Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Where has the time gone?

Currently listening to 'Love Will Set You Free' by Kodaline

Reading the previous posts about my summer trip to Western Australia after my finals in 2013 actually makes me want to return there and continue from where I left off. I don't really care much if I'm flying out alone or with friends - because it's a place that I've loved the moment I landed on Perth soil. One friend whom I thought would be keen to visit the state has sworn - at least twice - that it's a place he'll never visit and the other friend's probably waiting to turn financially legal before joining me.

I mean, I still can visit Auckland after graduation, but it's pretty exorbitant to fly there and I kind of promised someone that I'd be his unofficial tour guide there, lol.

That's just the bright side of things, I'm afraid.

I'm relieved that the autumn break couldn't have arrived at a better time although it's been screwing with my sleeping schedule. A lot of things have happened since my last post, to be honest. I'm super irritable over petty matters (signs of stress and sleep deprivation working against me) and inasmuch as I hate to admit it, I'd rather prefer to be left alone than to engage in conversations with anyone - unless necessary (yup, the effects of CPU's Semester 2 has risen from the ashes). Depending on which end of the spectrum you're looking at, it's both good and bad: good in the sense that I'll be able to have some time to myself, but bad because it means that I'll be so comfortable that I'll end up sliding into a wave of depression without being aware of it.

But hey, at least classes and daily errands are forcing me out of the house - since I'm not the type who skips lectures (if I can avoid it).

Anyhow, as long as I'm careful with my conduct when I'm around people, I think I'll be alright. It's nevertheless good to breathe the air of autumn mornings. There's nothing like some fresh smack on the face to wake the soul. Throw in some upbeat or head-bashing songs, and I'm good to go. Yes, you may be thinking, who in the world listens to Korn's Narcissistic Cannibal or Avenged Sevenfold's Afterlife at 8 am while on the commute to campus?!

Catching up with the finance friend a couple of days before the end of our semester break was awesome. It's good that we were able to extract some time out of our busy schedules to meet up. I can't believe that the last time we were actually able to hold a proper conversation was during orientation week, sigh.

If you ask me, I'm relieved that it's back to university now. I'll be able to redirect all of the accumulated negative energy into the completion of exam revisions, tutorial questions and lectures. Apart from doing so, keeping busy will maintain my sanity and ensure that I survive until the winter break. (The reason behind that my immune system has been taking a beating, and I'm catching myself suffering from bouts of cold far more too often now.)

Until then, I'll float in the air like a zombie but still cautious of her surroundings and alive enough to absorb information.


  1. I understand that fine balance between not wanting to engage in meaningless chat and also being aware that if you don't keep social relationships the risks of sliding into depression.

    1. But it's also exhausting to continuously have people around me too, Yum List. It's not the meaningless chat that tires me, it's more of the other party's conduct. =/

  2. Nooo... you don't want to get used to depression, snap out of it! The last thing you want would be people asking you "Why that depressed look?" and you say "That's not a look, that's my face".

    1. Oh, as it is, CL, close friends are already suspecting that there is more to me than meets the eye. True, that's the last thing I want people to be asking me (especially if I'm not keen to explain to them)...

  3. I love Korn too! They're the first band I've seen live! :)

    It was 1995 or 1996 and they did a tour of New Zealand. I was living in Christchurch then (studying) and went to see them. Awesome stuff. I like their first two albums, second one came out not long before their tour.

    Take care. *hugs*

    I know how hard it can be to face people sometimes especially if you're not in the right mood or frame of mind.

    You know, from your writings, I get the feeling that we're both introverts at heart. We like some alone time to recharge and think and this "alone time" is something that we need in order to function. I'm like that too and I always get the feeling that you might be too from your blog posts.

    1. You are really lucky, HB! I don't think I'll ever get the chance to watch A7X perform live - one, I'll probably be deaf by the time I leave the concert arena and two, I doubt they'll perform live in Malaysia or Adelaide again.

      It's really tiring to wear a facade to avoid the unnecessary questions too, if you know what I mean. But yeah, that's life. =/ Well, I'm definitely an introvert. I need some alone time to recuperate and never quite fancy going out in large groups, preferring to 'date' the books instead. Yes, I definitely agree! Without that 'alone time', we're as good as dead.

      *hugs back* Take care too, yeah? =)


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