Friday, February 12, 2016


There's one reason why I don't like to have dreams is because the contents usually disrupt my sleep, which was what happened.

I dreamt that Mama Carrie was sleeping in the car (in the manner that I usually do in real life) and not only was I unhappy being there, I was secretly plotting my escape as I looked out the car window. I was huffing at the fact that we were cornered by another car as we wanted to leave a place.

Instead of heading home, we were dragged to meet Papa Carrie's new family. He was living in a better, beautiful house with a large backyard with them. The angst that I harbored instantly rose when I saw Papa Carrie and the stepmother being affectionate and loving towards each other. I tried hard not to sob but eventually hid in one corner, emptying buckets load of tears. Mama Carrie caught wind of it and asked me to confront him over my feelings in Mandarin. I refused to because it won't change anything and no matter how I disliked it, the stepmother was innocent and I would prefer to keep things cordial.

And that was when I sprung awake, tears in my eyes.

I'm not sure what meaning the dream has for me. In addition to that, I'm annoyed that it's making me sleep deprived for the entire day. One thing's for sure, though: my parents might have a heart attack when I tell them about this (since it occurred on the second day of Chinese New Year).

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