Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Oh, when can this movie be screened in the local cinemas?

Just because Xiao Xiao Bing is still a child doesn't mean that he's not good in his work; he's really a good actor, even at such a young, tender age.

If he can make the cast and crew shed tears during the filming of the scene between his character and his character's biological father, I don't see how the movie audience/critics would be able to stop themselves from shedding tears.

Watch the trailer below. You'll know what I mean.

Even though the last resort would have to be getting my hands on the DVD and watching it with a couple of my friends at our place, I'd still prefer to watch it in the cinema.


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Eve! Yes, not only is he cute, but he's also cheeky. =D

      From what I've read/heard, he looks like his father, a former child star, when his father was at his age.


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