Friday, October 24, 2014


I don't like the feeling of my arduously created tranquility being shaken at a piece of disturbing news. It's been a while since I received it and I've undergone the process of denial and rationalization, but I am coming to terms - especially after accidentally discovering the presumed cause of it all. It was such a petty matter, never once considering that it had the potential to be such a.... complicated matter.

Remember how I said that I am on my travel explorations and therefore won't be able to update as much as I would possibly wish? It's unfortunate that all of the plans have been delayed to a later date but for a good reason, fret not. Mama Carrie and I prefer to wait for my student visa or Certificate of Enrollment to be issued and processed before any travels; it's something positive, if you ask me, because I want to isolate myself without any worries or extra documentations being required by the Aussie Embassy.

So yeah, my feet are back to being glued in this muddy city for the time being.

Back to the topic: all of my peers have all realized something's changed in the campus. I still call it as such because of the infrequent returns. The familiar aura that somewhat permeated the mutual haunt has dissipated the moment we graduated, leading to more reminiscences between current seniors, but that's not the disturbing news. For someone who loves her campus, it sounds slightly shocking but trust me, it won't arrive at such point that it'll be my second home; my second home is at a place where I am away from all of the familiar faces and chatters. The one I inferred to in the first paragraph involves claws. But why would I need to furrow my brows and bring myself to care about it anyway? I mean, since I practically have a rough idea on the causation - although an explanation would help to tie some loose ends. It's something that I doubt I'll ever receive and against my curiosity, I won't investigate because I'm not capable of receiving any more unwanted surprises.

And on that note, I shall take my leave. The clock is ticking faster than I want it to be and my eyes are slowly falling heavily on me, signaling that my bedtime has arrived.


  1. Oh dear... I don't like it when something that should be small, turns into something big. Why do we do this?

    1. The worst part is that when we have no control over it, Yum List. =(


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