Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Peace, Serenity

Wherever you are,
I’ll wait for you
No matter how far
The distance takes you

Wherever you are,
Know that I’m for you
No matter where we are
But we shall not bid adieu
That was our agreement

Things are now different
You don’t recognize me anymore
The familiar faces have also turned distant
I feel I’ve been washed offshore
As their way of being distant

Remember me
When my time comes
The brownie in me
All the emotional poems
Remember me as a sweetie

Remember me
For who I am, who I will always be

Don’t cry at the bayou
Look at the photo albums
Keep the past, vague memories

A sense of regret heavy in the air
Too late to turn back, for questions
You’ll go nowhere
Mountains and oceans,
You can scream there
You can never have me back

Remember me
When my time comes
The bubbles in me
Like how the flower blossoms,
Like how the flower wilts

Not only is it the silent promises that I screwed up when I left for NZ, it's something that I want to throw out of my life permanently...

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