Sunday, May 13, 2018


I dreamt that I brought the sister and another female friend to visit the building that once housed my college. This had been years in the making and they were interested to put a place to the wonderful stories that I have shared. After what seemed like an eternity, we were able to nail down a mutual time to fly in together.

When we walked past the location, there was a competition going on. Students were seated in rows of three. Beside the last person on each row was a bucket full of water. My heart turned sour at this sight because it reminded me of a particular event that was held during my year. Observing from a safe distance was the events management team. I didn’t give them much of a notice because most of the college alumnus knew that the campus was in another place and there was an overhaul of the administrative structure. I found my attention drawn to a particular person who resembled a college mate. We shared most of the classes for my first semester and I remembered him as someone who was sarcastically humorous and sharp-tongued. He looked older than I expected, even though he was younger than me by two years. Something must have had happened in the years that we lost touch.

As we were heading to another destination via a brightly-lit tunnel, I suddenly stopped in my tracks, which caught the sister by surprise. He was ahead of us, reprimanding our female friend. I reckoned that she did not divulge the fact that she knew him - either as a subordinate or colleague - because she felt that it was unnecessary to do so. The sister’s jaw slammed to the floor whereas I merely shook my head when we saw this. His temper hadn’t mellowed down even after all these years. He was still sharp-tongued. He must have felt that someone was looking at him because he suddenly turned in our direction and met our glances. That was when I noticed the full extent of time’s evil hand on him. His hair had a twinge of silver and he had crow’s feet. A sign of the pain and struggles he must have endured to be who he now is. He still had that look in eyes which warned people not to muck around with him. If he recognized me, he did a good job of hiding it. I held his gaze to see what he was going to do next: was he going to continue raining lectures on our female friend or do something else?

In another scene, I dreamt that we were on the move when we received a phone call from someone informing us about a death. We were both surprised because it came out of no blue. It wasn’t as if the person was on his deathbed or something like that. Another person in the queue next to us growled to the person serving him that he needed things to be done soonest possible as he needed to attend a wake service.

We found ourselves in the midst of a busy street when people started running helter-skelter in search of shelter before a loud bang and police sirens. I heard someone cursing as I dashed across the road, suddenly remembering a particular spot that would be safe for us. When the coast was clear, we continued to tour the area in our car. We could not find the exit sign even though the driver’s friend drew a map for her, no matter how hard we tried or how observant we were.

My head swirled with questions when I forced my eyes open after the dream. Certain elements of it did not make sense, especially after 4 - 5 years. I wasn’t quite sure whether it was him that I dreamt of because he did not age well, but it was the glimmer in his eyes and the way he held his gaze that gave his identity away. In essence, he had a resting bitch face and looked like he was angry with the whole world whenever he didn’t smile. He even barely laughed. Knowing the theme of my dreams, I shouldn’t be surprised because I have found myself reliving the college memories in reality and wishing that university life could be as good as that.

Don’t even get me started on the cliques and groups.

And yes, I do want to know whether the chap is living well.

For the scene where we walked past the college, the online dream interpretation suggested that I am about to learn something new or even the fact that I lost/retained friendships/relationships.

For the scene where he was reprimanding someone, I am going to assume that this occurred some ten years into the future. If he kept to his original plans, his job designation in the dream is synonymous with his career plan in real life. It might have also been a manifestation of him airing his frustrations on me in an attempt to get his side of the story out there.

For the second part of the dream, I don’t know where to even start the interpretation, but let’s start with the obvious. The theme of it is definitely death. If I am honest, I actually want to groan because the elective that I am enrolled in - Legal Theory - touches upon death and atrocious sufferings in most of its contents. But this raises the question of what death we are talking about. Is the death of a friendship? A death of someone? Or the death of a personality? I couldn’t remember much about the content, so I’ll assume that it is the latter - where there is a longing for a reinvention.

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