Monday, August 1, 2016

Travel Wishes

Before I pen today’s post, remember the crying dream that I had about a Goldie sometime in March? Now that I’m reflecting on it, the online interpretation makes an awful load of sense.

If you’ve been frequently reading this blog lately, you’ll know that I was swimming in a pot full of tremendous pressure as its contents for the entire semester - to the point where it threatened to take a toll on my emotional health. I’ve never mentioned about the event that transpired after the Thursday afternoon lecture to the group of trustworthy friends and I’m never going to speak a word of it to them either. It wouldn’t have made any difference - and it’s not as if they’ll be able to help me out.

I know that it carries a twinge of sting to it, but I’ve learned that some things are best left buried in the Aegean Sea.

Reading about the dream online connected the dots together. It was my subconscious sending my favorite breed, which is the Goldie, to comfort me in the dream (hey, Bruno!) The serenity it brought along made me so relaxed that it hinted heavily at one of the weekends I spent in One Tree Hill, Mt. Eden, where I played Frisbee with a … you guessed it, a Goldie.

So, there we go.

It’s almost 9 pm Adelaide time - yet I’m still awake, nursing a mug of warm cocoa on this awfully chilly night when I should be in bed. I should be refueling my body's sleep bank for tomorrow's 9 am lecture on Creative Writing and the 11 am tutorial for Politics awaits me after that. It’s evident that my academic workload has increased this semester (and it’s still manageable), but it doesn’t mean that the pressure has tapered down, either.

I’m in need for a travel break. You know, the one where we embark on a road trip into the country towns, experiencing the local culture and delving into the cuisines of the family-owned cafes. The unpolluted, refreshing air is our silent observer while we share memories with the right people. The car windows are rolled down with the music softly humming from the radio or CD player with its memory-evoking emotions. Throw in some food and wine on the way - and it’s all perfect…



How am I going to make that a living reality when I’m car-less and license-less? *scratches head* I don’t intend to study for my driving test yet because I’m not fully sure where I’ll be: whether I’m heading back to KL, moving interstate to practice, or killing another two - three years’ worth of postgraduate degree in Creative Writing in Sydney. (Let’s assume that I manage to pass the test in KL. I’ll still need to take an additional paper here before I’m a full license holder.)

I wouldn’t even count the yearly flights home, lol.

Well, in that case, I’m stuck to waiting it out until I’m financially independent. Like I’ve mentioned years before, it never mattered if I’m traveling solo or with a group of friends to the familiar places.


  1. i do like getting out of the city too from time to time ... i believe it's good for the soul, and helps to refresh us and give us a different perspective. if i could choose a place to retire in, i'd like to live by the sea, perhaps in a small town ;)

    1. Fremantle, Western Australia would suit you well, Sean. =) It's a smaller town off Perth City and it faces the sea. That's true, but it also depends on who you're with. Wrong company, and the whole trip's ruined.

  2. Well, if financial independence is what you seek, then "killing another two - three years’ worth of postgraduate degree in Creative Writing in Sydney" is NOT the way to go, is it?

    I think you should take the test in KL, it is cheaper to get a driving license in Malaysia, isn't it? Then move back to the Oz because cars are dirt cheap there.

    1. I've always longed for financial independence, CL, but the Creative Writing option is still a hazy plan. If I delay my graduation by a year or two to do a double degree (Law and Creative Writing), it'll actually strangle me financially. If I work and study the postgrad, it won't be such a burden to my parents financially (since the currency exchange rate is cray cray lately). Anything can happen in the next couple of years. *winks*

      It should be cheaper to take the license back home because of the currency rate again, but that's something I might do. And yes, cars here are awfully cheap here. On a rough estimate, the Suzuki Swift would probably set you back by about 20k AUD?

    2. What?? 20k AUD is like RM 65k now. Not that much cheaper compared to Malaysia hmmm...

      But I'll probably look at Mini Cooper or a Holden if I move to the Oz... :P

    3. Swift's about RM 90k+? I know that a Nissan Sentra or Sylphy would set a driver back by RM100k, if brought brand new (because I'm doing my groundwork on that model.) Oh, gosh, no Mini Cooper for me, man. I'm too 'green' to drive that, lol. *grins*

  3. "swimming in a pot full of tremendous pressure" - that's another phrase I'm going to be borrowing from you my dear. :-)

  4. Such an honest post, Ciana. We all have dreams in our sleep, some good and some not so good. Good to hear you see Goldie and it must have have been almost surreal. But that is most dreams :D

    Aiming to sleep by 9pm? That is a reasonable hour. Most days I go to bed at 12pm or 1am and it is always a struggle for me to get up for work. But it is my problem :D You get used to it after a while, haha.

    I too would love a road trip to somewhere in Australia. Though I have a license, driving is not my favourite activity! I would much rather be the passengers and relax in the passenger seat. I don't even mind navigating with the GPS :D That said, road trip can be a refreshing change from the usual routine, but they do cost the wallet a bit. Planning is key.

    1. Thank you, Mabel. It was actually a relief to have seen the smiling Goldie - although it left me with sore eyes until the next evening. I guess I was lucky that it wasn't a weekday - or it'd have been horrendous to attend tutorials with red, swollen eyes.

      I usually prefer to sleep at 9 pm because it allows me to catch up on my sleep, but assignments and readings stand in the way. *shakes head* It also doesn't help that I'm the type who studies better as it gets later into the night. As long as I catch about 6 - 7 hours of sleep as a minimum, I'll still survive. =)

      Mm hmm, I agree with you about planning being the key. I see your point; being the passenger allows you to do things that the driver can't do: like taking pictures of the beautiful scenery or even rest the feet on the dashboard... I wouldn't mind being the driver, if I'm acquainted with the coastal roads of South Australia. It just so happens I'll either have to yank some time out during one of the summers to take the license back home or give my parents a fright by doing it here.

  5. I reckon very likely you will get your driving license in Msia since is cheaper, and perhaps easier? Hehe

    1. Chances are highly likely, Yee Ling. =) I'm not sure if it'll be cheaper in cost (I'll have to find out from people who've recently sat for the test in both countries), but it's definitely easier. And there's no denying that I'm more familiar with Malaysian roads (not KL, maybe SJ/PJ) than I am over here, lol.


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