Saturday, April 9, 2011

I couldn't believe my eyes

Credits to I wouldn't change a thing♡.

It was early and the sun was still asleep.
I walked out of my room and sat on the beach, facing the ocean.
I brought my knees to my chest and (tightly) hugged it.
Not long after, I realized someone was next to me.

When I turned around, it was you.
I asked, "How could this be? You, you... are supposed to be gone."
You replied, "Yes, I'm already gone, but I missed you."
With tears swimming in your eyes, you held my face in your hands.
"I'm so sorry to have left without saying a word of goodbye."

Looking to your teary eyes, I sobbed.
In between sobs, I said, "Although it was out of the blue, I understood."
You continued, "This is my last chance and I want to make it right - this time."
I blinked back those tears.
"Honey, don't be sad when I'm gone. Celebrate the times we were together."
I knew. It was time. Speechless, I nodded.

I didn't expect you to give me a tight hug or kiss my cheek, but you did both.
"I must leave now. Bye, my dear."
I couldn't control my tears. It was rolling down my face like a landslide.
"Honey," you wiped away the tears. "Don't cry."
I leaned towards you and gave you the tightest hug. "Bye, dearie. May we meet again."

You vanished into thin air.
I buried my face in my hands and gave the loudest cry I ever gave.
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