Monday, February 15, 2016

Adelaide Illuminations - North Terrace

Most South Australians are aware of the Adelaide Fringe Festival and judging from the crowd that turned up for the recent parade, some would even head into the city and congregate at the designated place to watch the parade live. It used to be on the street of King William Street over the years, but the organizers chose to have the 2016 parade in North Terrace instead.

And also for the first time in its history, the historical buildings on North Terrace - State Library of SA, South Australian Museum, Art Gallery of SA and University of Adelaide's Mitchell building, Elder Hall and Bonython Hall - will be illuminated with architectural projections. It is the collaborative work of Illunminart in South Australia and The Electric Canvas from Sydney.

"To open the Adelaide Fringe, there will be a very special official Kaurna opening ceremony at sunset on the South Australian Museum forecourt on Friday 12 February at 8pm. The Fringe Illuminations won’t stop at North Terrace either, as projections are set to take place at numerous establishments throughout the city. Fringe archival footage will flicker on walls around the CBD from sunset to midnight during the Fringe. These projections will light up the facades of Palace Nova East End Cinemas, Tuxedo Cat on Hyde Street, the Edinburgh Castle Hotel, Red Fox Café, The Coffee Pot and 2KW."

The above info was taken from the Adelaide Fringe website.

Sunset Ceremony by the Indigenous people of Australia

State Library of South Australia

South Australian Museum

Art Gallery of South Australia

The full video is on my YouTube channel.

Mitchell Building

Elder Hall

Bonython Hall

If you're in the CBD area from 8.30 pm to 1 am, do check out the illuminated buildings for yourselves.

The architectural projections will be on from now until 28th February.


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    1. That's what my friend said too, STP.... but I do agree. =)

  2. i like your latest website layout! a very 'contemporary' feel :) i like the lighting for mitchell building best ... a kaleidoscope of colours!

    1. Thanks, Sean. I figured that since I'm having a brand new year abroad, it'll be kinda cool if I change the website layout as well. =)

      Oh, the picture for Mitchell building was taken much earlier when they were still prepping the area. It looks much different now. =)

  3. For what is noun as one of Australia's smaller and quieter cities, Adelaide sure does have a lot happening on the art scene.

    1. I know right, Yum List! The festivities aren't ending any time soon either... =/ 'Mad March' will be taking place after the Fringe, and not to mention, the annual Anzac Day march down North Terrace too.

  4. Oh beautiful pics taken of the illuminated buildings. Like the Bonython Hall the most.

    I got your comment. Wishing you and family a Happy Chinese New Year.

    Psst...CNY is not over yet. ahaha

    1. Thanks, Ling. =) I know CNY isn't officially over, but I just wasn't sure if it's still okay to wish after the first couple of days of the festive season. *winks*

  5. Nice! It reminds me of Vivid Sydney. There's a similar illuminating festival in Sydney too, it's becoming very big lately, I went two years ago and the turnout was huge with lots of people from overseas too.

    1. Cool! Melbourne has something similar (after viewing my college friend's Snapchat on the illuminated buildings), but I never knew that Sydney's in as well. =)

      Might swing by Sydney when I have the chance to.


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