Wednesday, January 27, 2016


After struggling to sleep, I finally managed to fall asleep - and ended having a crazy dream.

I dreamt that I had just finished shopping for pet supplies (read: dog food and toys) at the pet store in Taipan and before I could even grasp what was occurring, I was bundled into the car by an older male passenger. I could hear the commotion around us (something like rival gangsters thrashing it out with each other) as our driver sped off for safety.

The back passenger seats had additional storage under it. It was where the driver asked me to hide the Barbie dolls in it as he navigated the curves of the residential area's back roads while the mafia were chasing us. We had to prepare to flee on foot with our own weapons for safety, but that was the worst case scenario. As the driver attempted to lose the mafia in the chase, there was something white in the atmosphere.

I couldn't make out what it meant in the uproar; just found it peaceful as the flashback of a happier memory resurfaced. It was the four of us were having a rooftop conversation where we sat on the roof, having late night chats and laughs about our fun times.


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    1. I've given them all away in real life, Yum List. *cringes*

  2. There's a lot that could be said about dreams like these.

    I'm not qualified to comment though, and to be fair, I don't think anyone is. People have strange dreams for various reasons and Freudian over-analysis isn't always appropriate.

    Still fun though. :)

    Take care!

    1. I used to have awfully weird dreams like this until commencing university, so I presume it's the work of the overactive mind. Then again, most dreams of mine have no meaning to it.

      It's quite entertaining to experience a different plot twist in the dreams, that I'll admit. =P

    2. Yeah, I get what you mean. :)

      I've had a lucid dream once, and only once where I knew I was dreaming and could direct the way the dream went (kinda, in a very hard way by concentrating) for quite a while. I was very sad when someone woke me up.

    3. I agree! I've had a lucid dream once, just once in my entire life. I KNEW I was dreaming and I could pilot (somewhat) how the dream went and how things unfolded. It was the best experience in my life, and dare I say it, better than any drug I've ever taken. :D

  3. We do have weird dreams, don't we? Hahaha! Have a happy week, dear! xoxo

    1. Oh yes, we do, Shirley - and sometimes it carries a warning for us to be careful. *winks*


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