Sunday, November 27, 2016


I dreamt that I wanted to buy a birthday cake for my boyfriend. I eventually decided that it was best to patronise the one owned by his sister - because a sibling will know more than a boyfriend or girlfriend. Officers who resembled like the ones from city council entered. I’m not sure what ensued, but I had to call the boyfriend himself and ask the officer to speak to him when they refused to elaborate on their visit.

The boyfriend’s sister was petrified and wanted to go home, leaving her supervisor to run the show for the rest of the day. Worried for her safety, I said I’ll send her home. At least nothing untoward will happen en-route.

She paled, whinging that she was having blurred vision. I knew that it was a sign of low blood sugar and made our way to the convenience store. On duty was my college friend - let's call him E - who looked as surprised to see me as I was to him. While she replenished her bodily fuel with a bowl of noodles and yoghurt, E and I engaged in small talk while he rang my purchases up. E continued to elaborate that he’s still in a stable relationship with his girlfriend, which was a good thing to hear.

When the entrance bell chimed, we both looked to see the same city officer walking in. I rolled my eyes at the unwanted coincidence.

In the next scene, I was attending an international law tutorial. The tutor was grilling us to help with our understanding of the concepts. Opinio juris and jus bello echoed around the room. The next thing I know, I was checking Snapchat and saw someone's name. The very person who, I reckon, would rather have nothing to do with me in reality now.

My interpretation goes along the lines of my desire to sink my face in a slice of Chicago Cheesecake and a venti-sized Cocoa Cappuccino or Green Tea Latte (which will send me straight to the toilet with the diarrhoea due to the amount of milk). Now, I can’t quite fathom why my college friend, E - my classmate in Writer’s Craft - would appear in my dream. I mean, it's not like we’ve in touch all these while. He knows the person in the Snapchat scene; we’re all classmates for the same subject.

As for the tutorial, it's lucid that I miss the three lecturers as they made it entertaining and interesting for the students. It's safe to assume that I want to turn back time and excel in that course. A credit was comforting, but it’d have been nicer if I didn't bust the final paper and lose that 7%.

Oh, well, talk about trial and error.


  1. Along with your interpretation here, I also see a bit of a 'rescuer' personality coming out in this dream. Sending the girl home and taking care of her on the way - to me seems to show that you have a character of taking care of others - maybe not so much taking care of yourself.

    1. You've hit a sore point, Yum List. I'll be candor that I have the tendency of caring more for others but not so much on myself... and I never thought that it'd be reflected in my dreams.


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