forgot about this comedy program until I stumbled upon it in YouTube some days ago. I used to watch it as a little girl, laughing my heart out at the openness (as well as the topics being explored O.o).

Yup, that might just be a hint as to how young I was, lol.


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    1. Omg, I know right, Yum List! I was struggling to maintain a straight face while watching it, especially the banter between Ryan and Colin. =P

  2. Hey Ciana, thanks for the laugh! Good one! xoxo

  3. LOL! I remember watching this when I was a teenager. It was a very popular show in NZ too, it was showing on Sky. It was the only thing I'll watch beside MTV back then. :)

    1. Omg, it definitely was! And it sure was on Sky! I hadn't been able to watch it on TV back home and over here until I stumbled upon it on YouTube. Lol, sounds like you loved "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" a lot. =P

    2. Haha! Yeah, it was a good show, perfect for those late nights when we used to smoke the cheap high school weed that went to NZD 20 for a tinny foil.


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