Thursday, September 1, 2011

Don't growl! Think before you speak...

Miss, let me pose a question to you.

"How would you have felt if your car has been blocked by someone who's not only taking his own sweet time to depart but had the nerve to growl instead?"

Okay, if what you said was really true, don't blame us. There wasn't a sign to inform the driver about it! Not even a painted parking space like the ones behind.

Would you've reacted the way Mama Carrie did? You tell me. In the first place, if you wanted to double park, you should've made sure that you caused no inconvenience to anyone. Simple as that.


  1. Seriously I hate people who walk slow depan kereta while I was driving as if he's made of steel.

    And seriously I hate when someone berlenggang-lenggok di hadapan while I was trying to go through a narrow aisle in a supermarket or a mall.

    I get annoyed with waiters and waitresses goyang kaki belakang kaunter or being too lemah-lembut in handling things. And officers who works slower nak politelah kunun.

    I'm sorry to anyone who terasa cili . I am a very impatient lady and I know basic Karate (I lied).

    xx Jade

  2. I don't blame you, Jade. Life is too short for patience 24/7.

    And memang betul about the officers. They're not a slow worker, but the customer just wants to talk and talk and talk. =S


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