Sunday, October 5, 2014

And off I head, in search to rid the heart of worries

Something simple yet classy: floating tea candles
To the readers of The Tempremental,

It has come to that time again: the moment when I'm taking an indefinite hiatus from the blog to straighten things in my personal life. This time around, I'm heading on a travel exploration (that may be deemed as the farewell goodbyes by some acquaintances/family members) before the semester intake.

I'll slide in sporadically, however, to update you on my current whereabouts or to visit my fellow bloggers when I have stable Internet access. To be honest, this is beginning to remind me a tad bit too much of the Perth trip, where I was forced to go cold turkey for 3 weeks, haha.

With that being said, don't expect to find me on Facebook, updating my timeline or browsing the notifications either. Messages will be read and replied to (even on Whatsapp), but in a slow manner.

Please, please bear with me and pardon the inconvenience imposed on you and me.

You may be wondering, when will I be regaining my full access? Since the Internet plans in Adelaide and Kuala Lumpur differ, I can't promise you, my readers, anything, but one thing's for sure. Expect me to see me bouncing around on February 16th onwards.

Warm Regards,
Ciana Carrie
(or Waverly Charlotte, depending on what you know me as)


  1. Do take care, yes. Wishing you very safe travels, and a meaningful and fulfilling next few months ahead. Looking forward to February and hearing back from you on what you've been up to :)

    1. I have to, Sean, and thanks. =) My friends are all making me promise that I'll take care of myself, but yeah, I do hope that the explorations will be fulfilling. =)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, Yum List. =) Hopefully, it'll give me enough vigor to survive the duration of my uni. ^^

  3. Charlotte,

    Enjoy your life out of the "blog"!! Have a nice and safe trip!!

    1. Thanks, Laura! =)

      I've practically forgotten how to enjoy life when I entered matriculation and chased after those scores, haha. But yeah, I shall attempt to enjoy life. ^^


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