Friday, June 1, 2012

A Time-Out

It was last Wednesday that Chrissy and I swung by GSC 1U to watch a movie and since we caught the 11.15 am screening on time, ‘Dark Shadows’ was agreed upon; it eventually turned out to be the best choice that we made as we debated on either ‘What To Expect When You’re Expecting’ or ‘Dark Shadows’.

Johnny Depp’s portrayal of the lead male character blew me away; most of his scenes varied from emotional to hilarious (especially that part when he mentioned, "that is the ugliest woman I have seen," not knowing that Alice Cooper's a rocker), but he was not revengeful and willing to defend his surviving descendants and loved ones at all costs.

He flawlessly and perfectly executed the character, not only with his body language but with his verbal speech (he spoke British English when, in reality, he’s an American) as well.

Eva Green’s portrayal of the lead female character took my breath away; she really threw herself into her character as the sexy, mean and ruthless business-minded woman who wanted the lead character to herself and when that failed, she ruined him in more ways than one or so she had thought and eventually paid the price for all of it.

That’s all I’m going to spill; I don’t want to ruin the suspense for those who’ve not been able to catch the movie just yet but let me tell you, some of the scenes really made me blow with laughter.

Shamelessly taken with credits from Chrissy's blog

And our movie was followed by lunch in Opika at the LG floor of 1U - same floor as Hokkaido Ice-Cream, Kwong Woh Tong and MooCow. It was our maiden visit there; the carbohydrate addict in me ordered the pasta dish while my dear friend ordered the brown rice and it was lovely!


  1. is opika good? heard bout it for some time but yet to try.. btw i have replied your comments in my blog :)

    Latest: Sinful Breads

    1. Hi Fish, yeah, it's good. Quite tasty, if I may add. It's not too sweet but not too salty either; it has just the right taste to it. =) I'll return there for a meal if I'm in 1U again.

      But I'm not sure if their desserts are sweet because Chrissy and I only went for the set lunch, just to give it a try.

      *Thank you for replying to my comments! =)*

  2. You tried Opika! That's one of my fave places. The set lunches are really affordable.

    1. Hi, Eve (would you mind me calling you that?)!

      I'll have to thank you for writing a food review on it. =) That was what made me decide to head over to Opika with Chrissy after the movie.

      And the best part was that there are three different varieties. Come to think of it, I should've gone for the tuna instead. *bites nail*

  3. dark shadows was definitely a lot more fun than i had expected! and even though i was slightly sleepy while watching it, it kept my attention throughout. i didn't quite laugh out loud (maybe i chuckled here and there), but i'm happy to hear you did :D

    1. Hi Sean, I thought it'd be that dark movie like 'Dark Knight', but yeah, we laughed a lot at most of the scenes, especially the part when Barnabas Collins was staring at Alice Cooper at the party.

      I'm glad that you had fun watching it too. I myself had a great time especially since I was watching with a childhood friend of mine, but I'm still stuck with the image of the sad-looking Barnabas....


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