Sunday, November 2, 2014

Remnants of the Past

Captured on one fine Saturday morning at around 11 am
I dreamt that I panicked slightly when the teacher-advisor announced that there will be a farewell party right after the finals. From what I previously heard, those holding a higher ranking position in the club had to plan and execute the party as a team and since I was the secretary, my contribution was compulsory and the budget drafting fell onto me.

It was during the grocery shopping for the snacks - me and a senior, with a list in her hands - met Guang Wei at the cashier. I wanted to bid my greetings but decided against it as we had to pack all the candies into gift bags and we were rushing against time. I wanted it to be done and dealt with soonest possible.

En-route to the venue on the day of celebration, I ran into Prajiv and Risatt, exchanging small talk as we crossed the road and walked towards the building before going our separate ways. Although they were coming for the party, it wasn't in a couple of hours' time that the guests were expected to arrive. The planning team, however, needed to be at the location as early as they possibly could to set up and ensuring that everything went according to plan, fixing up hiccups, if any.

My thoughts: the reason why I named this post "Remnants of the Past" is because there are traces of the Performing Arts Council's party planning peppered in the dream. I can't remember why I didn't attend it, but from what I heard later on, there was food and exchange of adieus. Whether it's the subconscious wanting an escape route again, I can't say for sure, but I have a rough idea on the meaning of the dream.

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