Tuesday, May 3, 2016

These dreams like ashes float away

Title is from the song lyrics of "Let It Burn" by Red. 
I dreamt that I was volunteering for the upcoming graduation ceremony, but it was in Inti Subang Jaya's campus - with lush greenery surrounding it.

On the day of the event, a fellow volunteer and I were held up at the convenience store as she wanted to grab something light to eat before we headed to her place for a quick change of clothes. She lived closer to the campus than me. As there was a downpour, I had to call the person in charge to notify her that we'd be 5 - 10 minutes late, as we were waiting for the rain to taper down before making our way to the campus.

We eventually arrived, but as the grassy lawns were soiled and muddy, the graduation had to be held indoors - and we broke into a run in our boots.


  1. This is a remarkably specific dream. I'm pretty tired today and I thought I read "we held up the convenience store" instead of "we were held up at the convenience store" and did a double take. I never thought of you as the type to rob convenience stores, even in your dreams. :)

    1. Omg, HB! It actually made me chuckle for a split second. I can't afford to do anything that will jeopardize my legal career... I don't want it to end before it even has the chance to begin, lol. XP


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